Vindicti is a formal enactment of a vendetta agreed upon by Great Houses that complies with the Vindicti Convention, permitting only acceptable forms of conflict with the primary principle of protecting innocents and bystanders.

The Vindicti Convention, enacted several generations ago, as foreign interest turned from various holdings of Matora to the city itself. While it can remain dangerous for those visiting and staying with the Great Houses, it was intended to offer them some security in the wake of a rise in traditional blood fueds. In order to have a seat on the Major Council, each house has signed accord to indicate the agree to the rules of the Vindicti.

Vindicti are formerly entered into between two houses, usually in the presence of the Major Council. A house should only focus on one fued at a time.

OOC: A house may only be in one Vindicti at a time, and cannot initiate a second until the 1st is resolved. There is no set 'resolve', but rather the terms and end are agreed upon by the two houses when they enter such a formal feud.

Forms of Vindicti

Duel of Honor

These duels are fought to yield but when swords are brought out, death is sometimes an outcome. To kill one's opponent is dishonorable both to the individual committing the act as well as to their house. This is made more difficult by the fact the rebutted weapons are seen as dishonorable during a Vindicti Duel. Pulling blows or using the flat of the blade, if possible, is allowable and encouraged, but the preference for duels of honor is real weapons.

OOC: A death in a duel allows Ventura Council to instigate an investigation into the Vindicti. The offending character will receive a flag of atonement; they cannot gain valor until they have publicly atoned per such guidelines as set forth by their faith. Similarly a House takes a hit on their reputation, no house will see them favorably until they pay recompense for this death, set between them and overseen by the Ventura; they cannot gain house reputation until they have paid their dues.


This is the capture of the family member of another house to force a rival to pay recompense. A host should still be hospitable to the captive, affording them food and board even if held hostage. To hurt a captive may require the offending house to pay recompense to the captive's family.

OOC: Parties should work out beforehand the attempt to capture a family member. While the details may play out, it should not come as a surprise to any player that they are about to potentially be captured for ransom. Heads of Houses should be aware to work out various details of the scenario, such as guards or active NPCs and other items that could affect the potential capture. Once played out and assuming the capture is successful, it is on the capturing house to assure the captive isn't locked from RP and to assure little time is spent without liberties.


This is a direct attempt to cause damage to the stores of the other house. To stop shipments to/from and otherwise jeopardize financial ruin upon the other house. This is not an attempt to directly fight or kill members of either house and to engage in such open conflict for this endeavor is viewed as crass, a bass attempt to perform the art of Vindicti.

OOC: Such an attempt should be indicated to all parties and a series of opposed rolls will be conducted to determine the potential level of success of an attempt. The damage will very, dependent on what another house has in store to begin with. Any blood drawn may lead to demanded recompense by the offended house.


Claim is simply the act of directly taking what one believes they are owed. This ranges from taking directly from the stores of another house to claiming items or proportional value, such as a treasured suit of arms or a prized horse. Whether taken by stealth or taken at arms upon demand, this is meant to end the Vindicti by taking the recompense in a forward manner.

OOC: Straight forward, up to the level of recompense demanded. Either through stealth or robbery at sword point.

Soiled Reputation

This is the attempt to tarnish the reputation of another house through various propaganda to include whisper campaigns and gossip.

OOC: Each house agrees on a set level of reputation they wish to wage, and set a time limit for such campaigns. This can be conducted in logs and on the gossip board. Using the reputation from the wage pool, three time points are set, and rolls are conducted against the wage at that time in opposition. The level of logs and gossip may affect the rolls for one house or the other, subjectively. Example: Two houses agree to 20 point reputation conflict, set a point at the end of each week. House one spends 5 points, House two spends 7 points. d20 rolled for each against 5 and 7 respectively, leaving 15 points for House 1 and 13 points for House 2 for the remaining 2 rolls.

Political Endgame

A political conflict is either an attempt to claim a position to prevent the other house from claiming it, or to jeopardize the reputation of a political figure enough to have them investigated and possibly removed from office.

OOC: This requires both houses have a political position to lose, or one to gain through competition. Reputation may be spent to assist but this may require politicking with the actual player base to earn votes depending on how the position is determined/elected.

End of Alliances

Whether some other person is being entertained, wooed, or any favor is attempted to be gained by one house, this is an attempt by the rival house to persuade the person away from their rival. Foreign dignitaries, religious figures, persons of importance, potential trade partners, etc.

OOC: This is based on NPCs in the game and the attempt to curry favor for some gain. Generally after an NPC is in favor with a house, staying with a house, etc., they stay there, won through whatever means to gain that NPC and/or their favor. Only a rival may attempt to influence that NPC away from the other house.


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