There are three primary religions accepted and practiced openly within Matora. These are the Paragons of the Three Divinities, The Eastern Traditions, and the Faith of the First Dawn.

Paragons of the Three Divinities (The Church of the Divinities, The Divinities, The Paragons, the Paragon States) is the oldest of these faith, having its roots nearly 1400 years ago. The primary calendar in the region relates to Prophet of this faith and his death as a Messiah by the old empire, Savon.

Eastern Traditions (The Traditions, the Eastern Faith) is a similar faith to the Paragons, but is a distinct schism of early teachings and doctrine. Their primary focus is on the Sect of Communion. Eastern Tradition is a male guided faith, no females are accepted among their clergy and lay leaders.

The Faith of the First Dawn comes from the distant east and south. Under the tutelage of the Second Prophet, this faith accepts the teachings of the First Prophet, but this work is ratified by the teachings of its Prophet.

A schism of the Paragons is practiced by the Divine Empire. This faith accepts the three paragons, but places Exoneration above all else with Communion and Devotion as subordinate to the Exoneration of the Paragons. As tenants of this Sect, the Divine Empire has been affirmed by its Reverend Patre. The Emperor is the most Divine figure by birthright and bloodline, and the faith and crown are passed on through male lineage.

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