(2018-06-08) Masquerade Ball
Sabastino Masquerade Ball
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Interesting Costumes and a friendly atmosphere among an announcement.
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The Sabastino Gardens are adorned with lanterns giving an intimate are to the Masquerade. From post to post are garland and bunting honoring the house colors. Red flowers, red cloth and gray, that looks more silvery in the moonlight. Some darker highlights to bring them to the front. At the terrace near the entrance food is presented, to be collected and taken to the various locations about the gardens for consumption. Musicians are just above the terrace on the mezzanine shared with the Great Hall, giving an ambiance to visitors as well as allowing for guests to move to the patio for dancing as they wish. Servants move about quietly, all in the same white mask to identify them easily. They carry carafes to disburse more wine and drink. Others move about cleaning up the affair as guests finish their food.

Not everyone is wearing elaborate costumes. Some are simply wearing normal formal wear along with a mask, like the man most people probably can recognize as the current Conte di Sabastino from the rest of his features. He's making his way through the room, taking a few moments now and then to speak with people. All in all looking rather relaxed.

There are some who are in neither elaborate costumes or masks. People like Valeria of the Wyvern Company, hired to provide security for the ball…as discretely as possible. Boots, pants, blouse, leather cuirass, sword, the red cloak of the Wyvern hanging down behind her, blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, blue eyes scanning everyone and anyone for any sign of danger. No touching the wine either!

From somewhere in the gardens comes a fae creature, a gown of green and gold and blue with wings of a sheer gold and a mask with eye slits that show the excitement of the wearer. Tiny flowers adorn one side of the green, gold and blue matching mask and a few feathers of the same colors flounce as she glides graciously across the room, looking for some familiar faces, if she can make them out. Long, dark hair tumbles in fragrant waves down her back. It is the Conte di Sabastino she approaches first and her smile widens as she leans in to whisper.

You whisper, "Hi brother, how do you like it?" to Enzo.

Looking around, Enzo's gaze stops on the blonde-haired Wyvern for a few moments, offering her a nod and a polite smile. And then the fae creature arrives, and his attention turns to her, smiling at the whispered words. "It looks quite lovely," he offers to her, with another smile. "Truly magnificent."

Valeria offers a nod to Enzo before she returns to watching the crowd. Appraising them for how dangerous they may be…and perhaps on a personal level too. Though the masks make everything more difficult to get a proper assessment. As the fae creatures approaches the host, Valeria's hand tightens around the hilt of her sword. Assassins can come in all shapes. In this case, it seems to be harmless. For now.

Dressed in blue from head to toe with a masque that has been fashioned into that of a dolphin is the Conte di Gaspari, alone, but smiling nevertheless. He approaches one of the servants who are handing out drinks and picks up a glass, and then heads in the direction of another party goer. Who just happens to be Enzo. "Quite a unique party idea, don't you think?" He also nods to the fae creature as well.

Without being aware she's being watched by the guard, the fae creature, aka Arabella di Sabastino, continues talking with her brother with a bit of a cheeky smile. "Thank you, I was so excited about it, I admit." With the approach of the Conte di Gaspari, her smile brightens as she curtsies, "How wonderful to see you." Perhaps recognizing the voice or part of his face. "Your mask is perfect!"

"As you should be," Enzo replies to the fae Arabella, before offering a smile to Cosimo. "It is. Also a fantastic opportunity for people to have fun."

Cosimo bows his head in return to Arabella and Enzo. "Thank you. You look quite lovely, Signora." He smiles to Enzo. "It has felt entirely too long since the last party was thrown here in town, but it does seem that our two families seem to be the ones monopolizing the ideas of parties." He tosses a glance in the direction of the Wyvern. "I see you've gotten some of our finest to stand guard as well. Well done!"

Valeria returns the gaze of any looks in her direction but it is a professional gaze she returns…and only briefly before her eyes again wander the crowds. Since the most important people…just ask them…are nearby, she is at least spared the monotony of patrolling the hall. She'd only get in the way of the dancing.

Among those in attendance is a masked man few would probably recognize as the Conte Gurian di Zanetti, simply because he is not one to be out and about much. Council yes. Social parties, rarely. Yet here is the man. His clothes are a rich embroided red not far off from the colors of House Sabastino more so than the blue of his own home. THose who glimpsed him arrive and before coming into the garden proper may have noted accompanying personel in Zanetti blue, but otherwise here he is. A dark mask with a long nose adorns his face, not so much a plague mask as perhaps some goblinoid like being. Maybe one of the Cattivo Visitante. Making his way through the affair, like others, he nears in an approach to the Conte Sabastino and family, whom seem to inclined towards conversation withe another. With respect to their conversation, he stays withdrawn and instead takes a drink from one of the servants for the moment himself. While his lips and chin are non-distinct enough to give him away, his short curly hair just might. He lifts the drink to savor its content and looks around as he mingles nearby for the moment.

