Duilio Lucio Faraman


Duilio Lucio Faraman will claim over drinks that he should have been royalty. He should have been a Prince, a King, a.. something other than a sellsword forced to do the bidding of other people to make ends meet. He is the last in a line of exiles from the Divine Empire, stripped of titles, forced to flee their many enemies.

Should've been, could've been. Perhaps one day will be again?

On his mother's side, too, he will tell he is the son of exiles. Maryam was Kataro royalty forced to flee the dangerous politics of court, and found love and happiness with Fabio who (like his son) had merely heard but never seen his birthright.

And now there's just Dusilio, the last exile (von) Faraman.

Its been a slow decline; there was Gunther von Faraman who nearly got his title back from his treacherous younger brother. Capable, ruthless, he built his own Free Company in exile and fought for anyone who could provide him the coin or influence to take back what was his. Just as he was about to succeed, he was betrayed and ended up paying with his life on the headman's block. Heinrich von Faraman took up the mantle, and he too fought through an endless succession of battles and schemes. He wasn't nearly as capable, though, and by the time he too died (this time by poison), he'd squandered his fathers wealth and overseen the Company's demise. Fabio, born in Bergantino, concentrated on acquiring a title in the land he was born to. He started out quite well, gaining renown and wealth like his grandfather before him, but then just when he thought he'd enough to buy his way into the lap of an aging Contessa, her brother fabricated evidence that made him out to be a murderer (ironically quite true, but not for the crime accused of). So off Fabio went as a third generation fugitive, landing penniless in Matero. But all was not for nothing; it was there he met his great love, the beautiful Princess Maryam, and from that meeting comes the hero of the story.

Dusilio took up the family quest, became a soldier of fortune and worked his way through the world seeking the tools to claim what was rightfully his. Unfortunately he's been beset by foul luck (and undoubtedly his distant kin in the Divine Empire and Katero both seeking his undoing out of fear of his capabilities, undermining his every success!) He's seen numerous employs, fought in countless battles and renown and glory! (If you haven't heard of all his countless exploits yet, its because it was all far away in exiting distant lands, you know how it goes. News travels slow, and so forth!)

For the last couple of years he's served in the Wyvern Company. Its just a stepping stone, though. Possibly. Unless he decides to bestow upon them his incalculable talents by taking over. Obviously it would just be a matter of time, if he does stay.

Reasons to be Careful

- A mercenary by heart, and by trade. Will do any job as long as you're willing to pay. Hire him for a plot, a battle, or to loom and look stern and dangerous. Preferably work where he doesn't have to work, or endanger himself unduly. (Seriously, hire him for anything and everything; its an excuse for me to be involved in things!)
- Wyvern Company. He's walking the streets keeping peace as a city guard at the moment. He will do his job unless someone pays him not to do his job, in which case he'll do the new job (not doing his job) that he's been honorably paid to do instead. I promise, it all makes perfect sense!
- Like to gamble. Which is not to say he's all that good at it. Or he'd not have to work for a living.
- Due to his mixed descent, he's multi lingual!
- He likes to read. Its less stressful than actually working. He also has a bit of a fascination with science, and how things work. As long as he doesn't have to actually work while studying them. He's descendant of royalty; you can't expect him to wield a hammer.
- He does love to hunt!
- He has a love affair with his crossbow. Its not wierd.
- He deeply dislikes the Ventura di Gaddiel the Devout for some reason.
- He also doesn't like the Divine Empire much (for exiling their most prominent sons and depriving him of the chance to be a good-for-nothing lay-about noble.)
- Dreams of one day having the title his family lost (or any title at all!)

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