(2018-05-21) Zanetti Recruits
Great vision without great people is irrelevant.
Part I of Zanetti recruiting to hopefully find a lost shipment of wood planks.
Debt recovery plot for Zanetti
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A brief review of the details that Gurian knows, as the two members of the Wyvern Guard seeking employ for this mission ask questions to help with any such investigation into the matter.
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The Crier directs current interest towards the Tessuto Piazza. There, one is directed to a small table near the lower areas, a quiet place to join the atmosphere while avoiding the majority of foot traffic through the Piazza. There is Conte Gurian. Seated alone, but a house guard is near by on another terrace. There is some bread and fruit on the table, as if an offering to any that would visit with him, as well a caraffe of what appears to be Queen's Rose, identified by the cherry red coloration of the liquid they hold. He has himself one such cup of the drink that he is slowly working on himself, and a few extra cups gathered as if to be hospitable. There is a young child there, one of the criers, returning from a run. The Conte listens and nods as the young boy speaks, then the boy is paid a few small coin and given more instruction. The boy darts up the stairs form that lower terrace, two at a time, and proceed out of the Piazza, announcing agina, "Zanetti is hiring. The Conte seeks abled bodies." And a few other choice words as the boy looks to those interested to direct back towards that table the Conte has claimed.
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Not that Carina recognizes the man in particular herself, but the name Zanetti is one of the great houses. Approaching the kid, she glances around and waits just long enough for the kid to direct her back towards the table the Conte had claimed. When she inquires and is directed there as well, she gives a nod and makes her way down to the lower terrace with a casual stroll. The wine is noted, as is most everything else, but it's the Conte she addresses. "Conte Zanetti? I trust you are hiring?"

Having lifted a hand out for that drink of his, Gurian looks up and nods to the woman approaching. "Good day Signora, I am hiring." With an affirmation, his free hand sweeps to offer a seat for her to join him (join #4). "Please, join me for food and drink. I'd be glad to discuss why I am hiring." He stands a little, to accept a guest at the table, "I am glad there is interest, I am worried of course." Which could be odd? Why Worry? There is little known about why he is hiring. As she joins, hopefully, or waves the offer aside, he returns to his seat, making room on the table itself.
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Carina sits at the table. Lower Terrace Table.

Upper Terrace (#1) has 6 empty places.
A lovely terrace giving the best view of the Tessuto Piazza but with limited room. It is generally claimed quickly during events in this piazza.

Small Fountain Alcove (#2) has 2 empty places.
A quiet alcove to escape the busy piazza. It is adorned with a lion's head from which flows water into a small alcove. A favorite spot of lovers, it is said one can toss in a Matori to make a wish. There are a few coins in the fountain now.

Landing Between Stairs (#3) has 4 empty places.
A centrally located landing that adjoins to stairs between terraces. There is a lovely bench as well, allowing for a brief break to enjoy a quiet moment amongst the flutter in the piazza.

Lower Terrace Table (#4) has 3 empty places.
One of the lower points in the piazza. This table is well shaded for someone seeking a quiet, cool place to converse and perhaps enjoy some of the food offered about the Tessuto Piazza.
Present are: Gurian and Carina.
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Carefully sliding into her seat, careful because of her sword at her hip, Carina nods to accept the offer of food and drink, glad to take the freebies where she could. "Of course, Conte, thank you." Settled down, she's not currently wearing her cloak since she is off duty. She does study him rather openly. "I am interested in finding out the reason for your hiring. And possibly why you worry as well."

Sitting up a little more as he returns to his seat this time, Gurian focuses on compnay and the conversation. "It relates to a long standing boatman of mine," he begins, drink and fruit with a hand, but not moving to poor or serve at all. As if that was beneath him. Then he quiets more, speaking about the matter at his table, settling in more as he turns to face Carina more directly.

At the table, Gurian continues more quietly, explaining some more of the detail. "It was his shipment of planks, running a skiff down the Merzia from the mills at Pario. A small town in my district." Most likely for the mills. "He's always been on time with the shipments, and his family has worked for several generations for the Zanetti. I would like this shipment recovered." Of course, as almost an afterthought, "And Signore Jacomo located, so his family will know of his safety." Assuming the man is safe of course.

The sound of booted feet descending a stair well between terraces can be heard as Wyvern Company makes rounds to keep the piazza safe.

