(2018-05-20) Gathering of Gaspari's
"This wine has the body of a malnourished waif"
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The Gaspari's gather to discuss the upcoming wedding and opening of the fashion house.
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Servants have arranged benches and chairs into a circular shape in the center part of the room. Tables have been arranged between them, each table containing a small platter of small fruits and cheeses for the gathered people to snack upon. Cosimo sits at what could be considered the 'head' of the circle, seated in a fancy chair. As family members gather and are shown their seats by servants, he offers them each a smile and a nod. Each person is also given a glass of wine a few moments after being shown their seat.

Once everyone has gathered, he leans forward in his chair. "Welcome, welcome. I will try and keep this brief as I know so many of you are busy." He glances around the gathered Gaspari's and their guest. "Also, please give a welcome to Livino. Which is nice that he was able to make it as Rossana will be joining his house in rather short order." He turns to Rossana, flashing her a smile. "That wedding is going to be important for both of our houses. Which brings me to the matter of our Vindicti with House Albrici. This will not have any impact on the wedding or our plans for the wedding. Myself, Lorenzo and Salvatore are handling this particular bit of business and will continue to to do. Garden, her family, and a few others have a wonderful new project that they have been working on as well. So despite this little vindicti, there are wonderful things happening right now with the family."

He lifts his glass of wine and takes a sip. "First, let us discuss this wedding. Livino or Rossana, do you two have any further wishes or desires? Or does anyone have any ideas about what we might do to make this celebration even grander?"

When she is shown in to a seat, and handed a glass of wine, Izar makes that wine vanish in rather short order before her attention starts to stray around the room. It's only when her sister and that project is mentioned that she glances towards Garden, offering her a quick smile as a sort of quiet congratulation on the new venture.

Salvatore grabs a few bits of cheese as he takes his seat, popping one bit in his mouth as he sprawls in the chair in his usual manner. Which means one leg is probably over the arm rest because what's ettiquette? Of course there's wine, why wouldn't there be wine. He accepts the glass with a small nod towards the servant. He pops another piece of chese in his mouth, settling in to listen quietly until his opinion is actually needed. Needed, not asked for, there's a difference. But as for weddings, it's probably best he's remaining silent for now.

It's to Cosimo's right that Garden has settled herself, dressed in one of her more simple gowns. Blue, with a heavy amount of the Gaspari emerald green in the embroidery. The coat is weighed by similar silken, embroidered panels and all belted to remain in place. Her hair is in a more loose style, falling around her neck and shoulders, though some is drawn up and around the pearls woven into it. She has her own wine and a small array of fruits and cheese. She looks from Cosimo as his introduction finishes, glancing to Livino and Rossana both.

Lorenzo is greeted by one of the house servants upon entering and shown the way to an empty seat. He grabs a few berries on the way and sets a leatherbound book on the table in front of him before sitting. Leaning back, he adopts a more or less casual posture as a glass of wine is set before him and the meeting begins. He, too, is silent for now as the focus shifts to the wedding. As it does, he looks to Rossana and Livino and flashes the pair a smile, lifting his glass to take a first sip of wine.

Led in by Rossana, Livino is wearing a warm smile that offsets the muted colors of Arbore that he is wearing. Moving to settle Rossana in her seat next to him, he offers a bow of his head to Cosimo. "It is my honor to have accepted your invitation and your recent negotiation for my marriage." he offers politely before he chews on the inside of his mouth. "If there is anything that House Arbore can offer to assist in soothing over your vindicti with the Albrici, I will hope that you will let myself or Rossana know." How does he speak so bravely of this offer?

"There has been recent changes in the Arbore household. My sister and brother both have both stepped and abdicated from ny claim upon the Household of Arbore. As such.. I have been installed as Conte - and Rossana, after our wedding, will be Contessa. Elizabetta has agreed to be my Regent should something happen, however, Rossana will always bee provided for, and our futures will always be entertwined due to this gift and contract."