"Thank you," Arabella tells Cosimo, his costume and mask holding her attention a bit longer before she turns to look at her brother. "I look forward to the next party at your home, it was so lovely the last time. I regret not circulating around more and getting to know more of the people sooner." Arabella is dressed as a fae creature in greens, golds and blues with a mask adorned with small flowers and feathers. Wings made of a sheer gold material are on her back, but likely her own eyes and hair and lower half of her face give her away even if she weren't standing beside her brother and the Conte di Gaspari. It is the arrival of the Conte of Zanetti that ceases her speaking and she dips into a curtsy, lowering her head demurely when he is close enough. "Conte di Zanetti," she greets him quietly.

Enzo smiles, "I'm sure someone else will find reasons for gatherings like this," he offers to Cosimo, before he nods a bit at Arabella's words. "It was quite lovely, yes." At the arrival of Gurian, he offers the man a nod and a smile. "Welcome," he says.

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So many people to check on. Such extravagant costumes to hide weapons…not to mention that every glass of wine could be poisoned. Valeria does her best to peek behind the masks, trying to put together faces as best she can. She has a vague knowledge of the families of the city. Their deference or amiability with the host giving her some possibilities at who they are but though she may know names, she knows very few faces by sight.

When his name is drawn from lips, Gurian di Zanetti turns and comes nearer. A bow himself, "My thanks Conte Sabastino, for hosting such an affair as this." With a sweep of the wine, he uses the goblet to sweep at the gardens and the lovely decoration. His attention falls back to the fae creature, "Signora Arabella, you look astonishing." The words seem believable, even while his tone of voice rarely falters from a monotone pattern. His eyes do not quite come from her, but his head inclines to the Conte di Gaspari as well, "A pleasure Conte, not that it is the place, but I do have news since our last conversation." Some importance there but nothing shattering, it can surely wait.

Orazio isn't a man known for his style- but sometimes a total lack of fashion sense works. Like when making costumes- one is not chained by anything but creativity. And so in cloth as black as midnight he appears- black but for the stars and constellations painted in Orazio's signature style. In this case that means aching detail because Orazio has dressed himself to be a map of the stars. Part of the universe and sky he so loves.

His mask covers three quarters of his face- a sweeping sort of motion with graceful curves- hand painted with some of the most fabulous visions of stars- all lacquered and properly made to be a true work of art- the kind of thing someone might be afraid to watch. He pauses at the door to get his bearings.

"Soon the Zanetti are having a party that is not so secret anymore." Arabella tells her brother while giving the Conte of that very same house a playful sort of smile. With the greeting from Gurian she ducks her head slightly, but a curious look in her eyes as they remain on the man. "Thank you, truly. Welcome to the masquerade party and if there is anything you are in need of, please do let the servants know." A glance around to ensure that things are in order still, her gaze falling on the Wyvern mercenary. A smile is given to her, safe with their presence, she dips her head in greeting. "We have some of the city's best here this evening." As she catches sight of Orazio and his costume, she gasps softly, "You look delightful!"

Valeria returns Arabella's nod and adds the faintest of smiles. What she can see of the fae creature is very pleasing to the eye. The walking star map gets a curious look. For a soldier who sometimes has to navigate by such things, its accuracy is a surprise. Maybe they can hoist him on the carroccio and use him on campaign so they don't get lost?

Enzo smiles, "Ah, the brain behind the whole affair is here," he offers to Gurian, nodding in Arabella's direction, before he nods at the mention of the party. "It will be quite interesting." He pauses as he looks to Orazio, offering the man a slow smile. "Imperessive costume," he offers.

"Thank you, both!" Orazio offers to Arabella and Enzo, "It took some time to make it all, but it was a welcome distraction from a particularly infuriating equation I've been working on." he says, "The mask was the easy part- figuring out the proper composition of the paints to paint the fabric was time consuming, but now I've got the formula down. So, bonus points for costume making there." he says in a particularly casual manner- one without much of the pomp or circumstance that some might address the party's hostess with. He smiles, "And you as well, of course. Fantastic! The colors suit you- very complementary." he says as he gives Arabella a bit of a closer look.

Anyone who knew the stars well would likely share Valeria's surprise. The angular distances on his stars is perfect! (At least, that is what Orazio would say.)

"I am quite fine," he says, with a lift of his glass to his lips once more. "I may try my feet at a dance later, I shall hope for one with you." Gurian leaves that for Arabella, as if being mindful of her time. What could be the slightest hint of a grin to those lips as the cup has fallen away, he lifts in in recognition of the words of Conte Enzo. "Convenience at best, this affair is entirely the generosity of House Sabastino." The Masquerade. But as Enzo has turned, along with other eyes, so do does Gurian to regard the map to the heavens. Appreciation there for the endeavor to pull off such a feat with this costume of the stars. He may still favor the fae creature ensemble of Arabella, but these stars are up there for impressive costume. Unsure where the man is going or the precision of the stars themselves, he does seem to agree. His voice again towards monotone, "Yes, the colors do seem complementary."

