Common policies


Log in once a month and things should be fine. However, if you're considered a Feature Character, you should log in more.

Feature Characters for us include Head's of Households, leaders of organizations and members of the Councils. These are characters that should drive RP and, in some cases, will be required to interact with our political system to keep organizations running.

In such a case, you should log in every two weeks and we expect to see RP driven by you. This can stem from our political system or other ideas you may have, but we should see not merely your presence on the game, but your effort to drive RP should be noticeable, including in logs and use of the wiki.


Note that at the 30-day no-login from a player that has not indicated on the Vacation board or to Staff that they are away on vacation or busy RL, we will either nuke or roster the player-bit.

We assume 30 days idle is just a loss of interest or another MU* found to suit ones tastes. If the character had little RP, or impact on others RP, we will nuke and let the character fade. Unless a player requests otherwise.

If they have had more impact on Valorous, including interacting and affecting other PCs, we will consider rostering them to continue stories, unless the player has indicated otherwise.


Valorous Dominion has a policy for player age and character age as follows:

OOC Age: By accepting our policies in the disclaimer room, you are agreeing you, as a player, are at least 18 years of age. Should staff find otherwise, you will be removed from the game and may be site-banned.

IC Age: We require our characters to be 18 years of age minimum. This deflates any gray room for certain topics and, more importantly, this is in-line with the game system itself. Minimum IC starting age is 18. Older (at least 25) if you intend on taking a position of head of house. This is to make room for younger family members.


At the moment we've decided on a 2 characters, one main and one alt.

The following rules apply for alts:

  • Both may be noble or commoner. Please limit them to one per organization (one per house, only one per council, one per other group)
  • Cannot face each other in tourneys, direct conflict or other such contests of opposition.
  • Can't aid each other, share knowledge.
  • Limited overlap on alts in same scene. Some scenes may require both to be present. While it is allowed, it's not the norm, please do it sparingly if needed at all.
  • No Valor gained between alts, or one from the other (combat, industry, valor, public displays, etc.)


Much like the character you may make, your contributions are welcome. Any contribution made to the wiki, beyond your character, does not constitute ownership of the intellectual property. We in no way, whatsoever, make a profit from this game, nor do we have the intention to do so. Once something is on the wiki, it is part of the game. It's under your control, but once you leave the game, it's public domain for the game and subsequent players.

Please do not change general theme or theme files. Limit contributions to the growth of a house, character, or concept. If you have suggestions for theme, please contact staff. It may be a great contribution or there may be some reason it was not included or simply chosen to be discluded.

Per idle policy, should all of your characters become rostered or be removed, your contributions are part of the public domain of Valorous. The main area of concern is the development of families and houses. Understanding a lot of time goes into this, but once it is part of the game, it remains part of the game.


Characters of all walks of society are welcome. Just be advised that our primary focus is on the city-state of Matora and within that scope the main focus is on the Great Houses of Matora.

These are Conte/Contessa level nobles, only subordinate to the Duca/Duchessa of Matora. Each Great House holds authority over a district in the city-state and a seat on the Major Council. The Duca/Duchessa is appointed from among these households as elected by the ~30 members of the Major Council. While we allow any character noble or commoner, including subordinate nobles to the Conte/Contessa such as Barone/Baronessa that manage the districts and land under the Conte/Contessa, our primary focus is on Matora itself.


We are a consent based game, you do not have to play anything out that you do not consent to. This does not evade in-character actions (ICA) results in in-character consequences (ICC). Anything your character does may result in consequences you personally do not like and you certainly do not have to play out the consequences. This does not mitigate that there will be consequences. Do the crime, do the time; just off-scene, at your preference.


We are using the rules for the King Arthur Pendragon role-playing game. This is limited to the character. In the combat rules there is a potential of death. There is a limited number of options once a character reaches 0 or less Hit Points and it is considered a Mortal Wound. In the rare chance of recovery from this condition, characters suffer statistical losses. It is a small window to recover from. If a character is outside the window of opportunity (usually if they sustain a wound that places them at -5 or less Hit Points), they die of the Mortal Wound they have received.

Death is final. Its a hard fact of conflict, death is a potential outcome.

On that note, each player has a right to a one time hand wave/hand of God. This is not per character, this is per player, staff will monitor this. We will consider this a learning experience, the player learns that avoiding combat or running is an option and the next time they lose a character it is because they choose to waive those rights.


Do not harass another player. Once they say no, drop the subject. If in public and another player or staff indicates a behavior is harassing (OOC in scene, in an ooc room, via page, on a public channel), drop the subject. If you disagree contact staff in page in that moment, or via +request. The Staff's say is final, if you disagree, you are subject to our Play At Will policy.

Play at Will

We are a play at will game, similar to work at will laws. You may leave anytime you like. In the same vein, the right to play here is also determined by staff. While we will not remove anyone from the game without notice, warnings, and speaking to them, we do reserve the right to remove abusive or disruptive players from our friendly gaming environment.


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