(2018-06-01) Quince Your Appetite
Someone is hungry and mistakes fruit.
raffiano carina 
Assumptions and Mistakes go hand in hand.
Mistaken - June Monthly Plot
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Orange holds to the west as the sun sets, sending fading wisps to glint off the waters of the harbor to the south and the river Merzia below the Ponte. There he is with some kobby greenish apple. Having moved to near a low wall like 'rail' overlooking the river. He's not quite sitting there. One leg goes to the ground, the other is tucked up and a foot set on the rail; his back to a wall or an arch. Half sitting it would seem. As if he just got there, he is dusting the fruit off on his doublet, breathing on it, and rubbing again. Then he takes a bite, pauses, chews slowly, makes a sour face, and tries to swallow. Like a struggle between two athletes, him wanting to eat the apple, it lodging in his throat a little. With great effort, Raffiano defeats the fruit and gets it down.

The flip of the red cloak behind her as her pace is rather rapid through the area, it billows back some behind the Wyvern mercenary. Carina's boots make little sound, her steps are taken with practiced ease and she turns her head one way then the other so she can get a clear view of the happenings. Coming across another familiar face, her steps slow then cease. "Bitter still?" A nod towards the apple when he seems to have trouble swallowing it down completely.

There is a chew as if some of the fruit won the fight. Another swallow as he turns to the voice. "Bitter," he ponders, looking between her and the apple. "Its not even that good. This is the worst apple I've ever tried." He admits, then grins a little and swings his foot off the rail. A slight standing position from where he was he even reaches out the hand with the fruit towards here, "Maybe I'm missing something, here you should try this. I think its a crime to call that a real apple even." He nods, seeing if she takes it and can determine is apple-ness.

Carina looks more amused than anything and she gives the fruit a healthy dose of skepticism by way of a look. "Do you hear what you have just asked of me? Here, this is awful, taste it. Would you, if the tables were turned and it was I offering a taste of something vile? My sense of self preservation deems it unnecessary to sample what you have tasted and to judge by your reaction alone that the fruit is quite inedible and should be carefully tossed into the water as fish food." She makes no moves to try the apple at all.

"Ah, Signora Carina," grins Raffiano, "You under-estimate my curiosity. I might dare say, of all Albrici, I am one of the more curious, but certainly not the most. It is as if every time I chance upon my cousin, I learn a new back way about the city." He grins, dusting the apple against his clothing one more time, little grey hair seem to come off it. More like a peach that way than an apple, except the flavor probably. "I am at a crossroads now. If I do not finish the apply, I have thrown away my good coin. And if I do finish the fruit, I have offended my own sensibility." The dilemma, the turmoil. "I could offer it to the hungry, surely it still has value." Or its rotten.

"There are many back ways about the city and were you one of our ranks and numbers you would have ample opportunity to explore them with others who could guide you about." Certainly not volunteering herself for the task. Still, a slight smile curves one corner of her mouth, lessening the severity of her looks and softening them a touch. "I suppose my position is to protect the nobility of Matora," she offers out her empty hand, palm up. "Do let me taste this abhorrent fruit so that I may protect your life should it be poisoned. You are under Vindicti, are you not?"

A slight look towards her, "Another point, you are driving this bargain. My sword pledged to Wyvern Company." He teases but no more than that, Raffiano doesn't wish to actually offend her even while poking fun. Ah, a hand, he grins and deposits the fruit, careful of the bite mark, so as not to put it directly on her palm. As he lifts it to place it he returns, "There, just my point. It could be poison that hold the offending flavor. I would't know." Letting go the apple, he folds his arms to watch the reaction when she takes a bite. "It could be some plot by the dogs of Gaspari, no doubt, you see my concerns." No, he doesn't suspect so much, he only follows where she was going.

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Valeria has arrived.

