(2018-05-17) Once Upon A Time
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A light picnic that turns into a meeting of the not so secret poets society :)
Not So Secret Poets Society
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Just an impromptu walk had landed Arabella here and she carries a basket over one arm with the paraphernalia of writing tucked safely inside. The first meeting of the not so secret poets society. Now since Enzo was outed at the last garden party. Not that it's truly a meeting, but Arabella had invited her siblings out to one of the prettiest places she could find and she had even brought some goodies. A handmaid carries those though, along with a blanket she spreads on the ground for which ever of the Sabastinos arrive. Once the blanket is spread out, Bella has a seat and looks out at the view momentarily. "Who could not write something beautiful about that?"

"Absolutely," says Alvise, who probably came along specifically for the scenery, if not for the goodies. He's not such a bad writer, himself, from a technical standpoint, but the loose and imaginative viewpoint that turns words from functionality to beauty doesn't come naturally to him. And, usually, things that don't come to him naturally don't come to him at all. Still, he has gamely brought along a small parcel of writing materials in case a muse should trip over him and choose to strike. He seats himself and adds, "I mean, the blues and the, uh…" He briefly meets the handmaid's gaze as he finishes lamely, "the greens?" He laughs a bit, at himself and in appreciation of the day.

Making his way out as well, Enzo looks around rather carefully. He pauses as he looks around, unable to hold back a bit of a grin, although it's only there for a few moments. "Quite a lovely view, that's true," he replies as he moves over to join them.

Settled on the blanket that is on the grass, Arabella brings out her writing instruments, grateful the breeze is not too strong to blow the things away. With the parchment and ink out, she smiles to Alvise. "The blues and greens are a wonderful start," she smiles, watching him watch the handmaid as she starts unpacking the mini cakes and tart like pastries along with the wine for them to share, should they wish. "That is poetic enough, Alvise. Enzo has said he likes writing about nature, though one of the noble ladies would like for him to write something for her. Did she not, Enzo?" A smile given his way.
The handmaid blushes from the attention of the nobleman and continues about her duties, getting them all settled in, placing things within reach of each of them.

"My congratulations are definitely in order, brother," Alvise says, settling in but not yet wielding a writing utensil with purpose. He takes in the surroundings with relish, the grass overlooking the beach and out to the sea beyond. "I am supremely confident that you will find something in her, uh, nature, that will inspire you," he says to Enzo, knowing that this mild comment will require no immediate response. "And you, Bella," he continues, using the diminutive of his sister's name, "do you have any particular inspiration to draw upon today, other than our admittedly fine surroundings?"

As he steps away from the city street and wall, encroaching more on what grassy paths and banks may remain near river and sea, Gurian arrives alone with a stride of confidence. Such is life in the city, even when a private moment is found it seems someone is always willing to draw near. It is this man that encroaches upon that potential developing picnic. Whether invited or not, his pace takes him near the two Signori and the Signora. "Inspiriting aside from the surroundings," he quips, "What more than the Domino Mare is needed, we do not need the sea, the sea comes to us." His thought given, whether invited or not it would seem. He paced near looking out towards the water, but then turns to the other two, with a slight incline of his head, "Good day Signore, Signora."

| Alvise (Recognize) |
| Failed |
| Skill: 3 Mod: 0 Total: 3 |
| Roll: 17 Status: |

| Arabella (Recognize) |
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| Roll: 8 Status: |

A playful smile is turned to Alvise, tilting her head upwards towards him, the amusement clear in her expression. "I think he was too busy trying to deny being able to write, or to hide the fact, than he was in flirting with her." Reaching for her quill, she dips it into the ink. "I think the sea is all I need for inspiration. Or my beloved brothers." Her smile tilts up several degrees as she ponders over the first lines to write on her parchment.
The arrival of the new person is met with a slight cock of her head and a curious expression. "I think you have the right of it, Signore, with the sea, what else would be needed? A good day to you, Signore, are you one to write grand words of beauty for your surroundings?" Of course it comes to her then about introductions, but she leaves that to Alvise, in case he recognized the man she failed to.