"It does look creative and imaginative, I have never seen anything like it except in the night sky." Arabella does catch on to what he was dressed as at least. Her attention is taken from the Wyvern to the passing servant and she takes a wine, just holding it for now. Watching Gurian curiously as he sips wine while having a long nose, but his comment takes a moment to register and she immediately dips her head, "Of course, Conte di Zanetti, I would be honored." A quick glance to Enzo, she knew he had an announcement to make, but she was rather uncertain when it would be made, so she was hoping for a hint at the very least.

Valeria's gaze flicks from guests to servants. She hopes that whomever of her companions has been assigned the kitchen is checking that wine. If it's Albrecht he'll definitely be checking it…over and over. It's a miracle any wine made it to the party. She would love to compliment Arabella on her costume herself but she is here neither to be seen or heard…merely to protect.

Nodding a bit as he listens to the others, Enzo looks a bit thoughtful, even behind the mask. There's a brief smile as he looks from Arabella to Gurian and back again. "If you two want to dance, we should probably make the announcement first?" Deciding it's time for that announcement he claps his hands and raises his voice. "Honored guests, may I have your attention?" he calls out.

Orazio is quiet now, taking some wine from a passing servant as the call for attention comes up. He stands, sipping wine, waiting now for this news.

Listening to Arabella return compliments to Orazio, Gurian is giving a nod of agreement. "Even the night sky doesn't quite compare." He joins in, appreciating te stroke of an artists hand to that of the night sky itself, at least cordially. Before he can go on at all, the host calls their attention and the Conte turns back towards Enzo. There his free hand finds the small of his back, the hand hosting the wine similarly bends over his chest. Then with a slow incline of his head, he gives his attention wholly to the host. He does join in a verbal agreement, with a slight lift of his goblet, "Hear hear." Then is silent.

Her attention remains with her brother as he calls for attention and with her wine in hand, Arabella remains at his side and keeps her attention on her brother to save herself from her gaze darting around at the others present. A soft breath is taken before she gently presses her lips together and waits for what he is going to say.

Valeria's steely gaze will help quieten the last of the party mumblers…along with the movement of her hand to the hilt of her sword. She doesn't look to Enzo as he speaks. She has to watch everyone else.

"First of all," Enzo begins. "Thank you everyone for coming here for this. We appreciate each and every one that came. Aside from that, I have an announcement to make." A brief pause, before he smiles, "It is a happy occasion, as Sabastino and Zanetti will be brought closer together as my dear sister Arabella will marry Conte Gurian di Zanetti. I hope you all will join me in a toast to them both, wishing them all the best." He raises his glass with a smile.

Orazio chuckles, raising his glass of wine. "Aha! Wonderous!" he cheers, "A betrothal party where everyone wears masks! Fantastic!" Orazio grins wide. "Congratulations and good health to all involved."

With a lift of his wine in return thanks, taking a drink and giving nods with the words of Enzo. "And we of Zanetti thank our host for his generosity." There is a pause and a look towards the night sky, or the man dressed as such. He adds more, taking from the inspiring words the man had offered. "These are good tidings with an air of intrigue. We may not know what the future holds, but we gaze forward on that course, guided by the stars above us and the sea below. To my wife to be." Gurian lifts his goblet again for another drink in thanks. "Perhaps such is the cue, we should retire to the patio and join in the dancing to commemorate this moment?" WIth luck, a servant passes and he can set his wine down to see if Arabella would join him in that direction, along with others that may wish to dance.

Valeria's heart sinks at the announcement. What a waste. Another beautiful woman…not that she knows for sure behind that mask…used as a political tool. Sure, it happens all the time but it doesn't make it easier to stomach. But she's not here to express opinions so she will suck it in and ensure that no one decides this family union is dangerous and try to kill one of the betrothed.

Wife. Of course that was the natural progression of things but she had never been called such before and with slightly rounded eyes, she lifts her wine in response to the toast while offering a few words of her own. "An alliance between our houses will strengthen our families, to my future h..husband." Only faltering over the word once before finishing it. After taking a drink herself, she passes off the goblet to the passing servant, a smile offered to Orazio for his own toast then an uncertain look to Gurian. With a dip of her head, she finally takes a place, for the first time, at his side, her hand slipping into the bend of his arm so that he would lead her to where it is he desired to dance. One last glance back to Enzo before she gives the full of her attention to Gurian again.

Orazio drinks a bit more wine, has a little snack, talks to a few people before his attention again wanders and he spies a moth fluttering out the door. He reaches into a pocket and pulls out his tiny sketch pad- following behind the creature as it flutters and dives. "Such erratic movements…"

Now that the announcement is taken care of, Enzo takes another sip from his own wine, nodding a little. There's a brief pause as he looks around the area again, but aside from that, he simply speaks in quiet with a few people now and then.

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