Apollonio Pavoni
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The fifth child in a long line of children, Apollonio was far from inheriting the position of heir and that is just how he liked it. There was an heir and a spare. Even that one brother who was sent to represent the family at Church. And the other one who took up arms in the military. Well, Apollonio took up arms too. It was something exciting for him to do and to a degree, he felt as if it were his duty to fight and protect.

Born in Savo to Barone di Pavoni, Apollonio had a privileged upbringing. His family afforded their children respectable tutors and while they were only mere vassals to their Conte, they still traveled in big influential circles. Like many from the Paragon States, Apollonio was well-spoken and intelligent. He took his duties seriously, most of the time…

Unlike many of the scholars and philosophers whom he knew in the city, Apollonio, himself, enjoyed a bit of drink and games of chance. He was also popular around the ladies, despite the fact that he can switch from charming to annoyingly serious at the snap of the fingers. Perhaps it is his upbringing that makes him so uptight at times and he absolutely hates it when people waste his time or keeps him waiting. He is of the mind that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself; though he will let people try to do the thing properly before he decides to step in, sarcasm and all.

Following in his third brother's footsteps, Apollonio learned to fight. It seemed a lot more fun than being the child sent to take the cloth at Church. Donning the armor made him feel important and the women love a man in uniform. Over time, he became very effective with the blade, favoring the great sword most of all. He likes to think that he makes sword fighting look easy, though instead of boasting openly about it, he prefers to project this heroic image… expecting others to write tales about him, instead of needing to spread those tales himself.

Rather than joining the ranks of his family's own personal militia,under his brother, Apollonio took the route of adventure. He journeyed to Matora and joined the Wyvern Company. In his eyes, despite being a mercenary, his position as a city guard was a respectable one and worthy of great praise.


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