"…now, on to the wedding? I have been working around the clock to prepare, however, I believe Rossana would like to speak on the matter further?" His hand reaches to take the future Contessa's hand to give it a fond squeeze.

Rossana looks happy. She just looks really happy when she enters with her arm in Livino's. It seems at least this match is taking well and strong. "Hi!" She says in her usual cheerful and bright fashion. The smile she gives her family shows off her dimples. As they settle in she greets Garden and natters about fittings and girlish things having to do with dresses. Mostly commenting on the Contessa's own. Rossana is wearing a simple turquiose gown with a gold belt and embroidery that is even simpler than Garden's.

As the meeting starts she is happy enough to sip her wine. When the attention is directed to her by Livino she finds herself chuckling. "Well…in an effort to show a bit of both of us and celebrate that, we've decided to have a more festive reception. A tournament," But not a Tournament, "With jousting, swordplay, some hired entertainment, and the thing I admit sounds the most enjoyable which is the miniature catapults Livino is making. Every table will have a few, there will be grapes and there shall be a grape war!" She says it with energy and smiles and zest, blue eyes sparkling brightly. Clearly she thinks it will be a great bit of fun.

Cosimo's eyebrows shoot up. "Welllll now, that is some news indeed, ah, Conte Livino." He glances towards Rossana speculatively for a moment, before looking back to the new Conte. "I will not pry into family matters, but I hope everything continues to be well for your brother and sister, though this certainly seems to strengthen the bond we are forming between our two houses, and thank you to your offer of support, if there is something that comes to mind, I will be sure to reach out to you." His gaze falls on Rossana and he nods along as she goes over some of the business about the wedding. "I admit, I would very much like to see these miniature catapults. All-in-all, it seems like you have a lot planned for it. If there's anything the two of you need, please do not hesitate to ask Garden or myself." He pauses to allow a small smile to appear. "Have the two of you considered visiting the grand opening of the fashion house that Garden and h er family have been working on? You might get an idea or two about some garments for the wedding."

Wedding? Garden's family? Those words seem to summon Benedicte from the wings.

Well, actually, he had absconded with one of the help: some lovely young, buxom maid not one-and-a-half decades out of the womb. But, as the Avicorsans say, "game on." And Benedicte is a gamer's gamer.

He literally pops out from behind a column, and starts a slow, lazy, serpentine walk towards where the two Contes and their women are. Smiling that slow, lazy, serpentine smile that Avicorsans are known for. Looking only mildly sauced and sated on food. "Do I hear something of my cousin's grand fashion house?" he remarks in a heavily-accented voice. "My ears burn."

"I do plan to visit at Rossana's insistence." Livino admits, a bit of color suddenly in his cheeks. "She is insistent that I wear something other than my work apron to our wedding." There's a small smirk at that, before he clears his throat. "I apologize, Conte, you have me at a bit of disadvantage. I am well aware of yourself, and of course the lovely Garden, and my betrothed.. as well as your cousin was it, Lorenzo? But I know little else of your household in the city."

Rossana blushes a bit even as she grins brightly at her cousin, nodding her head. "It will be great fun," She says before glancing at Livino when the fashion house is mentioned. Then her eyes go to Garden before returning to Cosimo. "My dress is already in the works there," She tells him with a faint giggle. Of course the Conte of Gaspari wouldn't know the details of her fashion for the wedding. "And if anyone is-" She cuts off as Benedicte makes his appearance and comment. "Hello Benedicte," The words are polite, but she may have given a little sigh, perhaps of annoyance, at his appearance. "I was just about to mention the colors we've chosen," Meaning she, but that's how these things work isn't it?