| Gurian (Recognize) |
| Failed |
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| Roll: 15 Status: |

Unable to place the Conte of House Zanetti by sight, Alvise remains seated and simply comments to Gurian, "A good day to you as well, Signore. And, to my mind, while no further inspiration is inquired, there are additional factors to consider. One could, of course, layer one inspiration upon another, allowing natural beauty to be viewed through the lens of some human feeling." He begins to pour some wine, confident, as ever, that Arabella would have packed additional goblets in case of the happenstance of meeting others today. "Or, it could also be that I am much in the habit of prying into family doings that I may have missed, and found no opportunity to do so by means of the scenery." He smiles and adds, "I am Alvise di Sabastino, this is my brother, Enzo, and our sister, Arabella."

| Gurian (Artapprec.) |
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| Roll: 9 Status: |

Gurian considers, shifting his look more directly first to Arabella, "I am less one to provide justice to the sea through poetic means. I am simply one who can admire it for all its glory. I leave it to the artists to find words or colors to present the sea in its splendor." A slight nod, he looks over her a moment longer, before turning to Signore Alvise. "To add more lens that others may find the beauty in the work is an interesting thought," he offers a response but gives pause there, unable to express the depth of such a thought with his own words. So it would seem he is glad instead for the introductions, only a brow lift at the prying into family affairs. "A pleasure. I am Conte Gurian di Zanetti. I am told I should get out more, thus, I have made this effort." A good reason he might not be recognizable.

Listening to what's being said, there's a few moments Enzo shakes his head at his siblings, before he looks over towards Gurian, offering the man a nod and a smile. "Good day, Conte. I hope all is well on this fine day." He looks back to the others.

Likewise, Arabella is unable to place the man but is glad when her brother gives the introductions. Her head dips demurely before she lifts it again and offers a smile. "You have chosen a lovely day to get out. The water with the white caps are a wonderful sight." Though she gives Enzo a look then. "What words would you use to describe the day and the scenery, dear brother? Perhaps we should hear one of your nature poems?" Watching Alvise, she gives a quick shake of her head in denial. "Prying? You could not pry when you have ever been welcome, Alvise. We are glad of your company." A glance back to the Conte, "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Conte di Zanetti. I admit we missed you at the Sabastino Spring Feast."

"Conte Gurian di Zanetti," Alvise repeats. "At the risk of belaboring the obvious, I feel compelled to point out that whoever among your household has urged you to get out more, that person is a treasure." He smiles and looks to Enzo, not adding to Arabella's words so much as expressing interest and curiosity as to whether he can actually compose so very quickly as all that. He does make some attempt to turn away before it gets awkward, however, which allows Alvise to express gratitude to Arabella for her words, saying, "I appreciate your words of welcome to discuss such matters at the appropriate time. And speaking of which," he says to Gurian, "I am certain that it is time to bid you welcome and ask if you would like to share a glass of wine." A glass is near enough at hand to complete the transaction if acceptable.

"Yes," agrees Gurian, "An absolute treasure." Yet without the warmth, as if underlying it the thought of that person being the absolute opposite of a treasure. But agreement is there at least. "I regret I could not make this party, I am told this Prince was in attendance, among rounds it would seem." House to house. But he nods and looks to Arabella, "But it is a lovely day, the sea calls to us and who am I to deny that mystery. I am hard pressed to argue against the value of this day. Spent here or otherwise." He gives a nod and approaches all the same, "A glass of wine will make it more enjoyable, I could not pass upon this hospitality. To make up for my absence at this great feast I have heard about?" He walks closer too, but stands as if waiting for that glass of wine to appear.

