The Divine Empire

The Divine Empire


Following the Schism of Savon and the Eastern Empire in the 5th Century, the peninsula became unstable with increasing raids from clan and tribes of the north. This including the sacking of Savon no less than three times. Between the first and second sack of Savo, between 455 and 476, the Reverends for a time resided in Landro. Following a time of wandering Reverends for nearly four centuries, a Reverend is nominated and elected by Curates in the Kingdom of Edrines.

This represents a schism at the time with the Reverends of the Paragons residing in the city of Sauroux at this time.

The Reverend of Edrines arose from the Sect of Exoneration. Reverend Oderic of the Exoneration and the Forza Chantor is appointed by Curates and anointed by King Adalric of Edriens. Chapter Forza is a subset of Chapters of the Exoneration in that they come to terms with the concept that the Exoneration is the most holy of the Paragons. The Prophet Noam died for sin and salvation and thus it is humankind's lot in life to repent for their salvation. In turn a holy unison is entered, ordaining Adalric the Western Emperor in the tradition of the Savon Empire. This marks the start of the Divine Empire.

The chief of all religious persons in this division of the Paragons of the Three Divinities is the Reverend Chantor. In all other regards, the hierarchy is similar to that of the Paragons of the Three Divinities. There is only one Reverend Matre/Patre, and they belong to the Sect of the Exoneration. The other Sects have a Holy Matre/Patre (Devotion/Communion respectively) that are subordinate to the Reverend Chantor.

The Seven Scourges of the Prophet Noam

Called the Sette Flagelli del Martire, this is a text from the Sect of the Exoneration specific within the faith under the Divine Emperor. While the Paragons have similar doctrine, this is strictly believed and adhered too among the Divine Empire.

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