There is a look of bemused affection from Garden for her cousin's arrival. "Yes, the fashion house is recently opened and there will be a bit of a soiree in a few days to celebrate its opening. My cousin here, Benedicte, is running that particular venture on our behalf. We are still interviewing more designers for the house itself, but I believe it is going beautifully as it is." A glance to Cosimo, then, as she lifts her glass, "wouldn't you agree, Cosimo

"Ah, yes, a failing of mine." Cosimo says, nodding to Livino before gesturing to Salvatore and Lorenzo. "These are my brothers, Salvatore and Lorenzo. Our sister Tizania could not be here, but she is a member of Capella." He gestures to Izar. "The Lady Izar, Garden's sister. And I would be remiss if I did not introduce Garden's beloved cousin, Benedicte." A gesture in the direction of the fabulous Avicorsan man who just made his presence known. "Garden's family has become family to the rest of us this past year." He reaches over and takes his wife's hand and gives it a little squeeze as he smiles. "We hope that the name, Matora, becomes synonymous with fashion and culture in the whole world." And that lots of profit is to be had, of course.

Salvatore raises his wine glass to the announcement from Livino, before taking a sip between more bites of cheese. Benedicte receives a sideways glance and a small smile. At least he understands Garden's cousin well enough. Even if their choice of conquest might be a bit different. He drains his wine and holds up the glass as a signal to get a refill. "I've always tried to get Betta to bring one of her brothers out to our drinking sessions.." HE looks right at Livino with an amused grin. "She says it would end.. poorly."

Lorenzo pops a berry into his mouth and chews on it thoughtfully as plans for the wedding is discussed and news is shared. "Congratulations, Livino," he says, lifting his glass again and using the man's appointment as another reason to drink some more. "And you, Garden, on the opening." Another sip of wine, then another berry. The young Gaspari looks pleased so far, both with the news he's heard and with the simple things he's been given to snack on.

"Then I suppose, I will hope that my wife and my sister will become companions and they will be allowed to visit their Gaspari kin." Livino offers in response, "To make sure the bonds remain tight. However, as exciting as the news of our wedding and ascension is - I believe that the floor is for Gaspari business?" he asks, trying to steer the conversation back on task, as he feels slightly guilty for the detour. "I have recently put in for reconstruction at Vigereus, so I will be busy there, but perhaps in time, Salvatore." he offers to the other man before he returns to his study of the archtitecture and stealing glances of his betrothed next to him.

"Pleasure." Izar offers when she is introduced, nodding a moment before she reaches for a piece of cheese to nibble on, and a refill of the wine that she'd already drank. "Right, yes…congratulations to everyone, and if there's any possible way that I could help anyone with anything…just let me know."

Drily, Benedicte remarks, "I think that the Contessa appointed me to watch over the Fashion House to keep me out of trouble." He lets out a mildly-melodramatic sigh. "As if she had any concern that I may accidentally draw the affectation of the wrong dowager or ingenue." Flippant hand gesture. "I've more sense that that."


"The Conte d'Arbori, yes? And, of course, she who is to be your bride, the lovely Lady Rossana di Gaspari." The Avicorsan rogue looks to one, and then the other. "A pleasure to see you both." Although he does give Rossana a wink. "What's this of a color? If you have not yet ordered anything, of course, I'm sure we could be — " Eyebrow lift. " — of some assistance, yes?"

Cosimo chuckles. "Do not worry, Conte Livino, the wedding is a big part of the family business, but yes, the fashion house and the grand opening are another big part of what I wanted to go over tonight. I hope many of you can be there to show your support to Benedicte and Garden. I may even ask some of you to start wearing clothes designed from the fashion house, because I am going to do it." He looks over to Garden and smiles. "I'm even going to ask my dear wife what her preferences are and follow her advice." Brave words perhaps.

"Benedicte, will you be needing anything special for the grand opening at all?" The conte asks his wife's cousin. "If you need someone to show off an outfit or two, please don't hestitate to ask my brothers."