Enzo lets out a brief breath at Arabella's words, before he looks to Gurian again. "Taking a few moments to appreciate the day away from business is always good. It gives you a moment that might make you look at things from a different point of view." There's a brief pause, before he adds, "And I'm sure there will be other chances for social events soon, Conte di Zanetti." There's a brief look towards his siblings again.

"Oh yes!" Arabella tells the Conte belatedly, but in complete support and hospitality as her brother Alvise offers, "Please do join, many pardons. You are more than welcome to have a seat and join us in our discussions of poems and the written works. There is more than enough wine and we would rather enjoy the company." The words delivered guilelessly. The ink has dried on her quill so she dips it again and gives Enzo a curious look before she brightens. "We could write something together, all of us. It needs not rhyme, I will start and then Alvise, you will give me the second line and Conte, should you like to play the game as well, you could add the third and Enzo the fourth? Then we begin again the next verse." She taps the top end of the quill on her chin, "Will you all play?" Preparing the quill, she poises it over the parchment and she starts writing. "Golden rays of summer washed over the Dominio Mare.." Finishing her line, she looks expectantly towards Alvise, wondering would he play as well.

Alvise holds a glass of wine up by the bottom of the stem so that it can be grasped by Gurian should he choose to remain standing. As he does so, he takes a moment to comment, "There seems to be a great number of opportunities about, both in business and in society. More so than I recall from previous years." This is said with a twinkle in his eye, revealing a level of appreciation for the increased pace of events that borders on glee. He's one of those sorts. With the game having been announced and his participation not yet agreed upon, Alvise looks back over to Arabella and manages to both sigh and smile at the same time. "With apologies for the quality," he states, "Golden rays of summer washed over the Dominio Mare. The light calls to and enfolds."

"This is a curious game," says Gurian, perplexed at the thought alone of trying something such as this. But he comes and will try to get that offered wine, from whoever pours and offers. Hopefully they do. If they are all sitting, he will at least squat down to be on the level, but his body stiffens to the point of thinking the grass just isn't good enough to sit upon. All while being cordial about the whole affair. "Ah, I will try to play." He listens to the words then repeats, "Golden rays of summer washed over the Dominio Mare. The Light calls to and enfolds …" He hums a thought and looks to the water, "Leading the water to open a berth as she sails forth."

There's another brief pause as he listens to the others, and Enzo smiles a little. "It's always a good game to play," he offers, before he hears the words being spoken. "Golden rays of summer washed over the Dominio Mare. The light calls to and enfolds. Leading the water to open a berth as she sails forth," he repeats the others, before he adds, "Gently, rhythmically caressing the shore."

Arabella brightens when they start joining in and she carefully dips the quill before penning down what each of them say, delighting in the imagery as it unfolds.
Golden rays of summer washed over the Dominio Mare.
The light calls to and enfolds.
Leading the water to open a berth as she sails forth.
Gently, rhythmically caressing the shore.
Looking up, she smiles at what it has become thus far. "This is wonderful," she breathes softly, then dips and starts penning again, reading it aloud as she does. "Adventure abounds somewhere out on those waves.." her voice holding a touch of wistfulness before she looks expectantly towards Alvise.

Wine has definitely been provided by now. Honest. Alvise laughs as the poem continues on, as it quickly begins to be as much about memory as composition, unless you read the preceding lines before adding to it, of course. He tries to continue, "Golden rays of summer washed over the Dominio Mare, the light calls to and enfolds, leading the water to open a berth…" He stops here to glance at the page that Arabella has helpfully been keeping before continuing, "as she sails forth, gently, rhythmically caressing the shore. Adventure abounds somewhere out on those waves, somewhere within the water's wanderer's smile."

For his part, his playing along and looking out over the ocean. As if Gurian draws inspiration from those waters. He's following along, adventure as good, calm waters. He's ready to pick up but gives pause at the idea of the wanderer smiling. As if thrown off his course for the moment. "His love lost, it was with hope he left the world behind." Who knows if he was going to do anything along the lines of darkness, but that idea of smiling caught him unaware and it was as if he had to return to some place his mind had been in. He leaves it out there, eyes still to the sea beyond the grassy path where they build the poem.

