(2018-06-01) A Tavern Mix-Up
"You killed our brother!"
Valeria and Albrecht meet at a local tavern. A pair of brothers seemingly think they are responsible for the death of their brother.
June Theme of Mistaken
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Off duty, the Wyvern named Albrecht sits alone at a table in the Wandering Albatross. A serving girl approaches and puts a mug of ale in front of the large man. He waves her away, lifting the mug up to inspect it. Matoran pisswater is what it was. They needed to bring down some good brewers from the north to show them how to properly brew some ale. Sighing, he takes a long pull, eyes scanning the room. On the table, his red cloak has been folded up neatly, and his large two-handed sword is propped up against the table to his side.

Still watching the room, the ventura downs more of his ale. He pays no mind to the two men who seem to be looking at him.

Valeria considers patrolling the streets of rich people on foot a little demeaning. Drinking at an inn like the Wandering Albatross even more so. But she has no choice if she wants to dull her embarrassment. The blonde strides in, still wearing her leather armor, sword at her side. Her pale blue eyes scan the room before she spots Albrecht and offers him an upnod in greeting before walking over. "How can you drink that?" she smirks about his ale before calling out to a serving girl for another two. The cloak is removed and draped over the chair she drops onto with a sigh. "Do you know you are being watched?" she asks in a whisper.

Albrecht lifts his mug to Valeria as she takes a seat at the table. "Evening." He greets, looking at his mug before shrugging. "Drink enough of it and you forget the taste. It's always the first few sips that are the worst anyway. Plus it's cheap. Helps save money for other entertainments." Grinning, he takes another swallow from the ale in his mug then settles in. "Yeah I know about those men. They think I'm from some place that I'm not. Fools. Just because someone is from the Divine Empire doesn't mean we are all the same. What if I asked them if they were, uh…" He squints, trying to think. "What is that city on the other side of the peninsula. Ah Valdona. Yes, if I asked them if they were Valdonans, how do you think they would take it?"

"They look like the kind of guys who take it in ways they shouldn't" deadpans Valeria. "Divine Empire." That still makes her smirk. The thought that some offshoot of her own eternal Empire could think themselves divine in some way. Though her own ancestors are from the far north, like Albrecht. That will explain the blonde hair. "Maybe we should help them with their prejudices?" New ales are plonked on the table, the liquid spilling out a little from the violence of the movement. Then the serving girl is off again, Valeria watching her for a moment. "Other entertainments? Off to Siren's Song again?"

Laughing, Albrecht glances over to the watchers, shaking his head. Finishing off the rest of his ale and putting the mug down on the table he turns to Valeria and nods, "We can go have a little chit chat with them when you've finished yours. And yeah, I like to go to the Siren's Song now and again. You can get into a couple of nice dice games in the lobby, if you're interested in things like that." Lifting a hand, he scratches at one cheek. "Hrm. Reminds me that I still need to bring a couple of the new recruits down there soon. Try and get a few coins off them before they wise up to it. Or before there's any trouble and we have to really work to earn our keep."

"You go to the Siren's Song to gamble?" Valeria has to laugh at that. "I think you missed the point of the place. Though, I suspect, you are gambling with your health with some of them." A mouthful of ale causes her to wince. "Does no one have any wine? Good wine. Not the watered down filth they serve at the Siren." A wry smile for her companion in arms. "Try not to fleece the new recruits too much. They may have to save your life one day." Another mouthful before she pushes her mug away. "Let's crack some heads."

"Yeah, there's a bit of gambling in the front. If you want to gamble with your health, that's in the back." Albrecht says, shrugging. "If you want wine, they might have some. Nothing you would like, I think. The nobles get the good stuff from what I hear." He pushes away from the table, nodding at her suggestion to go crack some heads. "Sounds good."

He leaves his sword and his cloak and makes his way over to where the two men are standing. "Evening." Albrecht offers the two in a friendly enough tone. One of them spits onto the floor but the other speaks. "You're the man who killed our brother." There's anger in his eyes, which confuses the Wyvern.

