(2018-05-24) Shelter from the Storm
A group of nobles seek shelter at Cafe du Monde before the Gaspari Fashion House Opening
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Sheltering a sudden spring rain, a group of nobles meet at Cafe du Monde.
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One of those brief spring storms has sent those running for cover in various directions. Ducking into the cafe from the weather outside, Livino shakes off the coat he used to cover himself from the sudden downpour, giving a glance over his shoulder as he steps aside in case the door swings open. Removing the coat, he finds a place to hang it as he takes in the tables for one to join.

There are a large number of people going hither and fro in the Cafe and neighboring Fashion House today. All preparing for the night's festivities. Garden, herself, is present. She's in one of her more standard gowns. One can assume she'll likely be wearing a piece to help show off later on, but right now? She's just working. Settled in the corner at a table, reviewing a few fabric samples while sipping at a glass of wine.

Caught within that same downpour is yet another who follows Livinio into the cafe, the door opening just as he steps aside to hang his coat. The light shawl she holds over her head is no match for the rain, so the young woman that steps within is a little damp as well. With only her handmaid accompanying her, she glances at the other young woman, "I was not expecting that…" Dressed in a simple gown of light blue, it would appear the young lady was out shopping, evident by the few small wrapped packages that sit in the basket the handmaid holds.

The rain hasn't sent Izar running, she has instead casually made her way towards the cafe and fashion house with as much dignity as she can muster, using as many potential overhangs between point a and b as she can. However, by the time she's arrived the hem of her dress looks like it has been drug through the mud, her hair is a tragic mess, and she's more than just a little damp.

|         Livino (Recognize)          |
|    -----------------------------    |
|               Failed                |
|    -----------------------------    |
|    Skill: 3  Mod: 0  Total: 3       |
|    Roll: 17  Status:                |

The two.. three women entering the shop causes Livino pause before he offers a polite bow of his head towards Giorgina and her handmaiden, unsure of which one is the noble of the pair. Izar's entrance causes the young man to politely smile, however. She, he does recognize. "Signoria Izar. Are you excited for the opening tonight? I had hoped Rossana to attend, but I think she is speaking of some tradition about not being seen around other cloths before her wedding or something…" he shrugs his shoulders. The wife to be believes heavily in brutta and visiante, and he's not going to fault her that.
|        Giorgina (Recognize)         |
|    -----------------------------    |
|               Fumble!               |
|    -----------------------------    |
|    Skill: 5  Mod: 0  Total: 5       |
|    Roll: 20  Status:                |

Turning away from her handmaid as the door opens behind them both, Giorgina makes quick work of stepping aside to allow Izar to step inside as well. "Do forgive.." The excuse is offered quietly with a smile, though with some curiosity, she listens to the greeting given by the young man that stands nearby. Amber eyes look between Livino and Izar a moment as she turns to see a table that she might lay claim to, distracted by her handmaid before she could even begin to attempt to put names to faces.
|         Garden (Recognize)          |
|    -----------------------------    |
|               Failed                |
|    -----------------------------    |
|    Skill: 5  Mod: 0  Total: 5       |
|    Roll: 15  Status:                |

"This one," Garden finally offers quietly to one of the girls who handles the sewing. She looks up as people enter, seeming a little surprised. The place is, after all, not ''quite'' ready for the evening's festivities. Two of them she knows, the other — Giorgina — not so much. Even so, she rises to her feet after another sip of wine and makes her way towards Livino and Izar. "Iz," she greets her sister with mild amusement, "you're just giving Benedicte all the more reason to force you into one of his creations."

"I am so very excited." Izar replies, flashing a slightly sleepy smile to Livino before her mouth twists down into a sad frown, "She is not coming? That is terrible! I'm sure that we could have worked something out that could have kept her from being seen…or something." She shakes her head, looking momentarily uncertain of her own suggestion. She glances towards Giorgina when she offers her apologies, laughing softly, "Hardly any need for that." When her sister approaches she bats her eyes at her innocently, "Now that sounds underhanded of me."

