(2018-05-30) Offer Discussed
A quick discussion among siblings.
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Enzo and Arabella discuss futures and alliances.
Alliances and Vinchia
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Letting out a breath, Enzo shrugs a little. "Well, there are some things I'm not sure if I can avoid thinking about," he replies, before he glances around the room again. He pauses for a few more moments, looking a bit thoughtful.

Zayna nods once more and glances off toward the kitchen. Supper would be ready soon, and her body was rolling on its feet. "I should get back to my work." She murmurs, becoming softer in voice and expression. "Let's meet tomorrow for another lesson?" She requests, turning to exit the hall and retreat to the safe haven of the barnyard.

Arabella comes in from the courtyard with a small bunch of flowers gathered in her fist. Wearing the colors of her house, red and silver, she looks rather dainty and happy, if the smile she has is any indication. When she catches the other two there, the smile widens a touch and she approaches. "Enzo!" A hug offered to her brother as well as a warm and friendly smile to Zayna. "How are you both? It is good to see you Zayna."

Enzo pauses as he hears Zayna's words, looking relatively unsure of how to react at the moment. "Yes, another lesson tomorrow sounds good," hee replies. And then Arabella makes her entrance, and he hugs her back. "Hey…" he offers to her, along with a smile. "Not bad. Aside from the fact that the number of things to do seem to grow once you get something done, instead of being reduced." It''s offered rather lightly, before he adds, "And how are you, dear sister?"

"Miss." Zayna offers to Arabella with a nod of her head and smile. "It's good to see you again, as well. If you'll excuse me, the beasts must be put to bed." A few steps back the blonde turns and exits the hall with some haste.

"Oh Enzo, that will be true no matter how often we do things, I suppose." Another hug and Arabella finally releases him. "I am doing well, just coming inside from visiting the market. I picked some wildflowers. I thought they would look lovely in the basin in my room. What do you think? The scarlet vase?"
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Enzo watches as Zayna departs, while being hugged and hugging Arabella in return. He smiles as he looks to those flowers, nodding a bit, "I think they will look quite nicely. You've always had an eye for such things," he replies.

"And how was your day, dear brother?" Arabella watches him watch the ward depart with a curious expression, but mentions nothing of it yet. "Was it a good day?"

"Ah, you know… It was busy, but interesting, and all in all a good day, although there are always things that need to be considered," Enzo replies, offering his sister a smile. "But the most important part of it is that everything seems to be working as it should…" Another glance around the room. "And how was your day, aside from the market visit and the wildflowers?"

"It was a good day. Had some good sales in the market since we started the fine leather and I came up with the sheep milk shampoo, thanks to Isabella. I never got the complete recipe but I talked to someone else and got some ideas for it to be scented. It is amazing and sells fairly well." Arabella gives him a shrewd look and leads him to seat himself, and she seats herself beside where she guides him. "What needs to be considered?"

Nodding as he hears what she says, Enzo smiles. "That is quite good," he replies, as he's being led over to the seats, taking one as he shrugs a little. "The always moving landscape of relations between houses. Both when it comes to politics, trade and… other things, I suppose." There's a pause, before he adds, "I had a visit from Conte Gurian di Zanetti. We spoke of both politics, the chance of us getting access to some of their ships to increase trade, as well as potential for more… permanent alliances."

"Thank you," Arabella beams a smile when he seems to like what she had to say. Though she does fall silent when he falls into the more political, she listens, curious for sure, but interested in the politics of it all as well. "Sabastino is doing fairly well I believe. I am proud of our family." She works to put a face to the name and recalls meeting the Conte di Zanetti once. "He was out by the sea, I remember, with you, Alvise and myself. He helped us write that poem. I suppose that is the one and only time I have met him before. Access to their ships? Their ships have a reputation of being very well built and would surely increase trade for us. What sort of alliances is he wanting in trade?" A tilt of her head, "Something permanent?"

Enzo nods, "We are doing well, which other houses are noticing." There's a brief pause as he offers a smile. "He was. It was an interesting thing, writing that poem together." He nods again as he listens to the rest of what's said. "With the things happening in Vinchia, and how it could impact the balance of power even here, he suggested that a permanent alliance through marriage would be something that would benefiit both Sabastino and Zanetti. No names were mentioned. I told him that while the idea has merit, I would have to speak with the rest of you before any decision could be made."

Leaning her head on his shoulder, Arabella smiles, "Oh, does that mean he has a sister he is offering to you?" Sitting back up, the smile inches up further. "It makes perfect sense, an alliance through marriage. I think it would be very beneficial and would head off any doubts of our political standing as well. What is her name? This sister?" A sly smile finds her features, "Or do you have more interest in the ward for yourself?"

"No names were mentioned, on one side of the other. Now that I think about it, I should probably have asked what exactly he would have had in mind when it comes to that," Enzo replies, before he pauses as he hears that last question, raising an eyebrow. "That…" he begins, before he lets out a bit of a sigh. "I don't know… It's rather complicated, I think." He pauses again, as he looks to his sister once more. "How did you know?"

"Oh Enzo," Arabella wraps her arms around him again. "Then we will make sure it is not you that he intends to marry to someone in his house. Does she feel the same?" She releases him again to lift her eyes to his. "It was only a guess by the way, I did not know for certain, but I saw the way you watched her depart."

Pausing as he's hugged again, Enzo lets out a little breath as he glances around the room once more. "I have been helping her with her reading lessons for a while now. When we were going to start the last one so far, she asked me if a man such as me would ever think of her as someone special…" He goes quiet again, as he adds, "She's a very nice person. And even if she still might seem a bit confused about how certain things are done here, I think she will become a very intelligent lady in time." A brief pause, before he adds, "But I think that before we make any decisions on who's going to marry who and all that, I should have a talk with her and find out what she wants…"

"Or perhaps go and visit your Conte di Zanetti and have him be more precise in his intentions? A sister for Alvise perhaps? I think we should speak with him first, since it is an alliance for the house, and then see what it is she wants. Our house needs should ever be before our own personal ones, do you agree?" Arabella realizes somewhat that she is agreeing that for her own self and future also, should it ever come to it. "Maybe speak with him tomorrow and go from there. Just know I support whatever decision it is that you decide to make."

Enzo nods as he hears those words. "I think I shall retire for the night, and we can discuss it further tomorrow?" he says, before he smiles, "And thank you. Knowing you support me will make it easier to make good decisions. I'm sure I will need the advice from both you and the others often in the times to come."

Rising to her feet, Arabella smiles at him. "You do have my support. Perhaps I could go speak with the Conte tomorrow and find out his intentions and return them to you? Or you and I could go together, which would be better." She brightens, "I would enjoy spending the day together. Perhaps he did not intend it for you, which would leave you free to be with Zanya and you could both be happy then."

Enzo nods as he hears that, offering another smile as he gets to his feet as well. "I'll see you in the morning, dear sister," he offers, with a smile. "I'm sure after a good night's rest, we'll know what to do."

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