May Theme Smuggle
Overview: The theme for May is Smuggle.
Dates: The month of May
Runner/GM/Contact: Contact GiovanniAcuto in game with questions or concerns.


This months theme is 'smuggle'. We leave every interpretation of the word in the hands of players. As with pairings, please post a log and include the tag 'smuggle'. There will be a page to collect these shortly. You may run up to 10 such scenes for 1 valor each during the month of May, for a total of 10 Valor for the month.

For those taking a very literal approach to the theme, there is an NPC set up: Bandit. It is equipped with a dagger and hard leather and can be used for combats; +combat/attack Bandit. Total HP: 26, Unc: 6.


(feel free to tag logs with unique tag specific to this plot if you would like to utilize a list pages module to display logs relevant to this plot)

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