Signora Ursula Leonor di Necchi
Divine Empire

Ursula di Necchi was born in 1296 as the second child of Signora Lorenza and her husband Signore Gioffre. When she was just four, her mother became Contessa di Necchi — and though it was her brother Vittorio who was proclaimed heir, her mother often said only half-jokingly that she wished she could set him aside for Ursula. And it wasn’t hard to see why: unlike the stiff arrogance of her elder brother, Ursula was born with the good-natured courtesies that Necchi pride is known for, as well as several good heaps of wit! While her brother played with swords and learned sums, Ursula was well ahead of him and learned to manage a household much better than her brother. Her mother often joked that if she wasn’t to be Contessa, she’d be a very good queen consort of a foreign king – although, of course, that never happened.

At the young age of eighteen she married a nobleman of the Divine Empire matrilineally. She had a few children, but never gave up on her true work: counting the coppers and silvers behind the scenes, visiting farmers to make sure the grain and wines would be harvested just-so this year and the next! Sadly, her mother died of consumption when Ursula was 26, but in her will she made a surprising gesture: the ancient relic of the Necchi coronet, wrought in iron and said to go back to the dawn days of the house before there even was Matora, was passed on to Ursula rather than Vittorio. Of course, he was confirmed as Conte di Necchi, and largely served as her brother’s second: when he was in Matora, he’d manage their country estates, and vice-versa, and also being the voice of Necchi and having the ability to speak on her brother’s behalf. Additionally, as she was 26 when her brother inherited, she was made designated regent in the event her niece Imogen should ever become Contessa before her twenty-fifth birthday: it’s a title she still proudly keeps to this day. Since the death of her brother’s wife Elena Ganza di Necchi she first managed the Palazzo in Matora for more than a year while her brother mourned in seclusion, acting Contessa in all but name, and she’s largely assumed the role of the lady of the household, and grooming her niece Imogen to fill those shoes.

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