Enzo pauses a little as he hears the words said, gaze going out to the waves as well. As he hears Gurian's words, he turns to look at the man for a few moments, then back to the water. "To search the uncharted expanse." The words said a bit softly, as he looks out there with a brief shrug.

Writing as the others input, Arabella looks to each as they speak. A smile for Alvise's part, imagining it as they go. "Adventure abounds somewhere out on those waves. Somewhere within the water's wanderer's smile." As she turns her gaze to the Conte she studies him a moment before penning down his line, taking note mentally of the dark turn of it. "His love lost, it was with hope he left the world behind." She even repeats them back softly, careful not to smudge the ink on the parchment. The expectant look is turned to Enzo then and her smile lifts, curving her lips upwards, when he turns it a bit more. "To search the uncharted expanse." As for where to guide it now, Bella looks uncertain, but as she puts the pen to parchment, it almost writes itself, the beginning of the next verse. "No distance too far or fathom too deep." Back to Alvise she goes, an encouraging smile given.

Alvise takes a drink from his own wineglass and looks out over the waters a moment, leaning back a bit on the opposite arm. Rather than try to recall the whole of the emerging poem, he simply repeats Arabella's beginning statement of the current verse and continues from there. "No distance too far or fathom too deep, the frail white stars crawling slowly far above." He smiles back to Arabella before she needs to turn back to writing the words as they come out.

Finally he lifts his wine to his lips and tastes the vintage the Sabastino's brought with them. It seems agreeable to the palate of Gurian di Zanetti, no indication is given otherwise as he listens and continues his observation of the harbor before them. Not seeing the siblings smile even, he catches the words from Alvize and churns them a moment before continuing himself. "The waves and stars mirrored his soul as he sought to fill it." Maybe he's going beyond the metrics of their words, but he speaks with some feeling maybe, even if not in unison with the good weather and location they find themselves at this day.

Considering his words a bit thoughtfully, Enzo nods a bit at the words offered, expression a bit distant for a few moments. "For the light to shine through the corners of his soul." He smiles to the others as the words are spoken.

"The frail white stars crawling slowly far above," echoing the words as she writes them once her brother recites them. Arabella does catch the smile from her brother and looks delighted at the way things were going. Then the Conte begins speaking and she writes it down while wearing a thoughtful expression, "The waves and stars mirrored his soul as he sought to fill it." It had a sad note to it, in her opinion anyway, and she finishes writing only to give her brother Enzo her attention. "For the light to shine through the corners of his soul." Considering those words, she smiles, but it holds something of a sad look to it and so she tries to keep to the current tides that it had taken, voicing aloud, "We can finish after these four, if you like." Leaving it to them to conclude it in a way if it interested them to. "The stormy shadows were taking hold." Then back to Alvise!

"Absolutely, sister," Alvise agrees. "A fourth verse and to be done." He takes a moment, then, as had become his pattern, he repeated Arabella's opening line before adding his own. "The stormy shadows were taking hold, the Earth not yet a garden beneath his feet."

As the turn was taken and the others follow along, the Conte takes another drink of his wine and nods quietly. "Last one for me then," he agrees, to finishing up the poem. Looking at the last contents of his wine, he considers their words before adding his line to the current verse. "And it was Death riding a tail wind that stalked behind." Gurian stands with those words, offering the empty cup back to the Sabastino family here on the grass, and giving pause for the final line from Enzo. Even as it comes out, he nods, "Good day Sabastinos." And doesn't indicate his thoughts on the finished project so much as turn to leave, back to his study most likely.

Enzo nods a little, "Last verse works well," he offers, before nodding a bit as he hears the lines. Thinking a little about how to finish this poem. "Light, then dark, the way of life." The words come out a bit thoughtfully, before he offers a nod and a smile to Gurian. "A pleasure, Conte di Zanetti," he offers. "Enjoy the rest of your day."