Rossana doesn't quite roll her eyes at Benedicte's demeanor and she maintains her smile too. "Oh, already chosen and almost done," She says and was that perhaps relief in her voice? "Silver and turquiose are the main colors, with violet as an accent," She says for those interested at the meeting. After all, matching attire tends to be a trend. "I picked out a lovely brocade and silk," Her gaze flits to Garden and she grins. "It was actually a little hard to choose. So that bodes well for things," This is directed to Cosimo. "I was already planning on it…might already have a piece or two," She admits with a girlish giggle. For all that she is fierce in her armor, right now you wouldn't know it to look at her.

Benedicte's left eyelid twitches when given the list of colors.

"I, ah — " He coughs lightly into his forearm. " — well, if I may be so bold as to make a request, dear cousin." He looks to Cosimo. "If there are families which are friendly to us? I could use some of their members as fashion models for the opening. If they would come by quickly to the House, I could find them something suitable for the occasion." Beat. "I presume that my cousin, your wife, would want to have as many men and women there as possible."

Another beat. "And, no, it is not so that I can see so very many young men and women in various forms of disrobe, but, hey, these events have been known to bless houses with opportunities, spouses, heirs — " Shrug. " — the very best."

There's a lift of a brow and a return twitch from the visiting Conte. "I ah.. prefer function over form.. and I tend to ruin clothing with my work. But you can always send an invitation to my sister, she would be thrilled." Livino offers.

"If you are needing people to look amazing in the clothes, I'll volunteer myself for helping." Izar observes, offering her cousin an almost sleepy smile before she reaches for another piece of cheese, "I'd be more than happy to parade around the city showing off the fine designs of my sister's venture."

Cosimo looks from Benedicte to Livino, eyes sparkling. "What do you say, Conte? Would you or your sister like to show off the latest fashions for an evening? Or other members of your household as well. Besides, it's only for that evening, certainly you won't be working then, yes?" He glances back to Benedicte with a nod. "I'll reach out and see if there aren't some young men and women who might want to help you out." For whatever reason, the feeling that the night might turn into one of debauchery runs through the back of his mind, but he pushes on to the next point. "Alright, so one last point of busines to really discuss, and that is the Convivial of the Communion. Does anyone in particular want to take the lead in organizing a practice session or two for the competitions that will be taking place?"

She doesn't arrive late, Isabella was merely fetching some additional wine to bring to the gathering. As she enters with a fresh topping of the wine to begin serving and filling cups of those in the meeting.

Lorenzo glances down at his attire now that the meeting has moved on to color choices and fashion. Though his clothes aren't ragged, the colors are simple and any fashionable bits are used sparringly as accents. He seems pleased when Benedicte offers the idea of other friendly houses joining in. "I'm not sure I strike a particularly attractive pose," he claims. For emphasis, he spreads his arms and adopts a sloppy posture, chuckling some before clarifying, "Though I would be happy to try my hand at one." His gaze then falls on Cosimo as the topic shifts again.

Rossana goes a little wide-eyed and sits back in her seat and presses her lips together. She seems to be thinking even as she is blushing, probably at what Benedicte said about heirs and opportunities. "I…uhmmm…well," Her thoughts do not seem to be focused and she takes a deep breath. "I would be happy to wear something for the show," She finally gets the words out she meant and blushes an even deeper red. Ducking her head she takes a long drink of the wine.

Leaning forward slightly, Livino considers, worrying on his bottom lip. "I am not as much of a clothes horse as many - but as Rossana has already put in for my clothing, I suppose I have no qualms." There's a slight smirk but his cheeks darken as he glances aside to Rossana.

Ah, sisters! Benedicte's eyes light up, the fiend that he is.

"Well, your Lordship, that is kind offer." He looks around for a moment, as he doesn't seem to have a wine goblet in his hand, and that's just wrong. "If you would send her up to the House? I would be happy to size her up myself." He makes a warding gesture. "Respectfully, of course. I'm sure that one of the seamstresses would make a good recommendation."

