Cheat Sheet

Paragon States - Papal States
Divine Empire - Holy Roman Empire
Eastern Empire - Byzantium
Avicorse - Prominent French kingdom
Santos Corta - Aragon/Castille/Spain
Kataro Empire - Ottoman Empire
Kataro Kingdoms - kingdoms/principalities of Northern Africa
Sumrov - Slavic Kingdoms

Valen - Southern Spain
Pomesa - Portugal/western Spain/Castille
Kingdom of Nieuwerode - Roughly Swiss Confederation (location wise, not quite the same)
Navagerse - Normans/Normandy

Saurox (Avicorse) - Marsialle/Avignon
Tellancourt (Avicorse) - Aquitaine/Gascony
Mailhoc (Avicorse) - Anjou in a manner, but in expansion area of France closer to Holy RomanEmpire

Ranga - Denmark
Kirgaard - Austria
Seterverg - Bohemia
Bohr - Bavaria, more south, buffer between Kirgaard and Bergatino/north Italy

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