Amanda Beatrice Capello
"She has ineffable courtesy, is my beatitude, the destroyer of all vices and the queen of virtue, salvation."
Divine Empire
Matoran - Martime
Tizania Capello


Amanda was a strange child. The sort that organized her tea sets by color and quality, made her dolls wait in line to be played with, rarely spoke, and never cried. As she grew up, these odd, pedantic, and curious tendencies grew with her, and she became a useful administrator in her house. Of course, an emotionless beauty staring at people hardly settled hearts and minds, so with some coaching (and through her training the arts), Amanda learned to express her more fully. Smile, Amanda. People smile when they're happy.

As an adult, Amanda remained faithful to her family. When her father passed, and when her sister took up the mantle, she became one of her most trusted advisers and allies, and set to running the house, as her mother drifted off to pursue more eclectic tastes. That is how she ended up coaching her sister through her teenage years and becoming a matron figure for her whole family.

At age 25, when she came of age, when she could have ruled had she been born first, her sister got her a gift. House Gaspari had been seeking to settle an old debt with House Capello - something about wood for cows, likely. The Conte arranged a marriage between his little sister… and Amanda. The reasons for it are innumerable. The marriage would assure Amanda stayed in the house, and that she'd never have children of her own (to dispute the heir), and that be freed for courtship attempts she disdained.

Oh, and most importantly? Tizania Capello nee Gaspari infuriates her. Anything that gets under Amanda's flawless skin (scaly hide?) is worth keeping around. Happy birthday, little sister!

And now, in Matora, Amanda runs the house and keeps the small matters from becoming big matters.

Reasons to be Cheerful

  • Maggiordomo di Capello - While her sister is the Head of the House, Amanda runs the house. While there is a rare disagreement on the differences between those two, she is an almost perfect servant to her Contessa.
  • Perfection - She does not strive for perfection, it merely follows her, naturally. Or so she'd say. From knowing just when to laugh to not having a single strand of hair astray (unless it is meant to be), Amanda is perpetually perfect in context of her situation. She doesn't fight to make things perfect, they simply will be. And if they are not, her reaction will be appropriately appropriate.
  • Singing - Considering how well she speaks, and how lovely that voice (a touch deep, decidedly authoritative), it's not real surprise that her singing voice is just as beautiful. She is also, more generally, a connoisseur of music.
  • Visitante - The Dowager Contessa Beatrice di Capello was always an odd woman. It was never in public that she'd talked of the Visitante. But in private? She surely did. It's from her that Amanda picked up her curiosity in the mystical.
  • Beatrice - Amanda was gifted her mother's name, to rest between her father's choice of given and her family name. As a playful little tease, she has been known to describe herself as Beatrice, the incarnation of beatific love. Just a jest, surely!

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