Politics in Matora are an assorted affair. While operating as a republic with three council granted various powers, authority ultimately rests with the Duca/Duchessa. This is an elected official, chosen every two years by members of the Major Council.

The Major Council has 30 seats, these are limited to nobility of Matora of the highest level. The Conte/Contessa, who's Great Houses each hold and govern a distinct district of the city state.

With lesser authority, there are two subordinate councils.

The Council Minor is composed of a combination of Barone/Baronessa and Patrizio/Patrizia. Barone/Baronessa is a feudatory of Matora, these are the landholders under the Conte/Contessa; each having holdings within the 30 districts of Matora. The Patrizio/Patrizia are the aristocracy, they are non-feudatory, not allowed to hold land and other rights as granted the nobility, but allowed to conduct capital venture within Matora. Members of the Council Minor earn the title of Signori/Signora.

The Ventura Council is composed of members of the Cavalieri (knights). These are a combination of lesser sons/daughters of the feudatory nobles (Conte/Barone) or granted a lifelong title of nobility in service to Matora (generally service in a Ventura company that has served Matora with honor).

Political Affiliations

There are two primary groups that dominate politics. It comes down to faith. One either supports the Paragons of the Three Divinities or one supports the Divine Empire. Those who support the Reverends of the Three Divinities are known as Sacario while those who support the Emperor are the Caraligio. While there is this divide and political decision tend to favor one's standpoint, the nobles of Matora are strongly united in the common good of their city just the same. They may squabble and fight, but like siblings, anyone outside the family is a common enemy.

Title Feuditory Rights
Duca/Duchessa Yes, this is an elected position, may only be elected from among the Conte/Contessa Final authority in Matora (as an elected official)
Conte/Contessa Yes, this is the title of nobility granted governance of districts/provinces within Matora Only Conte/Contessa may hold seats on the Major Council (the true power in Matora, something of a republic)
Barone/Baronessa Yes, these are the nobles that hold individual estates and land within districts and are subordinate to their Conte/Contessa May be elected to a seat on the Council Minor
Cavalieri Yes, but landless, these are the knights of the realm. Lesser sons/daughters of houses that will not inherit land rights or honored men/women of the Ventura Companies who have be entitled in service to Matora Elected among their own to serve on the Ventura Council
Patrizio/Patrizia No. While not allowed to hold land, they are authorized to conduct venture/business within Matora. This is 'high' end ventures, capital ventures, banking, mercantile. They are given more rights than most citizens including the right to hold a seat on the Council Minor

Titles and names

Members of noble families not entitled as above are simple Singore and Signora, members of the Signoria (nobles).

The term 'di' simply means of so it would be NAME di Family.

Active Politics

If you are a member of the Major Council, go here to see the current poll.

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