"Contessa." A smile is offered to Garden as she approaches and Livino warms slightly. "I do believe that the dress has already been provided for her and she may be spending the evening with my sorella." he respondes to Izar. Because that won't turn out bad, right? Giorgina is turned to and Livino handles the introduction. "My apologies, signora, I do not recognize you.. I am Livino di Arbore, this is Contessa Garden di Gaspari and her sister, Izar."

Giorgina turns as someone speaks, a smile remaining upon her lips as she looks over to Livino. His name is recognized then, and she ohs, "It is a pleasure to put a face to your name. I am Contessa Giorgina di Fiscella." A neighbor of sorts. To both of the Gasparis, she dips her head, "A pleasure to make both of your aquaintances as well." She doesn't introduce the handmaid who sits off to the side with the packages. "There is an event later?" She'd heard that much.

"As if he needed much excuse," Garden offers with a hint of amusement to her voice. She does give Izar a gentle sort of hug; avoiding becoming damp herself! It's always a terrible pain for silk and embroidery to dry out properly. The Avicorsan woman turns a bit to Giorgina as introductions are made, tilting her head slightly. "Welcome. And yes, there is. Hence the-" she waves a hand slightly behind her, where people are preparing tables. Most of the work is inside the fashion house next door, but there's plenty in the cafe, too! "The official opening."

"Pleased to meet you." Izar smiles at Giorgina, any attempt at a curtsey is interrupted by the hug from her sister, returned carefully to prevent any wetness spreading.
"My apologies at not recognizing you, Contessa." Livino offers in apology to Giorgina. "Yes, the fashion house is opening and tomorrow they celebrate a marriage - there are plenty of blessings for the Gaspari as of late." he nods over towards Garden at that, before he goes to settle down at a nearby table so that the women may claim the other table. "I am just pleased to share in those blessings. But as you are Contessa.. perhaps I can arrange to discuss other business with you both - as well your husband, Garden."

Giorgina waves a hand, dimissing Livino's apology, "I have only come to the city late last eve from home.." And likely not seen much before then since her father's death. Hearing of all that is going on, she ohs, "My congratulations to House Gaspari then." Words offered to Garden and Izar.

"We celebrate a marriage?" Garden laughs gently, moving towards a chair and waving one of the servants to bring over some wine. "Says the man to be wed himself. If anything, Arbore is having the greater celebration. We lose someone and you gain, yes?" She looks amused all the while. To Giorgina, she offers: "There will be people arriving before terribly long for the event itself. You are, of course, more than welcome to remain. Perhaps see some familiar faces."

"I suggest staying, it will be fully worth it." Izar suggests, her hands lifting to try and straighten up some of her hair, "Which, if there are people that are arriving soon, I should probably go find my cousin to see if I can convince him I'm not a fashion lost cause."

There's a chuckle in response from Livino. "Arbore gains a Contessa, I gain a wife. However, I also gain a relationship with a strong family. I believe that we both have reason for celebration.." Settling in place at the table, he nods towards Giorgina and considers. "Fiscella.. that is textiles, no?" the new Conte asks, "Perhaps it would give you a chance to see some of the foreign cloth that Gaspari has access to?"

"If one may stay without an invitation?" Giorgina does ask, though there's likely one back in their palazzo in the stack of messages that await her in the study to deal with. Finally taking a seat, she glances between the sisters, then to Livino, nodding at his question, "Yes, we deal with textiles." There's a light that comes to her gaze at mention of those foreign fabrics that Gaspari may have used in their fashions.

"Do you now? Benedicte will surely wish to speak with you. We're bringing in what a fair bit from Avicorse and the Eastern Empire right now, but we intend to expand. Anywhere our trading interests lie, after all." And Gaspari's teach in trade is fairly extensive! "But you are of course welcome and welcome to peruse what we have available this evening."

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