(2018-06-01) They Shall Not Pass...Without A Pass
"I have heard of you" she muses, "The hero of the Siege of…ummm…where was it again?"
Livino is shipping weapons to the border but he has to pass the watch first.
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Traffic on the bridge as night comes and the lanterns along the bridge cast their glow has been light. A cool rain falls, little droplets splattering across the heavy wagon being pulled by a pair of oxen that approach the bridge. The shape of the wagon is a flat design with linen over the middle rise of the wagon. Riding next to it in a heavy cloak is Livino, idly chatting with the two men that are driving the wagon itself.

Valeria pushes herself away from the wall she was leaning against. Emerging into the light of a lantern at the end of the bridge, the red cloak of the Wyvern Company covering her back. She raises her hand to halt the wagon, eyeing off the trio of men, her other hand resting on the hilt of her sword. "Hold" she calls out, not moving from in front of the slow oxen. "Stop for the Watch." The Wyverns being in charge of patrolling sections of the city - usually where the rich people live - and keeping order.

Raising his hand as the wagon approaches the bridge, Livino brings his charger around to the front of the wagon, between the watchwoman and the chiannan oxen pulling the wagon. "They get grumpy around new people." he explains with a brief smirk before he goes to reach into his travelling case. "A rather sodden night to be on patrol. Keeping warm and dry, I hope?" With that, he pulls out the parchment he was looking for to present to Valeria. "Transporting material to the Vinchi border by the Duca's hand."

"It is not my job to keep warm and dry" Valeria deadpans as she takes the offered parchment. A scowl up at the drizzling clouds before she nods towards a sheltered light at the end of the bridge. "Come with me" she states in her best professional voice to Livino. "May I ask your name, sir?" Once there is some form of shelter, she opens the parchment, eyes scanning the words quickly. It seems the woman can read well if nothing else.

Guiding the horse back to the wagon, Livino dismounts, passing the reins to one of the men on the wagon. "Shouldn't be long, make sure the oxen stay behaved." he requests before he moves to follow after Valeria to the shelter of the bridge station and there's a small chuckle as he pulls back his hood to reveal the hawk-like exaggerations of his features. "Livino, signoria. Livino d'Arbore."

Valeria glances up from the parchment to look the thin man over. "I have heard of you" she muses, "The hero of the Siege of…ummm…where was it again?" Her eyes return to the parchment before she rolls it back up. "I need to check your load for contraband. The Duc's pass allows you transit but it does not allow you to smuggle at the same time." She offers back the parchment. "If everything is in order you will soon be on your way." It does get boring on these cold rainy nights so of course she's going to make sure company doesn't disappear too quickly.

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"Vierguers." Livino all but mumbles the word with a darkening of his cheeks. "Of course. I mean, it is a rainy night and I wouldn't want to keep you too long." he offers with a shrug before turning to lead the way back towards the wagon. "How do you feel about the buildup of forces along the Vinchi border?" he asks curiously. "Do you think we shall be at war soon?"

"We can only hope" Valeria replies about the war, her voice emotionless. She looks over the two men on the cart, assessing how much of a danger they could be and coming to the conclusion that Livino needs to hire better men. "Pull back the cover" she tells them before looking at the man in charge. "You decided to personally take this to the border? It seems something that lesser men would do. Yes…Vierguers. That's it."

"I'm just making sure that it gets to the border of the city well enough. From there, it has escort waiting on it." Livino explains. Pulling back the cover, the catapult is currently disassembled for its travel, but it's easy enough to tell what goes where on the large contraption. "You are hopeful for war, then?" he asks curiously of the woman.

"War is my trade" Valeria replies, jumping up onto one of the wheels to get a better look at the machine in the orange glow of the lanterns. "It has been my life for as long as I remember. It is cruel. It is bloody. It is horror. But it is also all I know." She tries to peer under one of the larger parts before nodding to herself. "Thank you, Signore Di Abore. Everything seems to be in order. You build machines of war…don't you wish it as well?"

"War is a terrible trade to be in, signoria." Livino says quietly and shakes his head. "No one should wish for it. While this is what I do…" he gestures to the catapult, "I would much rather see it torn down and its parts used to build a home, rather than destroy it." Taking the parchment back to put away in the courier's bag, he passes it back to the men on the cart. "You do remind me of my new wife though - she is eager for the ideal of battle herself."

"I am not eager for an ideal. I have been in battle. There is no ideal. It is merely survival of the fittest and best. Let your wife know that there is no triumph in war, but there is honor and glory" Valeria replies. "Many will die who do not deserve to. Many will be dragged in to fight where they just want to farm or raise their children. That is why the nobles should leave the fighting to those who wish to. The Companies. And I am a member of a Company and I want to fight." A deep breath as she pats the side of the wagon. "Peace would come sooner if no more of these machines are built" she notes with a sly smile. "If you want to stop war, perhaps you should make those homes instead?"

"Well, Signoria Wyvern.." Livino says with a smirk as he gets back on his horse. "I am all in support of the Companies, especially those that come to the aid of Matora in its time of need." he offers with a bow of his head. "Though there are those nobles that wish to cavaleri. Though you are mistaken.. it is not triumph that the Contessa seeks - I fear that once, she used war to seek her own self-worth and now she is having to find it a new way, through nurturing and making sure a House grows."

At her comment about the home, he frowns a little. "The catapults that were at Vierguers are already being used to make new homes, the weapon removed, the flat wagon now a transport." comes the explanation. "While I take pride in what I build, there is no pride in its purpose. Valor and glory? That is for those that wish to seek it. I would much rather seek to grow and build. Sometimes, that requires that a terrible machine be built before it is able to be recommitted to something else. Swords to plowshares or some other nonsense. I would hope that eventually you will want to do the same, signoria." With that, he starts to guide his horse back towards the bridge, the wagon lumbering behind it.

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