(2018-06-06) Family Planning
Random Family Talks
Marriage talks, of course, marriage evasions and the talk of masquerade, fae and love. How many of those are myths?
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Coming in from the noble gardens, Arabella is wearing a smile and a look of contemplative creativeness. Over an arm is a basket with some sheer fabrics and other pretty things, and she looks around as she comes out to the garden.

Sitting at a bench, reading through some things, Enzo shakes his head a little at what he's reading. There's a glass of wine there as well, and he takes a sip now, looking around. There's a brief pause as he sees Arabella, and he raises an eyebrow a little. "When did you get here?" he asks, sounding slightly amused.

Walking over, Arabella takes a seat at one end and watches as he looks at the things he is reading. "I just got back from the noble gardens in town. My path crossed with an old friend of mine, Signore Raffiano Albrici. Then I went to the market. So many things to get prepared for the party. Have you got a costume or mask as of yet?"

Joana's quite the shut-in, so it's an unusual sight to see her venture out, even if it's in her own residence. She's dressed in rather casual clothing for a lady, and one that calls to mind the more provincial fashions that aren't uncommon outside of the glamarous Bergatino Cities. Despite her fair face, she carries herself awkwardly and pauses before her cousins as if not wishing to intrude upon their conversation.

Enzo nods a little bit as he hears that. "I remember Signore Raffiano," he offers, before he nods a bit at the mention of the party. The question about a costume makes him let out a breath. "I knew I forgot something…" he replies, a bit sheepishly. There's a pause as he looks over to Joana, offering her a smile. "Cousin, how are you today?"

"Then we should certainly go shopping before day after tomorrow, else you will be without and cannot dance with your lady incognito." Arabella wears amusement on her features as she studies her brother a moment. "What is it you are working on at the moment?" Hearing her cousin, she looks her way with a warm smile. "Hello cousin! I do hope you are going to the masquerade ball also."

"Hello," Joana must have expected her greeting to come out with more vigour than her meek response does, but still manages a pretty smile before the Sabastinos. "It's good to see you here." She's just arrived, but hopes to at least not detract from the conversation: "I've met Signor Raffiano myself, actually. So I hope I won't be completely a stranger to all but you."

There's a brief pause as Enzo hears the part about going shopping, and dancing, before he nods, "I just have no idea about what kind of a costume I should get," he admits, after a few moments, and another sip, draining the rest of the wine. "Oh this? Just some reports about things. You know the Prince thinks the Divine Emperor and the Padisha Javid may have made a non-conflict agreement? Which could be trouble." A smile is offered in return to Joana, before he says, "It's good to hear you've met some of the people here." Then a look to Arabella, as he offers her a smile. "And how are you, sister dear?"

"How are you settling in, Cousin? We are so glad to have you and your mother here. I wonder if your mother is hoping to line up suitors for your hand?" Arabella adopts a playful smile, "I suppose once one gets to be engaged, we want everyone to be!" There is laughter in her expression though, if she does not outright display it. "I am glad you have met Raffiano di Albrici. He is one such unwed." Casting a wink towards her cousin at the announcement. Settled as she is beside Enzo, she tilts her head, considering him. "Would you like to be dressed as one of our fine specimens of animals? Or as a dancing tree? I wonder if just a mask and your best doublet would suffice for you?" Her eyes drop to the papers and her expression turns a touch shrewd. "I got some information myself. The Prince hopes to persuade some families to eventually push the fight back against Kataro and reclaim his lands. I think likely, that is why he is here, biding his time. Simply because his lands have been taken and he has no where else to go?" The smile, again, is forced as it was a few days ago. "I am doing well. I will not lie though, I am sad about leaving my home, but duty is mine to do."

A distinct blush falls over Joana's face as Arabella speaks; "Some," she confesses. "Though only a few. And I do not know if I will accept any at all. Though I suppose that's not my decision." She rolls her eyes and seems much more pleased to speak on the matter of geopolitics. "Mercurea may have fallen to the Kataro, but the Empire still remains for now," Joana voices her own opinion bluntly. "He should make the offer to some Pomesans, though. We have had the tradition of fighting off the Faithful for some centuries now," she smiles softly.

