Morosina Lucita Capello
"Look, if we leave now, that work will be waiting for us when we come back. But the wine we could be drinking will not. Therefore, drinking is the most efficient and logical choice."
Are you not boring? Do you have endless supplies of wine? A lucky winner could be you!


This woman has the build of someone who has spent too long living on wine and not much else. She's a few inches above five feet in height, and rail thin. Sharp cheekbones and a pointed chin give her a gamine look, not softened at all by the tight curls that are the natural state of her blue-black hair. Her eyes are deep-set, dark, and a slight bruising under the eyes hints at perpetually late nights and interrupted sleep. She is neither pretty nor plain, and if it weren't for the restless fidgeting she's prone to, even at rest, there'd be little to draw the eye her way.


Morosina's life has been a relentless succession of mischief. She's ridden steers into ditches, changed out kitchen spices for hot peppers, set servants at each other's throats…and then she discovered drinking, gambling, and hunting. On the bright side, her pranks died down. On the less bright side, she became a young hellion who could be found playing cards with stable hands, setting up bets with cartiers, and organizing hunts with wild, drunken young country nobility. Somehow, these endeavors have never ended in quite enough disaster to bring outright disgrace on her, but her mother's growing exasperation was an open secret on the Capello country estates. Finally, Anna Lucia had had enough, and Morosina was voluntold to go serve the Contessa in the city.

Whether this is primarily meant as a punishment for Morosina, or for Amadea is an exercise left for the reader.

  • Gambler - Morosina has quite the habit. She's rarely one to turn down a decent bet. Or a terrible bet. Dice, cards, races…she's got low standards for what's worth a coin here and there.
  • Carouser - Wine and song, at least, are things Morosina's well acquainted with, and she's often out until the dawn, making bad friends and getting very, very drunk.
  • Capello - Do you like the Capello? She may buy you a drink! Do you /not/ like the Capello? Perhaps you can get her to let something slip over a night of drinks.
  • Good Cheer - Morosina has the kind of pleasant disposition that usually comes from a complete lack of responsibility or stress. Does hanging out with someone who views life as a game sound like fun? Hit me up!
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