(2018-05-26) Soliciting Advice
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Livino meets with House Farro to offer his support.
Siege at Vierguers
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After receiving a letter from Livino, perhaps Vittore had sent along a reply - more in this case an invitation to come and discuss the matters personally than anything of particular content itself. And so, armed with his invitation, the newly-minted Conte arrives and is shown in by a servant, to find Vittore and his wife waiting in the garden, evidently enjoying the weather. There's even a serving table that's been brought out, stocked with wine and a few nibbling bits, cheeses and cured meats and the like. The di Farro Conte rising when his counterpart approaches, and greets him with a smile. "It seems you warrant congratulations on many different accounts these days, Conte di Arbore. Please, join us."
With the festival coming up in just a day or so, Marsilia is happy to have this rare moment of peace where she isn't directing servants about, all carrying baskets of flowers and the like. Curious as she is about the Conte's message, she waits with mild anticipation for the man's arrival while sipping a glass goblet of wine. She only rises once the announcement is made for Livino's arrival, "Yes, please, come and sit."

Despite the fact that they share the same rank, Livino does indeed defer in the Palazzo of Farro and offers a polite bow of his head in greetings to Vittore. "Thank you for the warm wishes, I will be sure to share them with my bride." Despite being married less than a day ago, the Conte knows he has to get back to work. He carries a few parcels with him that he moves to set them on the table. "And thank you for the prompt reply to the request to my missive. Unfortunately, Rossana could not make the meeting - she is still learning the ins and outs of the House. But I will make sure she does make introduction when she can, Conte di Farro."

Waiting for the others to be seated before he takes his own place, Livino lifts his brow in thought. "I had heard rumor tht Farro has taken the lead upon the rebuilding in Vigereus." he offers to the pair. "Which would make sense, considering that you were both present at the forefront of the attack of the Golden Boar. I had hoped to speak with you of providing House Arbore's aid to your efforts."

"Well, I meant also that alongside your marriage and our shared victory, you've also your new title. So it seems a very good time to be you." Which Vittore notes in amused but appreciative fashion. "And yes, I would be very happy to meet your wife a bit more properly some time. Large gatherings are never the best opportunity, but perhaps we could make a smaller evening of it - Marsilia and myself, and the two of you, and I suppose any other close family that might want to come along."

But with those more general pleasantries offered, he turns his mind to the business at hand. At first, he looks thoughtful. "I don't know if characterizing our aid as rebuilding is entirely accurate, since if anything, we've been helping more with food and similar supplies. Those being our family's forte, after all. But yes, I admit it seemed a good opportunity to work with the Barone, since we had already shared those efforts on the field." Here, reaching for a glass, he will take a drink himself. "Do you have a notion of what aid you would provide?"

"Yes, Congratulations on your marriage and, well, everything." Marsilia begins as she takes a sip from her goblet before setting it down. "And becoming the Conte on top of that. This is going to be quite the transitional period for you." Here, her green eyes seem to look deeply at Livino's features, perhaps she is pondering something or other. She then adds on, "I am sure that you are up for the task, even if you believe that you may not be." With those words said, she turns to Vittore and nods in agreement to something which he has said, "Yes, it's difficult to get to know anyone during the many large festivities that are often thrown in the city, so a peaceful evening like this is a splendid thing."

Accepting his own glass, Livino takes a drink after the pair, and considers. "Supplies and goods are things that are needed immediately, yes." he agrees easily, as he weighs the Conte's words, before speaking again, "- however as you said, there has been little done in the way of rebuilding. I have already considered the numbers, and even at best, it would put my house in a temporary debt, but it is my hope that the assistance will not be overlooked, or that I can ask the aid of the other Houses to assist with the payment of the rebuilding effort." he admits quietly. "It is something I plan to approach House Gaspari about first as we have created this new bond with marriage. But I has wised to speak with you first, to make sure such aid would not be turned away and be for naught."

Lifting his gaze to Marsilia, he chuckles slightly. "Aye. It has been.. tasking." he admits to the transition. "However, I have had wonderful support from within the House on the move, and my sorella has been gracious in her offers to make sure myself and the new Contessa are prepared." he responds to her before he glances his blue eyes towards the wine and swirls it in the glass before taking another sip. "And yes, social engagements can sometimes be anything but." he admits wryly.