At the table, Carina doesn't reach for the drinks to serve either, not at the moment. What she does do is listen, head tilting to the side marginally. "So your shipment is missing and we're to find it." There's a flicker of her eyes as she recognizes he was putting the safety of the man as last. "Do you have any ideas on where to start?"
At the table, Gurian gives a slow nod of his head to her words, in agreement. "Yes, find the shipment, I wish to know what has happened to it." The context of mind forgotten in the moment at least. Though the boatman's safety could be a bonus, or not. Setting his cup of Queen's Rose down on the table, he considers. "I believe starting at Pario might be good. To see when he left with the wood. But, aside from that, I can only imagine somewhere along the river itself." Shifting just a little, "I wouldn't know where to look for such signs. Maybe one could spot on the banks, something large enough to carry that much wood out of the water. Or of something happened in the river .. well, I don't know what signs one would look for to spot a sunking skiff like that."
At the table, Carina nods slowly, "I'm up to the task of tracking it down and finding what happened to it and possibly even recovering it, as long as there are others you are hiring as well." She glances out when the Wyvern Company pass, some of the mercenaries, before looking back to the Conte. "Fairly certain the contents were too valuable to allow it to sink without trying to at least save some of the cargo. We'll look for signs."
A steward of noble children intones, "Get off that ledge, your father would kill me."

The conversation continues at the table in that lower terrace. Criers still move about the city, pointing the way to others seeking potential employment, even if on a limited scale. Gurian is content to meet with anyone, and the Queen's Rose along with the fruit offering remains mostly untouched. He is drinking his drink, it does not appear that Carina has taken any of the offerings. Perhaps establishing a professional relationship with the Conte of Zanetti.

At the table, Gurian nods to Carina, "I am willing to hire more, whatever it takes." Short of losing money onthe deal, but a couple days wages compared to the entire shipment is agreeable as needed. "We've a large ship to complete and the planks are greatly needed." He doesn't mention its part of his debt as a noble to Matora itself. "I think you're right, too valuable and the wood should of been cured enough to not take on water to easily if the ship ran into troubles. I don't recall hearing of planks floating through Matora recently. I'm sorry I have little more to go on, this is as perplexing to me as well. I can say we've had no squabble with neighbors of late, so can't imagine another family took the wood."

Carina doesn't touch the food or drink as of yet, she just remains in quiet conversation at the table with the Conte, perhaps making plans for what he is hiring for.
A crier moves about the terraces, informing of a new arrival of shipments from overseas and just arrived in the docks at a local vendor.

At the table, Carina considers what he says before inputting. "There has been a lot of smuggling of late. I was with a group before and we caught a band of smugglers. However some with a skiff got away. I'm willing to bet it may be some of the same operation. If not, there's plenty of other ways to catch smugglers. It may be something more nefarious than a shipwreck and if it was stopped along the banks somewhere for the wood to be taken, then we'll notice the marks on the land. THat's a lot of wood to go missing to disappear with."
At the table, Gurian reaches for some fruit and slices off something to eat. He does offer some to Carina this time, as he's already lifted the dagger to cut his own. "That is my hope, it has to be some where between Matora and my district to the northwest. There is a good 15 miles of river to the mills. Some utilized by Necchi mills, but other than that," he shrugs, putting the dagger down. "Plenty of room for it to disappear. If the boat was taken, we'd have word of it sailing back beyond Pario. It would be recognized here along the river by our dock workers. I can only suspect it was taken by wagon maybe?" He takes a bite, whether she's joining him to eat or not.
A clatter of voices rises above the din of noise in the piazza, giving it a moment of clarity to be heard by others and yet it is drowned again in the constant flutter of voices and noises of the piazza.

It takes a (really long!) while before Apollonio is able to answer the call for assistance which he heard discussed among the other Wyvern types. He was on horse patrol, keeping eye on the outskirts of the city for any ne-er-do-well sorts and unfortunately found nothing of interest. In fact, it has been a long and boring day in his eyes, so once he is relieved of his duties, the first thing he does is make his way to the location noted on the posting. With the piece of parchment in hand, looking very much like a want ad, the soldier from Savo enters the busy the marketplace, still dressed in full patrol armor and sans his horse. While he isn't quite sure what this Conte looks like, he knows a fellow Wyvern when he sees one, so immediately moves towards the table in which Carina is seated. He looks from her then to the person whom she speaks with and not wanting to err on the side of foolishness, he asks in an almost formal tone, "I heard that there was a Conte di…" His eyes lower back to the parchment, "Zanetti, looking for some assistance with possible bandits."
A wind whips through the piazza, sending some of the hanging cloth to flap wildly for the moment before it settles down once more.
At the table, Carina reaches out for a piece of the fruit when it is offered and regards the Conte a moment before taking the bite, a nod of thanks from her. "I would prefer not taking point on this alone, but I can easily manage to work with others and take point on some of the investigations." She nods at the mention of the ship, the docks and the fact it didn't just disappear. "We can search along the banks and make that determination." She looks up at the latest arrival and offers a nod. "Another one of my company."

Carina takes a piece of the offered and freshly sliced fruit from the dagger of the Conte while making quiet conversation at the table. As one from her company arrives, she looks up and offers a nod, sliding over to leave room, but leaving it to the Conte himself to clarify he had found the right place.