He looks back to Valeria and shrugs, his expression showing confusion. "I killed who now?" He asks the two men, but the one that had been silent before points a finger at Valeria. "She was there too, she helped kill him too."

Valeria can't help but smile as they stand and wander over to what proves to be two insane men who see things. She raises a curious eyebrow at being accused of being at a murder. "I think you've drunk too much of that rotgut" she says with a nod to their ale. "It's affected your minds. I doubt you even had a brother. You're probably talking about each other." Her brow furrows in thought. "So you two must have been there as well to see such a thing. Why didn't you help your own brother?"

One of the two men staggers forward and tries to paw at Valeria, though he hasn't quite made it far enough to touch her. "I SAW YOU." Spittle flies out of his mouth as he shouts it. Patrons of the tavern nearby go silent and turn to look at the group.

Albrecht sighs and puts a hand on the man's shoulder, only to have his hand pushed away. "What is your brother's name? I haven't had to arrest anyone or put down a bandit in a while. So why don't you tell us…" He voice trails off as the second man puts a finger in his face. "You dare call Mario a bandit!?! You both insult his memory!"

"I can't insult a memory I never had" Valeria deadpans as she wipes spittle off her clothing. "You saw me? Lucky you. I must have been in your dreams ever since." A curious look to Albrecht. "Do you know a Mario? Oh…that should be /did/ you know a Mario?" Her eyes fall on the two drunkards. "If we killed your brother, shouldn't you call for the town watch?"

Albrecht makes a check for Guy 1 punch at 6, he rolled 12.

Critical Success!
Albrecht makes a check for Guy 2 punch at 6, he rolled 6.

Valeria's remarks seem to drive one of the two brothers into a rage and he takes a swing at her. Clearly he's had too much to drink as he staggers and ends up bumping into her instead. The second brother seems furious too, but he doesn't lash out like his brother did. No, he continues to talk. "Mario was our older brother. He was murdered by a man and a woman. Foreigners, that's what we were told." He points to the pair of them as if this explains everything.

Albrecht just shakes his head at the whole situation. "I didn't kill anyone named Mario, and if I had it'd be because they were a criminal." This provokes the second brother, who tries to swing at the Wyvern. Perhaps he's less drunk than his brother because his fist lands square onto Albrecht's nose, cracking it. He grunts and staggers to the side, a hand coming up to his face.

"You son of a bitch." The Wyvern hisses out between clenched teeth. "You just assaulted a Wyvern." At this, the two men blink and stare at the pair, one of them calling the pair liars. Albrecht gestures at Valeria. "Show them." Thankfully, one of the serving girls has come over and handed him a cloth, which he uses to press against his face. Good thing his nose has already been broken.

Valeria makes the drunkard feel better by 'dodging' out of the way but he would have missed all by himself. But then poor Albrecht is copping quite the blow and she has to wince in sympathy. "At least you didn't have any looks to lose" she teases the other Wyvern before nodding to his request and stepping back to the table. "Red cloaks" she explains while also showing off a symbol upon it. "Though the image of the Wyvern maybe a better giveaway. And if you can stop looking at my breasts long enough…" She touches the symbol engraved on the chest of her leather armor. "Or we could show you by beating you senseless and leaving you naked in the stocks."

Albrecht manages to grunt out a laugh. "True enough. Lost those a long while back." He holds the cloth to his face, staring out at the two men. Though it's not like he can manage an intimidating look with a rag pressed to his face. "She's right. You want to take another swing and I'll be reaching for my sword and then you can have a right proper talk with Mario wherever he may be." The words are growled out as he takes a menacing step towards the two. One of the pair takes a step back, but the other holds his ground, though his eyes dart between the two Wyverns. "Are you really?" He stares at Valeria's chest.