"While it may not be your decision, I think your mother might value your input in the matter," Enzo offers to Joana, before he nods a bit at them both at the political part. "I suspect that's why he came here as well. I just wish we knew more of the situation over there." He nods again at Arabella's words, reaching out to pat her shoulder for a few moments. "I know. And you know there will always be a home here for you, of course." There's a brief pause, before he adds, "We need the closer ties, especially if the Divine Empire gets a stronger hold closer to here. You know I would not have agreed if that was not the situation." A brief pause at the mention of the costumes. "A doublet and a mask? That's quite simple and easy." A brief moments of pause, before he adds, "Do you think it would be enough, or would our guests expect more?"

"Perhaps the Albrici would be a good prospect for you. He is of the main line, though he does have a cousin who is interesting. The Farro also have family as do Gaspari. Your mother should see if she approves of any of them." Arabella has no qualms about speaking of marriage prospects for her cousin at all. There is a nod in regards to the more political and her look turns a touch more shrewd. "I suppose he will do what he has to do, and we will follow suit. Whatever it is my brother decides." That brings her back to Enzo. "I think you made a wonderful match for me, Enzo, being a Contessa was not something I had considered. Perhaps it will give me a chance to make a difference somehow. I am happy with the match, but I will still miss living here with you all." The smile returns and she gives an easy nod of agreement. "I think you should wear what you are comfortable in and save the real energy for helping me host it. You realize you are host and I am acting as hostess in the absence of you having a wife to do so."

The Pomesan lady seems to show only the slightest indignance at her cousins continuing to discuss matters of marriage rather than the more … interesting facets of political intrigue: those who know Joana well might know of her disdain for parties and suitors. But she gives a toothy smile this time, "I'll consider all your prospects! Though I don't know if I'd like to marry a Matoran anyhow," she adds, without malice. "After all, two marriages to the city in as many generations is a bit of putting all one's eggs in the same basket, and Pomesa is on the wrong side of our peninsula for your trade," she laughs with feigned liveliness. "Perhaps I'll have to speak to a good man of Navagerse if you know any."

Enzo smiles, nodding a bit at what's being said. "I'm glad to hear that," he offers to Arabella, before nodding at Joana. "Well, at least there are other good things that can come from being here than just the prospects for marriage," he offers, nodding a little. He then nods to Arabella's words about hosting the party. "You're right, of course," he replies, offering her another smile. There's a few moments afterwards when he looks around the garden rather carefully, though.
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"Oh I never did consider someone from Navagerse. I will keep that in mind." Arabella allows it to drop there, should her cousin wish it. Instead, she gives Enzo a smile at his agreement. "We can stand at each others side, much as I did with Cristof when we hosted the Spring Feast. It was a good turnout. Hopefully it will be incredible."

Joana's eyes sparkle with a hint of glee, but then she pauses to respond to her cousins: "I heard it was a lovely gathering; a shame I couldn't be there," she laments calmly. "I just hope everything's in order at the next festival," she adds.

Enzo smiles, "it was a fabulous event. All the people attending, it was quite fantastic." His attention goes back to the two now, offering them both a smile. "It will be a fantastic event this one as well, I'm certain."

"What are you thinking, Enzo? Something about your own future?" Instead of giving him a knowing look, Arabella looks towards where he had just been looking instead. "I believe this party will be fun as well. Whether or not there are a large number in attendance or not matters little. What does matter is those that do choose to come have a good time while in our home."

"Lovely," Joana smiles and looks down to her garb: "I daresay I'm hardly dressed enough for such a splendid party. My mother will no doubt hound me about getting an ill-fitting Matoran dress, or going to an Avicorse boutique," she sighs. "But maybe it will be nice to spend such an… elegant occasion dressed up, the Pomesan admits.

