Annah di Ganza
House Ganza
Paragons of the Three Divinities
Matoran - Northern


Annah di Ganza was born as one of the younger children in the main line of House Ganza. She was a quiet one growing up, prefering to learn to read, to study art and to learn how things worked in politics and and how to improve them. She was loyal to her family and she truly wanted the best for them so as she grew older she dedicated herself to studies that could help benifit Ganza. She practiced the art of making artistic masks and painting to help bring a bit of luxury to her family. Granted her style in the arts was a bit morbid and macabre but she was a Ganza so no one really expected any different. Another thing she dedicated herself to was the study of stewardship and finances and here she excelled, able to easily assist her father and then her elder sister whenever she was allowed to do so.

Eventually she was coaxed by her fellow ladies into the social scene. She proved decent at keeping up with fashions even though she refused more often than not to wear colors other than black. She liked to put her creative spin on things, using her mind to come up with improvements to the latest trends or to find out the latest gossip and if it could be of use. However she continued to be elusive and mysterious in other ways. She rarely showed emotion and held herself with a degree of modesty as well as a touch of chastity. It was almost as though she was afraid to let people too close to her.

RP Hooks

  • House Ganza: She is one of the younger children in the main line and a sister to Lucrezia Clio di Ganza the current Contessa. Her loyalty seem to be solely to her family at present as well, with little getting in the way of that.
  • Finances and Money: This is an area where she excels, the handling of financial affairs and the ability to make profits seem to come naturally to her. She might even be willing to render aid to another house or individual, under the right circumstances.
  • Despises Violence: One of her main flaws is her complete disdain for violence in the form of duels and sports that cause physical harm. She sees it as pointless posturing and reckless. The fact that she is a tiny thing who lacks in strength also leads some to think it is fear that drives this opinion of hers.
  • Morbid Artist: While not truly famous yet she is slowly becoming more and more known for her paintings and the beautiful masks she crafts. The masks are works of art much like the paintings and both her crafts show signs of the morbid style that she seems so fond of. It hints at a darker side of beauty and it certainly makes her work stand out if nothing else.
  • Strangely Fashionable: She has a talent for making the color black stylish. Wearing the latest trends and even setting trends isn't a problem for her, as long as the trends in question are made of suitably dark fabrics. She tends to get creative with her styles and walks the line between strange and fashionable with comfortable ease.
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