This is a page to develop, list, and track various plots and events that are happening in the game.

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Existing plots are listed here, starting with most recent ones. Once a plot completes, add the tag 'complete' to the plot specific page and it will move to the finished plots below.

Ongoing Plots

Trouble in Zanetti

Overview: An unfolding plot within Zanetti
Dates: As long as its fun
Runner/GM/Contact: Gurian.

June Theme Mistaken

Overview: Surely you are mistaken … speaks for itself?
Dates: All of June, 2018
Runner/GM/Contact: Players are running their own scenes and plots, staff can be contacted if needed.

June Pairings

Overview: +bbread 6/4
Dates: June 30
Runner/GM/Contact: Galileo

Convivial of the Communion

Overview: Festival celebrated in Matora that includes human tower challenges between the houses along with other physical challenges between individuals
Dates: 24 Hour event, May 27th 6PM to May 28th 6 PM, preparing for or participating if unable to attend outside the dates are welcome, just post logs here.
Runner/GM/Contact: GiovanniAcuto and Galileo

May Theme Smuggle

Overview: The theme for May is Smuggle.
Dates: The month of May
Runner/GM/Contact: Contact GiovanniAcuto in game with questions or concerns.

May Pairings

Overview: These are logs generated by May's pairs, logs included here will earn Valor for the PCs participating
Dates: Month of May
Runner/GM/Contact: Contact Galileo in game with questions or concerns.

Finished Plots

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