"One day. A sword such as yours should be pledged to protect." Carina smirks, knowing he wasn't serious about committing to it. It was more about the fruit anyway and as she takes it, or it's dropped into her palm, she draws it closer, turning it, sniffing, then turning more so there's a smooth expanse of skin. It's there that she bites it, not such a large bite, but a sample. The tartness is immediate and she winces, working past the lock jaw feeling to chew the bite before tossing it back to him without warning. "Were you sold that as an apple from the stalls? Or did you just assume?"
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"Yes, it should be pledged to something, other than my brother I suppose. Then I'll be serious," as if he wasn't quite grown yet, but that was the next step for Raffiano. He observes her as she inspects before eating, as if a professional poison checker, where there such a thing. Then he grins, and nods, at her wince, knowing the feeling. Its as he said, it confirms he would not lie about the flavor of the bad apple. Almost off guard, he catches the fruit when she tosses it back his way. "I was led to," he starts, and pauses, "I just assumed. It was with the other apples, it was a little knobby, I figured it just needed the right appetite." Curiosity plays at his eyes, considering the act of buying it even as he confesses his assumptions.

"I can't believe you bit into that" comes a woman's voice from the darkness. A woman who then steps into the light, a red cloak hanging from her shoulders, her form clad in leather armor. "Since when did you get so trusting, Carina?" The tall woman walks towards the pair, offering Raffiano a slight bow of head in greeting. "I hope I am not interrupting anything."

There's a slight mockery in her eyes at the confession of mostly not being grown up quite yet but Carina doesn't mention it aloud again. Once she had tossed it back, she watches his easy catch and smirks, "I thought you may have. It is a good idea you have yet to get to the seeds of it, they are quite poisonous. Even the fruit can cause irritation in the throat and may make it harder to breathe, to some. Not all. It seems you were mistaken, Signore Raffiano, this fruit is a quince." It is then she hears the approach of her fellow Wyvern and friend. "Trusting? Only to some. The Albrici here is safe enough. You are interrupting nothing at all. Have you both met yet?"

Raffiano looks at the fruit a moment, "A quince, it is like the poppy. I am surrounded by such dangers." From the garden to the market, of course if he knew its usually cooked to make it taste better, but still, he is not one to cook. "Trusting? Some? You imply I am no threat. And to that, I could only truly be insulted if you were Gaspari." Of course, only them due to the Vindicti for now, otherwise the name wouldn't matter on his tongue. He shakes his head, "We are not yet met, and not interrupting, unless it is my unpleasure of this quince." Which, realize his mistake, he'll probably give it a toss over a shoulder towards the Merzia. Let the fish ponder if it is edible.

"We have not met" Valeria confirms to Carina. "Should we?" she adds with a teasing smile. Stopping next to her companion in arms, she offers a little bow towards Raffiano. "Valeria Gabraina of the Wyvern Company. A quince is an acquired taste. Usually only acquired by the starving…or those who cannot differentiate it from an apple." She turns to Carina to add. "I left Albrecht at the Siren's Song. He broke his nose again so he's finding someone to kiss it better. Or kiss something better."

"Dangers everywhere. Including two armed Wyvern." This time it is Carina who teases the Albrici. "I'm fairly certain you know I am not Gaspari, though I suppose I could be working for them. However, I would not have sampled the fruit then, so it makes little sense to consider that." Amused, she nods when her compadre makes her own introduction. "This is Raffiano di Albrici." Finishing it off for the two. "You certainly should meet Signore Raffiano, he is considering joining our numbers." The amusement completely belies that statement. "What was he fighting over this time?" There's laughter this time, it escapes involuntarily. "He is again seeking solace in the arms of the experienced."
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"True, true, I've Wyvern to contend with now, and it is good, I am not being pursued at least." Raffiano leaves that out there with no explanation other than to bow when his name is given just the same. "I have not acquired the taste, I leave it to those you speak of, clearly I am not one." Though he did mistake it for an apple. Mirth remains at his features through it all, the teasing, the laughter returned even. "I may someday join the company. It is far better than loafing about my brother's house for the better part of a day. I should be training more regularly but Carina found it better to teach me how to wield a sword." Then a pause and a brow raise, "Is this all men of the company, maybe I should join, I might fit in around there." He only has a small token number to go by, this Albrecht and that Faraman.

"Oh…you have a desire to be hated and feared while living a life of constant danger and then dying poor and alone in a whorehouse, Signor?" Valeria asks Raffiano. "Who can blame you?" she adds with a laugh. "And it is also not just the men." A sigh for Carina. "Some drunkards accused us both of killing their brother Mario. One of them punched him. They ran away before we ran them through but not before he had an air swing at the one who hit him. It was quite embarrassing really. I am not sure if he can afford experienced. Not with the way he gambles."