"Well, just from a general perspective on business, I would caution that loans of any kind are always something to be taken on with care," Vittore counsels, his tone even. "Though I would expect your new marriage-allies would offer you good terms." There is a hint of a smile at this, although his words do conjure up certain imagery, of lender and debtor. "My one concern is that, well, I am somewhat cautious of the idea of the Barone being overwhelmed if his small town suddenly becomes another battleground, now of squabbling and backstabbing Matoran houses instead of pillaging unpaid Ventura." A pause. "You understand what I mean, yes? But your help would be quite welcome, I think, especially because you have architectural and engineering experience well suited to the problem. And I would certainly recommend you highly to the Barone, if he has not heard already of your tremendous aid in the battle from his steward. But I would prefer that we not proceed to invite too many others into the mess after that."

While there is something of an overly cautious sense to all of this, the paranoia lessens as the talk turns to lighter subjects of feasting and the like. "And now we have another round of it, with the upcoming festival. I hope the jovial nature of this one might keep things a little lighter, as compared to the feasting of political refugees and strange foreign bodyguards that we have enjoyed so far. Sometimes it is nice just to enjoy our own local traditions and not worry so much for every other part of the world, no?" But then again, that being said, he immediately pivots, "As we must for this upcoming council session."

"With the destruction done to the walls protecting the city and many of the structures due to both warfare and fire, your assistance would be a great help to the city, Conte." Marsilia says in a light tone as she remembers witnessing the attempted sacking of that place." Taking up an apple, she takes a small bite out of it after she finishes her statement. "Let us hope that nothing more plagues them anytime in the near future before they have this chance to rebuild." She then quiets down to listen in on her husband's more cautious words, enjoying a sip of wine in the meantime.

"Of course, I have no complaints about this particular festivity," Despite spending so much time and effort on convivial preparations, "It will be nice to partake in a little light competition between families. The 'building' of towers is always a delight to witness and take part in. I wish the best for you and yours during these festive times."

"Yes.. I had no plans to offer others - I feel you are the point on this, but I know if we can have…" Livino latches onto the word, "…yes.. aid. I do not want Vigeuers to be a political battleground more than anything else, it deserves to be rebuilt. Considering that I had to use the rubble of one of their businesses in order to properly arm the baliste in the counter-attack."

Drawing in his breath, the young man wrings his hands together. "I admit, this is usually my sister's court. And while I may not make a very good human tower - I can design and build one that will stand the ravages of the storm, no matter what form it may partake. If you may - I will offer a build team and designs from Arbore to assist in the reconstruction effort. It will be under your direction, of course, but I realize that this is the time for us to coe together - especially in light of the build up as of late along the border."

Snagging some of the cheese, Livino sets down the glass. "As for asking the Gaspari for the loan - considering the current issues of finance between them and another House, I do not wish to open that wound further. There is other houses I can build relations with, and do plan to speak with. But as Vigeuers is directly affected by Farro, I wished to ask your permission first."

"Yes. I like the idea of a partner because it means the town will do better, sooner - I would not claim we have the resources to handle the whole of it ourselves," Vittore admits. "But by keeping it a smaller-scale project, we can guarnatee that it proceeds efficiently, without breaking down into process of squabbling and competing itnerests." He looks quite satisfieds that Livino's thinking seems in line with his in that regard. "Your loans and such are your business, of course, but I'd hope you not need to share too much with them about why you need what you need, I suppose? Again, to keep this affair free of excess complications."

Then, tapping his finger, he obviously rests on a further point but considers briefly how to present it. Though it turns out his counterpart makes it easy. "You hit on the larger point, exactly. This isn't really just about Viergues," he admits. "It is a border town and so it has relevance to both its native province and the neighboring one. Both of these being neighbors in turn to Matora. I have in mind longer term goals to build alliances in these places, and particularly in this case work through the Barone with the Duca of Torone. I want to build up business in these places, both for the sake of it and for mutually strengthening what are essentially buffers for us against neighboring provinces."

"As it stands, I am new Conte in a House where the former Conte paid very little attention to the business side of things." Livino is allowing the pair to draw their own conclusions - they may know better at the moment, but that is the official line he plans to present. "I know that a large scale project may not offer much in the way of assistance for either of us. I do not plan to share the reasons for asking for the assistance, other than to suggest that Arbore is working to build itself into the position it should be in, considering the recent action along the borders."

