Ventura are the companies of mercenaries that take legal contract to wage war on behalf of the city-states along the northern portions of the Bergatino peninsula.

While they are numerous, there are three primary companies with standing associations with the city of Matora. These include the Ventura di Gaddiel, Wyvern Company and the Omega Company

Ventura di Gaddiel the Devout

The Company of Gaddiel the Adherent. While Gaddiel was an Adherent of the First Prophet Noam, he has been associated as a guardian and warrior of the Adherents. In the early years when the Savon Empire accepted the faith of the Paragons of the Three Divinities, its said in several battles against enemies of the state that the Adherent appeared riding upon a white stag to lead otherwise outnumbered forces to decided victories over superior enemies. While the work of a Ventura is far from that of the devout in general, let alone an Adherent, they have taken to veneration of the Devout, upholding honor and valor in their ranks.

The Ventura di Gaddiel is one of two primary Ventura that has operated under contract to the city of Matora. They are often in competition for contract in times of war with their rival ventura.

Wyvern Company


The Ventura of the Wyvern formed nearly a century ago under the leadership of Lord Rolin de Lebas. A noble in the court of the Duke of Mailhoc in Avicorse, Lord Rolin came with a mixed company of fighting men and women with experience in battles initially between Avicrose and the Divine Kingdom and then, later, participates of the Entradas of that era, they settled in with the cities of Saule. A primary unit in pushing back the Imperial Armies of the Divine Emperor they found it in their best interest to stay and fight battles among the city-states. The Wyvern Company currently has a two year standing contract as the city guard of Matora with nearly 500 guards stationed throughout the city including 200 hundred along the city wall itself and no less than 50 in the Palace of the Rose that hold the Palace permanently along with any family retainers of the current duke in residence.

Current Members:

Omega Company

While truly a hodge podge of mercenaries and cultures, the primary leaders of this ventura are sons and daughters of the cities of Eranova and Nerano on the central plains of the north. The area is embroiled in alliances between Valdona and Montero and these cavalieri come from mostly displaced noble homes of the region. Either taken down by enemy houses or lost during the ongoing conflicts between Sacario and Caroligio of the area. They've taken to the life of mercenaries in Ventura companies, many in the hopes of earning titles and land from other cities and entities. A few do hold titles as Cavalieri of various cities but of those, few have land rights. Not new to the area, they have taken an interest in Matora after joining in the Siege of Irsina (1320), some having roots in the city itself marrying lesser sons and daughters of Irsina nobility.

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