Rules For Houses


There is no Valor for marrying; unlike standard King Arthur Pendragon. If this relates to Vindicti and settling the matter through marriage, that is covered in the rules for Valor.

Two houses may not marry to increase holdings/value. They must choose which they wish to retain, and the other holding reverts back to the state. It is for the council to decide whom to entrust estates to in such a case. OOCly, if any lesser noble wants the holding, it will most likely be transferred to them. In the case of two or more such interested parties, it will be determined by the Major Council (and IC politicking as needed to gain votes by interested parties).

Standard for the Great Houses

Militia: Each House basically maintains its own private militia, this is used in the blood feuds. This is some attrition in these feuds, intended or otherwise, but the level of economy of a great house is such that within the month those lost are replaced. Each house has about 40 standard mercs that serve as guards for the house and house members, and each house maintains about a dozen knights/cavalieri (these are mostly family members).

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