(2018-05-30) Offer Offered
Impossible, for evil to form an alliance with good.
Conte di Zanetti brings a proposal to Conte di Sabastino
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Gurian attempts quick negotiations with Enzo

Unexpected it might be. Gurian calls on House Sabastino. Arriving at the front and requesting audiance with the Conte, should they be available. Its not rushed or some strange emergency, only if the Conte had time. Directed to the great hall, the Conte di Zanetti comes in and takes a seat at a wooden table on the main floor of the Great Hall of House Sabastino. He waits patiently, hopeful someone has time. As he passes the time, his hands feel the wood on the table. Maybe a hint of appreciation in the material, he watches his fingers as they trace some of the contour lines left from the grain.
Having gotten the word about the Conte di Zanetti visiting, Enzo makes his way in from the direction of the gardens, offering the man a smile as he sees him. "Conte di Zanetti, welcome to our home," he says, with a polite nod. "How can we be of assistance?" Looking around briefly, he adds, "Some refreshments, perhaps?"

Rising to great the man, Gurian inclines his head briefly, and waits a moment to retake his seat if the other is doing the same. "Some refreshments would be agreeable," he says, "I have come to meet as a fellow memember of the Sacario. I've met with some of the Caroligio recently related to the trouble brewing in Vinchia." A slight nod from the man, "I've begun to think it might be prudent to strengthen ties to fellow Sacario families after speaking with the others." He leaves that open, watching the man for reaction, waiting to see how he might respond.
Enzo nods to one of the servants in the room and the servant departs too get the refreshments, as Enzo moves to take a seat as well. He nods at the words about the trouble brewing in Vinchia, and the part about strengthening ties to fellow Sacario families. "I believe that strengthening the ties to other families are always a good idea, especially to the fellow families of the Sacario," he replies. "Especially with troubles happening nearby, like in Vinchia. Such troubles are bad for trade, but they also have a tendency to spread."

A nod from Gurian, he returns to his seat then as Enzo takes one just the same. Waiting for refreshments, he listens to the other Conte the same. Folding his hands and leaning one elbow on the table nearby. "Precisely that Conte Sabastino. If the Empire arrives closer to home, it would do well that we of the Sacario are prepared ourselves for this matter. I trust our fellow Contes but I imagine they may seek their own gains." A pause, "We have ships to help build your trade, we would be willing to offer such a ship. I admit, I would like something more permanent in such an alliance." A look over at the man, eye to eye, as if meaning something more specific than signed paper, and simple economic trade.
"Especially since that if the Empire arrives closer, that might alter the balance of power in this city as well. So making sure we are prepared to counter that alteration is a good thing." He leans forward in his seat as he hears Gurian's words, as he meets the other man's gaze. "What are you suggesting?" he asks. It's also at this point in time that the servant returns with some wine and cheese for refreshments.

"Exactly that, my friend," says Gurian, though if they actually even know each other enough to be friends is probably in contention, if they know each other at all. As the wine and food arrives, Gurian will give a pause to accept a goblet if offered, inhaling to smell the fresh wine and cheese. "I would gladly pledge what I can in support of Sabastino," he re-affirms, moving to take some cheese as well as its offered. "I have been withholding, but I think an alliance by marriage would show the houses of the Caroligio how united we stand at this time." Straight to the point at least, better or worse. Gurian simply takes a bite of cheese on his full offer being out on the table now.
Enzo takes a sip from his wine as he hears what's said, nodding slowly. "Alliances by marriage tend to show unity and resolve." He takes a piece of cheese as well, as he nods a little. "It's absolutely an interesting proposal," he replies.

A stern nod in agreement from Gurian, that resolve. He takes some more cheese but doesn't eat it just yet. "I leave it to your determination Conte. I do not know what time we have before the houses of the Caroligio make moves related to this issue growing in Vinchia. I can say, they did not stand united in sending observers to Vinchia to report what plans the Lord of Vinchia makes with gathering forces. Perhaps they know already. It has made me cautious to think of how important my fellows of the Sacario are. With my years stacking beneath me, I figure I need not only a similar house, but an outstanding house among our fellows. As Sabastino has shown of late, incurring the boon of this visiting Prince."
Taking another sip of the wine, Enzo smiles, "And we will work hard to ensure we still are seen as such," Enzo replies, before he adds, "I will have to consider your offer, and speak with my family, but as I said, it is a good idea." There's another brief moment of pause, before he adds, "I promise we will have an answer soon."

Taking another drink, Gurian gives a curt nod of his head. "Certainly, Matora is strong now, and we must remain united." Starting to rise, he considers one more piece of cheese but declines by simply not taking it. Taking his gaze from that potential road snack to the Conte himself. "I thank you for the consideration Conte Sabastino. I did not mean to be too forward, I assure you, it is something I have thought long about." Starting to turn, he gives an incline of his head. "I look forward to the response. A pleasure Conte." Giving the man a moment for parting as well, Gurian will turn to leave the home and return to his own.

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