Joana do Raposa
Senhora Joana Beatriz do Raposa e Sabastino
Raposa (officially)
Sabastino (by affiliation in Matora)

Senhora Joana Beatriz do Raposa was born in 1312 as the eldest true child and thus heir of the Conde do Raposa and his Matoran wife of the House di Sabastino. As a young child she had already fostered a reputation for being a peculiar girl as well as a bit difficult, with a few odd notions about the way of the world and an affinity for books, history, folklore, and — above else — faerie lore about the mystic world hiding behind the surface.

Her parents were less than pleased at their daughter’s character and tried to instil all virtues unto her that she would need as a future Condessa. She learned the regular womanly skills of a Pomesan lady such as conversation, courtesy and romance at the king’s court where her father had valuable connections, as well as the preferred martial skills such as a spot of archery and horseriding.

Still, the young lady showed no sign of outward interest towards such regular skills and preferred to coop herself up in her family library, rarely showing interest in the suitors that approached the Conde and Condessa’s household and even brushing off valuable social and political connections removed from romance: she seemed rather disinterested in being heir and for a time her father wondered if she would truly be suitable before her mother swooped in with a plan.

The Condessa do Raposa knew Matora like nowhere else and saw fit that she and her daughter would go to the vibrant life of the Bergatino cities, so far removed from the dreary country castles of Pomesa where she’d have to go to parties of many houses, meet suitors, as well as a good few people who’d be important in her future life as a Pomesan Condessa. And so begun Joana’s very extended stay with her Sabastino cousins in the city of Matora.

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