Conte Vittorio Celestino di Necchi
Divine Empire
{Contessa Elena Ganza di Necchi}
Contessa Chiara di Necchi
  • Chiara di Necchi - Second wife.
  • Imogen di Necchi - His eldest taughter alongside her twin Ginevra. His heir; he is quietly proud of her and wishes to raise her into a proper Contessa di Necchi.
  • Ginevra di Necchi - Second daughter, twin to Imogen. His behaviour might be construed as just a touch neglectful to her.
  • Gisella Sancia di Necchi - Youngest daughter, the spitting image of her mother.
  • Frey Asulf di Necchi - Son-in-law. Married to Gisella in a purely political match to regain favour with Ranga and the Empire.
  • Ursula Leonor di Necchi - Younger sister, next eldest after him. He respects her duty and her skill at managing a household.

From the time his mother Lorenza had unexpectedly ascended to being the Contessa di Necchi, Vittorio was groomed to be a proper and honourable ruler of the house. In spite of his mother's rule and of course, the natural equality betwixt the sexes in the house, the Necchis are perhaps the most traditional Matoran estate and thus he was raised in a way deemed proper for men: training as a knight, sword and dagger and lance in hand, for the show of a tournament just as much as battle. However he did somehow find a certain allure to the intricacies of economy: a little less so the common stewardship he was taught would be his wife's duty.

When he was nineteen, his mother matched him to the Signora Elena di Ganza, a woman of even temperament who was nothing if not the epitome of femininity in her laces and frills; which Vittorio couldn't be anything more than content with it. Of course it was political, but it did blossom in time into something resembling true love. At the age of twenty-one his wife bore him twins, the eldest being his daughter and future heir, Imogen, and naturally he was overjoyed, though it was equally obvious that he wished he had a son to succeed him: not because he saw Imogen as an unfit candidate to rule, but rather he wished he could have shared his martial ways with a boy who'd be the next Conte di Necchi.

In 1317 a young Vittorio earned quite a reputation in being in the winning Caroligo forces in the Battle of Crocina: though truth be told, it fuelled more of the young man's pride than his honour.

In 1322 his mother Lorenza died, making him the Conte di Necchi at the age of 29, a transition that was rather smooth as he'd already established himself as a fine patriarch, a fine swordsman and a fine statesman. Curiously the proud and, according to himself, honourable Conte Vittorio chose to remain neutral in the war of 1330 fearing defeat, though the eventual outcome only led to some bitter wounds from the Caroligo and Sacario alike - though of course he tried to reconcile with the Caroligo and claimed it was a bad year for their crops…

A personal tragedy struck when his wife Elena died from a winter chill at the end of 1333. After near a year of mourning, though, Vittorio came out of his seclusion upon his second marriage to the Signora Chiara and returned to Matora.

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