Faith of the First Dawn

In southern districts of the Eastern Empire in the year 520, came the Prophet BLANK NAME. Sometimes called the Second Prophet in the tradition of Noam, the First Prophet. Much as Noam offered new covenant between humankind and the Divinities, so too did the Prophet BLANK NAME.

The words of the Second Prophet are brought together in their literature along with teachings of the Sect of Devotion. All religious leaders are female. There is but one major group of knights in this faith, both loyal to the faithful as well as devout to the Emperor of Kataro. In the time of Selzyid the Glorious, the practice of keeping a strong harem for the Emperor was highly practiced. Realizing the defiance in early training of some of the slave girls from the lands to the distant north, Emperor Selzyid choose to turn this strong spirit instead to use rather than in trying to remove it. This is when the Sisters of Concordance first began.

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