The area of focus on Valorous Dominion is the city-state of Matora. Over the past several centuries, Matora has risen as a power within Empires, dominating the nearby sea and its trade routes. It has grown to an autonomous city-state along with its neighbors, collective referred to as the Bergatino City States. Seen as one of the few premier maritime republics of the time, a great deal of focus has turned to the wealth and accumulated power of the fair city of Matora.


Bergatino City States

Centuries ago they were part of the Savon Empire. With the rise of the Paragons of the Three Divinities (The Paragon States), this area has been held in contention between the rise of nearby kingdoms and Empires. As Savon collapsed and the Eastern Empire arose from those ashes, eastern portions of the city states were held in fealty to the Eastern Empire. With the rise of Alderic, King of the Edrines, attempts to restore the Western Empire in the wake of Savon has brought conflict to these cities. It is finally the rise of the Kingdom of Saule, supported by the Divine Empire that brought stability again to the area. The cities rose in defiance under the Saule Pact and have thrown off the yoke of foreign dominance, influence and taxation. Now most cities rule in self governance as republics or autonomous ducal city states while contention in the area remains between the Paragon States and the Divine Empire.


Our world

Beyond the city-states, several kingdoms and Empires exist in competition for domination of the world at large. This includes the Divine Empire to the north along with the Kingdom of Avicorse to the northwest. To the distant west Santos Corta competes for dominion of the region as a trade capital to the world beyond to the east. There the Eastern Empire and Kataro fight for dominance of ancient lands from where has risen the primary faiths and their prophets. Kataro has spread its faith and influence to the south where several unified Kingdoms exist in fealty to Kataro.


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