Valor And Plots


Valor represents a number of concepts from chivalry to repute, personality to fame. It represents success, confidence, importance, influence and status. Whether these are expressed by others through songs, gossip, prayers of the faithful or by the curses of one's enemy, it is how people are aware of each other by virtue of existing in the same society.

The quality of a characters' character is seen in their Traits and Passions, this makes Valor the quantity of those actions. Whether a character saves the innocent or crushes their enemies reputation, these are the things, Valor is how they are known.

Use of Valor

Total Valor gained, as noted above, is a measure of renown and fame (or infamy). It is how well known, good or ill, a character is in Valorous dominion. Having higher Valor may allow access to various adventure and plots. There is, however, a more direct benefit from Valor as well. Like reputation, it can be used to influence the world or better the character through that influence.

For every 100 Valor, the player may request to spend this on raising of a trait, passion, attribute, or skill. Note that no trait or passion may be raised above 19 on Valorous Dominion.

Note that this spendable pool generated from Valor will also be usable to influence NPC politics. Likewise as the Adventure/Plot system is developed, one of the requirements to unlock/gain access to a plot will be through spending of this valor as reputation and influence.

Gaining Valor


A quick guide to plots and you.

Player run plots are welcome. Players may run one PrP per two week time period that will be rewarded with up to 10 valor plus combat victory per normal rules. Not that combat valor is rewarded at full value to participants of the combat and half value to observational characters as witnesses to the combat as they help spread tales of valor. They are welcome to contact staff for inspiration on plot ideas.

Tournaments will be limited to 2 per actual year, these will be major events involving most of the city-states along with foreigners and are worth 100 valor to participants, and 50 valor to anyone for just attending. Players may run smaller tournaments. The Major Council can hold Local Tournaments, 2 per year; this will gain them valor as sponsors. Likewise any Conte/Contessa or Barone/Baronessa may hold a neighborhood tournament; this is a tournament held at their estate for neighbors which they invite. There will be a cost associated with running these events.

Staff will make available Adventure Packets, various adventures players may run similar to Player Run Plots, but perhaps more involved and related more directly to any meta. Any player interested can notify the staff. Then will receive an Adventure Packet object that, when viewed, will give some context to the adventure and how it starts with commands to face challenges along the way. These will net 20 to 30 valor per participant, along with combat victory as indicated above.

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