Listening to something Carina says at the table, Gurian nods and looks up to the latest arrive. "Good day Signore," he intones to the man who has just arrived. "I am Conte Gurian di Zanetti. I am seeking assistance, please, if you care to join us." He waves to the table (join #4), and indicates some fruit and drink in the form of Queen's Rose, noticeable by the cherry color of its contents. "Your compatriot?" A slight nod to Carina, perhaps something she just said, "And I were just discussing the details. The more on this matter, the more confident I am we may find the culprit, hopefully just bandits and nothing worse." Like a plot against his house.
Apollonio sits at the table. Lower Terrace Table.
At the table, Apollonio bows lightly to the seated Conte before joining the pair at the table. "Thank you." He says of the gesture to sit. A quick glance is given the table setup with all of its delicacies and drink and as he is off-duty, he doesn't object in partaking of the same. So as he reaches for a goblet of rose, he makes his own introduction, "I am Apollonio Pavoni, of Wyvern Company, yes. Thieves and bandits seem to be plaguing the city as of late, but we've tried to keep an eye around the permiters."
At the table, Carina gives a nod to Apollonia as he joins in and she gives him plenty of space at the table. Belatedly, she offers her own name, "Carina Asulf, Conte. I am also of Wyvern Company."
A steward of noble children intones, "Get off that ledge, your father would kill me."
At the table, Gurian takes it all in stride, the man taking the drink himself and any food if he gets to that. A nod to both, "I've given Carina some details to go on, she is glad to help as well. It is a lost shipment of planks, we have a large ship in the works and this lost shipment puts us back a few weeks. The only info I can offer is that it is somewhere between the mills of Pario in our district and the city here. I cannot say otherwise that someone took special interest in Zanetti affairs or not. Only that we are at a loss in this matter and it is humbling to ask for such help. I would not notice enough to track where this lumber may have gone." He reaches for some sliced fruit himself, daily business and he's casually enjoying the offerings himself.
At the table, Apollonio enjoys himself some spirits on this downtime, all the while listening attentively to the information given. "The mills of Pario." He repeats the location as a task in memorization. "And this occurred a few days ago, within the week?" While the sweet fruity offerings are tempting, the drink is enough to satisfy him for now. "There's already been one case of Vindicti as of late, but as no one House has issued you a challenge, I guess it's same to assume that this is not the case." Looking to Carina now, he offers, "We can check the area that you mentioned and see what we find out."
At the table, Carina gives a nod. "Not only the planks, but the entire ship, and the trusted captain, if I'm understanding right. It would take quite an operation to do it, but there's been some known smuggling in the city of late. Some I've caught and dispatched with others in the company as well as a few nobles who were seeking them. It seems as if some of the houses are being targeted for their resources." A nod to Apollonio, "I think we look for marks beside the river to see what there are, if anything has been taken there would surely be evidence."
At the table, Gurian his nods indicate agreement on the both sides, or from both members of the Wyvern Guard. "Exactly that. Its only been within the week, hopefully is there are signs they remain fresh to be detected." ANd then to Carina, "ANd yes, the entire ship and captain are missing. He is trust, his family has made the shipments for several generations for Zanetti. He is reputable and trusted, I am sure his family is concerned for his where abouts as well. I hope no one has decided to target Zanetti, for their sake, I would gladly invoke Vindicti it this were the case." A slight pause, he lifts his goblet but doesn't yet drink from it, "Perhaps this investigation will let us know if this is such a course. My primary concern is the missing ship and my time line for completion of the current ship in the yard."
At the table, Apollonio arches a brow at this new relayed by Carina and then confirmed by the Conte himself. "Kidnapping on top of theft? Hopefully, nothing worse than that when we find the culprits." His boyish features turn all the more grim, "I can't see them keeping any hostage alive, unless they need the Captain for something else. However, while, I will say to not get your hopes up about the man's life… we will do all that we can try to get your goods back, your ship back and the captain if he still breathes." Making a side comment, he murmurs, "When Vindicti is in play, things get a little busier for us. Mainly to ensure that nothing is getting too out of hand."
A wind whips through the piazza, sending some of the hanging cloth to flap wildly for the moment before it settles down once more.
At the table, Carina mostly listens and finally finishes off the fruit she'd been given, but she'd not taken of the wine this time. "Yeah same, unfortunately. Unless the man had something to do with it, or someone is seeking a random. Otherwise maybe they'd have heard something by now if there were a ransom." She leaves it at that and looks prepared to stand if the meeting were over.

At the table, Gurian takes a drink and looks to Apollonio. "Yes, I do not mean to make more work, but this has a larget affect on Zanetti beyond a simple shipment." Probably why he's hiring and not complaining to the Council or guard in general. "I thank you both for assitance, we can meet at my home in the city here in a few days, square away provision you may need for this." A look to Carina, ready to leave, "I do not suspect either way what may have happened for him, but if there is a ransom." He lets it trail off, as if he might consider, though its clear Gurian's priority is the shipment over the man, followed by the boat even. "I should return to my house, I thank you both for your time." He'll move to stand too, if they have nothing else, and wave a hand to nearby Zanetti help, to clean up the table. If they are parting, he will offer a nod of his head to the two interesting in helping with the lost chipment before turning himself to leave as well.

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