Pendragon does not use XP.

There are two systems used to alter stats in the game, one is through gained Valor (Glory) and the other is through seasonal gains to reflect off camera training.

Valor, as gained, can be spend. +s2 in game will show the second sheet which includes total Valor and Valor available to spend. You never lose your overall valor, this is something like fame/infamy/reputation. But for every 100 gained, a player may raise a stat (trait, passion, attribute or skill). SIZ may not be raised this way. No trait may raise above 19.

In the works is the seasonal point gain, this replaces experience checks and winter phase training on Valorous. Each character will earn the equivalent of 2 points per month, for a total of up to 6 to spend at the end of every season. This is planned to be in affect come July 1st for gaining the points (based on approval date) and spending them.

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