Valeria rolls her eyes at the doubting man. "Yes…really" she replies before looking to Albrecht. "This guy is hard to convince" she sighs, "Maybe you should just chop a hand off or something? That will convince him without doing too much damage. Though let him keep his right hand or he'll never know pleasure again." She rests her rear on a table and crosses her arms, pursing her lips in thought. "I think you could do him in…three strokes" she suggests to Albrecht before looking over at the man and offering a 'sweet' smile. "And I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt."

|           Albrecht (STR)            |
|    -----------------------------    |
|               Failed                |
|    -----------------------------    |
|    Attribute: 15     Roll: 18       |

Grunting, Albrecht looks at the two and shakes his head. "Tell you what. We'll let you leave this inn, but I get a swing at this one who swung at me." He gestures to the guy who hit him. "Or we can take you in and you can spend a few weeks in a cell." The guy swallows before nodding. Stepping forward, Albrecht tries to punch the guy, but he takes a staggering step to the side and his fist flies past the man's head and he stumbles into him, cursing. "Guess you're getting off lucky tonight." The two turn and flee the Inn as fast as they can and he's left looking at Valeria, chuckling. "Well this night could have been better."

"Yeah…you could have hit the guy" Valeria replies, quite surprised that Albrecht missed him. "How long have you been drinking?" she asks with a wry smile. "I might have had to update it to four strokes." Pushing away from the table she walks over to him and peers at his broken nose. "Want me to set it?" she asks, gently placing her fingers near his injury.

|         Valeria (FirstAid)          |
|    -----------------------------    |
|               Success               |
|    -----------------------------    |
|    Skill: 8  Mod: 0  Total: 8       |
|    Roll: 6   Status:                |

Valeria's touch is soft. Her fingers warm as they close gently around Albrecht's nose. And then a sudden wrench as she cracks it back into shape. "There you go. All fixed" she winks before wiping the blood off her hand and onto his chest.

Albrecht sits still while Valeria takes care of his broken nose. When it's done, he sucks in a breath through his mouth, nodding. "Thanks for that, and yeah, guess some pain kind of got to me there when I tried to hit him back." He sighs. "Missed a step there. Though better to miss a step now than to do it when surrounded by enemies who are trying to actually kill us." He chuckles, stretching his neck one way and then the other. "At least they didn't pull weapons on us. Things might have gotten nasty in here. Anyway, thanks for having my back with this. I might have to look into this Mario character and see what happened. When I feel like it, I mean."

"My pleasure" Valeria replies before a dubious look at his excuse for missing the guy. "I guess" she agrees…to be polite. "It would have only got nasty for them" she assures him with a pat to his shoulders. "Wyvern stick together. We are a company, of course I will watch your back. You think there is some truth into the drunkard's story? It seems we were /both/ there…unless he has me confused with Carina…and nothing springs to mind. And if they were there to watch his brother being murdered…that sounds more like in the midst of battle rather than an assassination. But I doubt we will see them again."

He nods, scratching the back of his neck as he thinks it over. "I don't think it was a Wyvern. They seem put off when we mentioned who we were with. Might be some of the business with smuggling that seems to have been going on in the city the past few weeks. Could have been messed up in something and then seeing us as foreigners, mistook us for whoever their brother was involved with." Albrecht shrugs, shaking his head. "I don't know, maybe we can find out more, or maybe we'll never see those fools again. All I know is right now I'm done drinking, my head hurts, maybe I'll go to the Siren's Song and gamble on my health."

Valeria nods to Albrecht's assessment of the situation and his plan…such as it is. "Your head hurts from drinking? You need to drink more" she smiles before grabbing her gear. "And how many bastards will this be?" she teases before gesturing for him to lead the way. She may not go inside but she can escort him there at least. When she goes in there it costs her a fortune.

Albrecht snorts, "I doubt there are any bastards of mine running around. Besides, it would be easy enough for one of them to be somoene else's." He starts heading towards the door, walking with her. "I probably do need to drink a bit more later. In a little while, at least." He lets her walk with him to the Siren's Song, he at least doesn't stumble or anything on the way there, which is a positive sign that his brain didn't rattle around too much.

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