"You are not being pursued yet. The day still leaves you with some time to find that trouble you are always seeking." A look towards the east as if towards where his family palazzo is, a smirk holds to her expression. "Or watching the gardens from your place inside? Perhaps you should put in more time training if you do seriously intend on joining one day." Hearing what happened with the fight, Carina regards Valeria with a shake of her head. "I like to gamble as much as the next person, but I know when to walk away from a bet. I am glad you were there to have his blind side." A half grin from her though. "Glad you were able to get out of there before things escalated further."

"Yes, exactly the sort of trouble I would sign up for," grins Raffiano in agreement with Valeria, and then a nod to Carina, "And instead of seeking it, it sounds like trouble would find me. Would be the easier life then." As if there were even such a thing. A laugh from him at the gardens view from his window, he nods knowingly. "Glad you got out of there before you warmed the grave next to Mario by adding another of his kin to the soil, then it would be another brother coming to avenge the death of his scoundrel brothers before him." As if, its always the others fault. Them and their vengeance, never Raffiano's or his families for sure, and he understands by that virtue the way of the Wyvern, at least in his head and skewed opinion, a good noble son in that regard.

"You are a rich nobleman with a view of gardens from your window? Why do you want to join the Company? Though if you do not know how to use a sword or bow then I am not sure what use you could be?" Valeria notes to Raffiano before asking Carina, "Would he be a good camp follower? He does know that our new recruits begin as servants? I am sure you could use him for something, Carina." A wry look between the pair before she studies the man a little longer. "You will not escape a Vindicti by joining us. I hope you are free of those."

"I think I am not certain who Mario is, though it is very possible it could be true. Unless he was mistaken." Carina shrugs that off for now and gives Raffiano a somewhat withering look. "He is quite modest on his sword skills. He knocked me down when we were sparring. I finally bested him but it was very close. He is well beyond the servant stage." Smirking and falling silent as Valeria informs of the rules and Vindicti.

"I am growing nearly too old for glancing down upon the .. flowers of the garden." Raffiano admits, with a grin, to show how un-serious he is in the matter of him and the view from his balcony. "We could have sparred longer, but alas, I had to save my dignity." He's smile shows a hint of fondness at least, the spar was enjoyed, despite how modest he is about his sword; or more how much he kids about not being good with one. "I would not wish to escape a vindicti, it is the only time I feel useful to my family. To raise my sword against other cowards in the city."

"Then it seems you are a perfect candidate" Valeria nods to the man. "Though it is not up to me. I am but a mere soldier of the Company but I respect Carina's opinion. She has saved my life more times than she probably wished to" Valeria smirks, slapping a hand on the other woman's shoulder. "Though we really do need more women" she notes to Carina, "Certainly if we want to win out battles." A wink to her fellow Wyvern. "Mario could be any of a thousand men we have faced in war. I doubt they have the right people…or even if the death happened. Albrecht may look into it…if he can be bothered." She looks to Raffiano once more. "I don't suppose you have any sisters who would care to join the Company?"

"Too old.." Carina laughs outright and steals a glance towards the markets briefly. "Then next time we will have a match with no weapons. A real match with no weapons." Defining it for some random reason. With a smile to Valeria, she counters, "As many times as I can, to keep us both alive. You've done the same in return." A smile accompanies the words. "I have no doubt about your loyalty and courage in regards to your family. You never fail to mention the Gaspari every time our paths cross." Amused, she gives a light shrug and motions towards the market. "I need to go run patrol within the merchant stalls. Be well." Excusing herself, she dips her head in farewell to the two.

"I must mention the Gaspari, it gives half a reason at least to whatever trouble I'm in," chuckles Raffiano. Listening to the camaraderie, he remains silent and then, slowly, shakes his head, "I fear the one sister most likely to join cause is the least likely to sign a contract. Her services is to the Paragons." Not truly specifying which side of the faith in particular either. "I have no merchants to patrol, unless its to find the merchant that let me take the quince for an apple." Not really. That requires effort he'd rather not spend. "Good eve Signora Carina, and to you Signora Valeria, I should see that family of mine, less they suspect the worse has happened to me. I should well be at the drink at this hour, not loitering on bridges." A grin from him too.

"And I should make my way to Siren's Song" Valeria replies with a nod goodbye and turning to leave. A few steps before she stops and looks back a them both. "To make sure Albrecht is alright, My only reason" she smiles mischievously before she too leaves.

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