"Considering the buildup of Ventura and Vinchia at Nieuwerode, we should be prepared for anything- even if this is just a show of force to push the Duca to consider joining the fold. I have already offered my aid - what little we can muster - to the situation." Downing the rest of the wine after the thought, he frowns. "However, I do believe we are in agreement. I will assure you that assistance from Arbore will be done under the auspices of House Farro, and any buildup of equity towards such will not be mentioned as directly to aid Viergues."

With a nod at the last, Vittore seems happy enough with where they've arrived in all of that. Though he frowns somewhat at the discussion of the situation in Vinchia. "Yes, the military situation is another whole layer of trouble," he admits, sounding put-upon. "I'm not certain when the Council will meet, but we'll need to vote soon on hiring our own Ventura. Torone is a very likely battlefield, so it seems wise to be doing some legwork there ahead of time." Here he somewhat switches topics, taking a sip between thoughts. "Have you reviewed the council agenda? I was curious if you had any particular thoughts on the items outside of troops for our immediate defense. There's a few foreign matters, although it seems clear we'll not be able to afford dealing with all of them."

There's a sigh as Livino rubs the back of his head. "Would you be too put-off if I admit that I have not had much of a chance to peruse it considering what all has been placed on me in the last week?" He would try to sound bemused, but it comes across as apologetic. "However, on first blush I would suggest the Gaddiel Company for the border build up if we plan to address the Masud." he points out. "Avicorse can wait," that part is said dryly - there's no love from Livino there. As for the Reverend.. I am still considering that, as it's secondary considering the other two issues. How do you feel?"

Allowing the men to discuss their business, Marsilia realizes that they've moved onto Head of House issues and this truly piques her interest. There is very little that she can add, not having read the assembly agenda herself, but what she can do is listen. Except when the topic of Avicorse comes in and she has to ask, "Avicorse?" But she doesn't push into speaking out much further than that. More than likely, if she has further inquiries, she will ask them in private.

Vittore laughs a little at Livino's admission. "I wouldn't be put-off, nor surprised. You've had a busy couple of weeks, between battles, marriage negotiations, and now the ascension to your house leadership. That's a great deal for any man to deal with without being a little overwhelmed." He shakes his head. "By all means, take your time with it, and mull it all over properly. Although between our various families and allies, we might construct a decent enough voting bloc, for instance." And as Livino does offer his thoughts on a few of the options, he nods. "I am not sure about the larger investment for the more expensive company, at least if we can assume the Gaddiel company would be up to the task."

And then he smirks. "Certainly, I think Avicorse is a bit beyond our current affairs. The issue with the Kataro is an interesting one. They are not particularly an enemy or an ally, but the Prince has made them into one, exile that he is? So that probably bears discussion and perhaps an examining of evidence. If we do commit to it, of course, we ought be sure to fund it properly." Though here, he will lend some details to the issue less heavily considered. "The Reverend Matre is an import figure for the Paragon faith. Considering we have learned of some moves by the Divine Empire to send its own religious luminaries… it may be important to offer her whatever support we can."

"I would hope that a man of the faiths of the Three would be willing to forgive a House that is having to use what it can to assist with rebuilding and preparing for defense…" Livino sounds hopeful, at least, before nodding. While Marsilia asks on Avicorse, Livino offers no answer. Not his place in the grand scheme of things. "But yes, I will see what we may offer. However, I do thank you for the guidance and suggestions and look forward to you in the future."

"Oh, I didn't mean you personally. And that might be a contentious vote, given the political divisions in the city," Vittore admits. "I can undersand, given your new marriage, it is one you might not wish to leap onto as a champion cause. But I'm hopeful we can find at least some funding for her visit in the city coffers." It seems a matter he's not gravely worried over, at any rate. And with all of that said, he nods, offering a more friendly smile now that all the more grim elements of business are behind them. "I'm glad we can work together. Hopefully we can find a time soon for our families to mingle a bit, as well. Until then, safe travels. He'll rise as the other man is ready to depart, offering an arm to his wife, and walk with him on the garden paths until they are at the door.

Rising, Livino chuckles and offers a nod of approval. "I look forward to it as well. Thank you for the wisdom, advice, and companionship." he offers, accepting the escort and a few more moments of small talk before he's on his way.

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