"My own future?" Enzo shrugs a little as he looks to his sister again, offering her a grin. "Maybe so. After all, I'm getting quite old, right?" It's said a bit loudly, but there's some seriousness in his expression as well. He grins at Joana, "It's a good chance to get to dress up a bit, and enjoy things." A brief grin, "And once in a while, masks are good, right?"

"My tailor has been working on my gown since the idea had come to host one and it should be finished tomorrow. So many fittings, it should look well enough." Arabella says somewhat modestly. "I think it is a grand time to dress up as you like. Even from where you were before, should you like, cousin." With laughter in her eyes, she nods to Enzo. "You should ask her soon then. After the ceremonies are over in regards to the Conte di Zanetti and myself? An heir for Sabastino would be wonderful, security."

Joana purses her lips and makes one of her peculiar, habitual interjections: "I wish you well. It seems like some take better to being their family's pet broodmare, or stud, for that matter," she mutters huskily, before shrugging to agree. "I suppose I could go as a queen or empress of old, or something related to the visitante. Like the world being a play for a night," Joana thinks.

Enzo nods a little, "I will speak with her as soon as I can," he replies to Arabella, before he offers another brief smile. "Thank you." There's a grin offered to Joana as well, "That sounds like rather interesting costumes," he offers with a smile.

"I am going as a fae for the evening!" Arabella confesses once Joana had stumbled into the topic. "With wings and everything. I hope I will look fine, though I admit to being a touch nervous about it." After a moment, she tilts her head and regards her cousin a moment longer. "Broodmare is precisely how the Conte approached the subject. He is in need of a wife and heir and with the arrangement, I am going to provide that. It is my duty. It is the duty of any daughter of the great houses as well as the sons." A smile to Enzo then. "If you can be happy while completing your duty, perhaps that makes things all the better."

That subject seems to catch Joana's attention for the time being over the costumes. "Perhaps indeed, but duty is a dry lover compared to one's true passions," she explains her own thoughts. "Besides, sometimes being eligible longer can be a rather good thing as you can entice many suitors with the _prospect_ of matrimony without following suit. The Queen of Calpera manages that very well; let me stall my mother for the time being and I will move on to stalling men."

Enzo glances to his empty glass as he listens to the others. "You would look fine no matter what," he replies to Arabella, offering her a smile, before he nods to Joana's words, "Some people manage that for a long while." There's a brief smile, before he adds, "But as Arabella says, if one gets the chance to combine the two, it should be a good thing to at least try to do that, right?"

"Perhaps it is put off for far too long that the prospects marry another or age becomes a factor. My younger sister was married to a Conte before me. Marsilia is eighteen. I am already nineteen. I admit to not knowing the age of the Conte di Zanetti though. I only know that it was requested and for my family I would do my duty. If you can get by with stalling, then I do so wish you the best. Perhaps you could one day marry for love, like I hope my brother Enzo can do as well." Arabella smiles at Enzo, "And your words are biased as my brother."

"Love," Joana curls her lip upwards. "It's pleasant to think of, but if we love duty, then spouses are in large part merely those we can tolerate at best. If I am blessed with a soulmate as some say, whyever wouldn't it be a fishwife in Masud, or a silk merchant at the end of the world, rather than someone appropriate for a Conde's heir to wed," she asks. "Ah, I think I'll shut up before you take to agreeing with my mother if she ever drags me to an altar one day."

"Is it love, or the idea of being in love…" comes the thoughtful comment from Enzo, before he sighs, "I have a few things I need to take care of, so I will have to see you both at a later point in time." A grin is offered to Arabella, before he adds, "Let me know if there's anything I need to do for the party," he offers, before he gets to his feet a bit slowly.

"If you find yourself wanting to wed someone non-noble, then I think there is little to no reason you would be argued the point. You have made yours quite clear and I will not be trying to see who would or would not make a match for you in any capacity. I am certain your mother is up to task. I shall worry about my own for now and that of my brother here, since he so graciously allows me to." Arabella also finds her feet and assists him in gathering his things before offering them to him. "I will let you know. I should go check on my attire for the party and I have a few more people to speak to before the evening is over." Dipping her head to the two, she smiles. "Good evening to you both."

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