"And my dear cousin." He looks to Izar and smiles widely. "I was sort of expecting you to do so. We know how demanding your sister can be when it comes to the success of her ventures. Surely, she did not expect this endeavor to succeed without our help, yes?" A bit of teasing. A bit of ribbing. Benedicte seems to be relishing the spotlight, for the moment.

And then, the Avicorsan looks to Rossana. And smiles. "If you wish, m'lady." He inclines his head. "I think I could find something that would draw the eyes of others, and not a small amount of jealousy towards your soon-to-be husband, yes?"

"I wouldn't mind watching that show." Salvatore looks into his once more filled wine glass, wearing one of those smirks he does when he's up to no good. He could probably do with a wardrobe update himself, as even now he looks a bit, well, sloppy. He drops both his feet back to the floor and slouches in his chair a little. "Though I guess I will need something nice for the wedding, I spilled wine on what I wore to the last one." That with a sideways glance towards Cosimo and Garden.

"Hah! Yes, I like that thought behind it," Rossana says with obvious excitement at Benedicte's comment. She turns to look at Livino as he offers to play dress-up with her. The smile she gives him is sweet and it is obvious some affection has grown between them over the past couple of weeks. Her eyes move past to Salvatore and she eyes her cousin before picking up a fat blueberry and tossing it at his head. "You're as bad as he is," She tells him, pointing at Benedicte.

|            Rossana (Dex)            |
|    -----------------------------    |
|               Success               |
|    -----------------------------    |
|    Attribute: 11     Roll: 4        |

|           Salvatore (Dex)           |
|    -----------------------------    |
|               Fumble!               |
|    -----------------------------    |
|    Attribute: 11     Roll: 20       |

"Yes, yes…but if I volunteer then I feel like it was more my own whim that blew me that direction." Izar replies with a laugh, winking at Benedicte before she sighs dramatically, "Do not ruin it…allow me my delusions of control over my own actions. I beg of you." She lifts a hand, resting it briefly over her heart, giving him her very best sad expression before she turns to look at her brother-in-law, "I'm sorry, what were you asking for someone to do for organizing what?"

Salvatore tries to open his mouth to try to catch the blueberry, instead it hits him right in the eye. "Ah! Lord, Ross. What'd you do that for?" He's half laughing, half sucking air between his teeth as he wipes blueberry goo from his eye with his sleeve.

Cosimo leans back in his chair, and folds one hand over the other. "Alright, well, I think we can all agree that the fashion house's opening will be quite an event, though I'm not too sure about what my cousin means by heirs and…" He shakes his head, preferring to answer Izar instead. "The competitions that the festival later this month. The next seven or eight days are going to be quite busy it seems…" He trails off, turning to face Salvatore who has just gotten pegged by a blueberry. "Well then… I think we can wrap this meeting up. Do feel free to enjoy some more refreshments. Salvatore, my dear brother, you give me false hopes that we can compete at the festival if you cannot even dodge a blueberry."

Benedicte gives Rossana a good-natured eye-roll.

"Please. No slander, here? Lord Salvatore is not half as degenerate as I am, Lady Rossana, something which, I'm sure, the Count is most thankful for." He snags a wine goblet from a passing servant. "Imagine what my dear cousin has had to put up with! Me always coming to her family every summer because my parents could not be bothered to give me a proper upbringing."

He finds a nice table to lean against. "Good summers, mind you, but her labors nonetheless." He takes a sip from the goblet, and then looks into it. "This wine has the body of a malnourished waif," he remarks snidely.

"Feel free to direct anything you need of the fashion house to Benedicte. Keep him busy lest we have a horde of angry women at our doorstep." And Garden knows he'd bring whatever necessary to her anyway. She looks over to Cosimo as he works towards winding down the meeting. "Shall I join you and leave the rest of them to practicing for the grape wars?" And she finishes off her own wine, glancing sidelong at Benedicte. "Clearly, we failed," she offers in a wry, but teasing tone.

