Skill Limitations for CG

The following skills are limited at CG as indicated:

  • Law: Paragon Characters only in CG may be gained later by others, this skill may use this in place of Intrigue, Courtesy and Folklore
  • Venery: Avicorse characters only, may be gained by other characters later, this skill can be used in place of flirting and romance
  • Manipulate: City-States only (Maritime, Northern, & Central) in CG, others may gain later, this is used in place of Intrigue
  • Medicine: Kataro Kingdoms/Empire characters only in CG, others may learn later, this is used in place of both first aid and chirurgery
  • Seamanship: Only available to characters from Matora or Valdona in CG, replace boating, used for boating and navigation at sea
  • Bergatino Kingdoms only (including Paragon States and Kingdoms of Borzia/Calpera): Science, Art Appreciation, Philosophy, High Finances
  • Compound Bow: Sumrov, Eastern Empire, Kataro Empire in CG, others may learn later
  • Great Lance: Eastern Empire in CG, others may learn later
  • Horse Defense: Sumrov in CG only, replaces horsemanship, attack can be sacrificed to make a horse defense roll when attacked, losing the opposed roll indicated the horse takes all the damage instead of the rider, must use a Sumrov mount that has been specially trained for this

Skill additions:

The following skills are offered uniquely for Valorous Dominion. Note that these skills are relative to house and the management and gaining of commodities.

  • Agronomy: Land management for Agriculture commodity.
  • Husbandry: Animal management for Livestock commodity.
  • Repository: Collection, refinement and distribution of Material commodities.
  • Production: Gathering and manufacturing otherother commodities into Industrial commodity.
  • Economy: High finance management, high end consumables, import/export of Luxury commodity.
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