As Rossana dissolves against him in giggles at the aiming, Livino wraps her up for a moment, giving the little blonde knight an affectionate hug. "If you wish to stay and visit with family, Rossana, and continue your war, you may. But I should return to the Arbore home so that I may continue my projects. Conte, Contessa, it was a pleasure to visit your home - I will have you invited to ours shortly." he promises, as he moves to rise.

Rossana bursts into a fit of giggles as her aim proves too true. "Oh! Sorry! Oh! Hehehe," Salvatore's cousin manages to get out as she tries hard to not laugh. Of course she failed initially, but she soon manages with a firm bite of her lower lip. In the fall of her giggles she head leaned over in her chair toward Livino, as if sharing some private joke over the whole affair. Soon she straightened and cleared her throat, cheeks red. "Oooohhh, of course Benedicte. I didn't mean to offend," She says with the mirth still in her voice.

Rossana wiping a tear from her eye she took Livino's hand and gave it a squeeze. "Of course. Many more small weapons to make," She says cheerfully.

"Oh, I'll be fine," says Benedicte in response to Garden's comment. "It's not like we have to worry about any bastards, yes?" He grins widely for a second, and then sips from his goblet. "Please, cousin, I have always been but the most honorable gentleman I could be since I've come to this household. Haven't you heard? Not a single angry wench here, or in the city, or so I've heard." Cheerily, he adds, "Their standards are delightfully low."

Cosimo reaches over and takes Garden's hand. "Well then, thank you all for coming. Conte Livino, my wife and I would be honored to come to your home for an evening. Thank you for coming and I hope you have a nice evening." He nods to Rossana as well, and then rises, helping Garden up as well. "What a pleasant observation about a goblet of wine, cousin. I'm unfamiliar with the taste of a malnourished waif, but I daresay that if you are familiar with such a taste, than you clearly need to take Salvatore out for an evening in the city." He grins, while servants begin to move in and take any trays and goblets that are no longer being used.

As they are not married yet, Livino knows that he will have to leave Rossana with her family for now. But there will come reports from the servants as the pair lingered at the gates after Rossana led him downstairs for a brief snogging before she released him for the evening.

Curling her hand into Cosimo's, Garden rises to her feet and (barely) stifles a laugh at his words. "I do believe I am mildly terrified of the prospect of my cousin and your brother spending the evening together," she admits sotto voice to her husband. With that said, she'll allow him to lead the way out of the Hall.

Salvatore finally manages to get most of the foul blueberry out of his eye, but it's still a bit red and causing him to squint a little. "Well, then." He drains the last of his wine and sets the glass aside as he stands up. "If you'll pardon me, I feel I need to wash and dress my battlewound." He makes a slight motion to his eye. "Then seek solace in the comfort of.. well.. I'll figure that bit out later." His eyes flick between Cosimo and Benedicte. "May have to do that at some point, but for now. I need a bowl of clean water." He chuckles and turns to head towards his private chamber.

Izar pushes herself to her feet, dusting her hands off before she inclines her head towards those in the process of leaving, and those remaining still, "On this note I fear that I hear a game or two and a couple bottles of wine calling my name. I hope the rest of you have half as pleasant of an evening."

Huh. Everyone's starting to go? Benedicte looks about, and then shrugs his shoulders.

"Was it something I said?"

Of course it wasn't! And, so, the young man just resumes his light drinking of wine. He seems to be in too good of a mood to mind much that his family's moving on. Now, that said: where did that cute wench go? Crap. Women and their wiles.

"Sorry again, cousin. I really was -not- aiming for your eye. I flinched," Rossana says as she, too, rises from her seat. The last of the wine is gulped down and she takes the bowl of berries with her. "I have something I need to work on myself," She says and her eyes trail after Livino fondly. When she realizes it she ducks her chin and the blushing continues. "Till later," Always so damned cheerful.

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