As the last of it takes form, Arabella writes it down without echoing any of it. Only when each have offered their input does she look up from the parchment and smile to her brothers, "Thank you," and the Conte, "And you as well, Conte di Zanetti. It was a pleasure writing with you." Once he takes his leave, she looks down and reads the entire thing, beginning to end.

"Golden rays of summer washed over the Dominio Mare.
The light calls to and enfolds.
Leading the water to open a berth as she sails forth.
Gently, rhythmically caressing the shore."

"Adventure abounds somewhere out on those waves.
Somewhere within the water's wanderer's smile.
His love lost, it was with hope he left the world behind.
To search the uncharted expanse."

"No distance too far or fathom too deep,
the frail white stars crawling slowly far above.
The waves and stars mirrored his soul as he sought to fill it.
For the light to shine through the corners of his soul."

"The stormy shadows were taking hold,
the Earth not yet a garden beneath his feet.
And it was Death riding a tail wind that stalked behind.
Light, then dark, the way of life."

Lifting her head she smiles again, "It's wonderful!"

Alvise listens to the full recitation and nods to the summation. "It did seem to work out somewhat well," he says, "and was certainly a fine diversion for the day. I think your instincts for how to proceed, socially, were pretty spot on. Perhaps we'll even see the Conte di Zanetti again, if he hasn't had his fill of company for the next several months."

Enzo listens to the full poem with a smile. "This is a good poem, and a good result of four people working together." Nodding a bit as he hears Alvise's words. "I think we might see him again," he says, a bit thoughtfully.

"If only for more wine." Arabella responds dryly but gives a warm and amused smile afterwards. "It was fun writing with both of you. I have never done anything like that before. We should do it again sometime, maybe come with a theme too." She takes a mini cake in hand and bites it, savoring the taste, the taking a drink of the wine. "It has turned into one of my favorite days, spending it with both of you."

His own parchment having never been used or even unpacked, Alvise takes the parcel and slips it under his head as he lays back and relaxes. In a verbal non sequitur to his extremely sedate posture, he says, "I should probably be going soon. But it has been a good day." The sounds of the sea and the feel of the cool, moist air rising off of it is very relaxing as he closes his eyes and says, "I hope you two write such poetry as will excite whoever, though. Just…" He brings his hands together and then dramatically throws his arms wide, bringing them swiftly apart again. "…throws wide open the gates of experience. Literarily speaking," he finishes.

Enzo nods, "We should do this more often. It's interesting, both for the finished work and to see what parts the various participants add to the poem." He smiles as he says that, but doesn't add anything else about that right now. Nodding a bit at Alvise's words, he smiles. "It has been a good day, yes."

"I will go back when you go back, Alvise. I have a few things to do. I am hoping to go see Marsilia soon at the Palazzo Farro." Arabella smiles at her brothers, "I have no wishes to write poems to anyone to excite them," she muses softly. "I am happy with things as they are and remaining at home with my family." Certainly in no hurry to move off and get married! "Are either one if you interested in finding a wife?" A hint of a tremor in her voice. "I hope not yet."

"Not me," Alvise says, standing up to leave. "Cris is going to need to find himself a Contessa, of course, and it doesn't sound like Enzo is going to be able to hold out much longer…" He smiles and shrugs to Enzo, saying, "Hey, if it's not this one, it could be the next. I think they may have you surrounded." He makes ready to leave before adding, "But not me. I'm safe for a while yet. If not for this insatiable desire I have to tease you both about it, I'd never mention it at all."

Looking about to answer Arabella's question, Enzo pauses at Alvise's words, "Wait… what?" Reaching out in an attempt to poke at Alvise's shoulder, he shakes his head a little bit. "I haven't really thought much about that.. Such things will happen when they happen," he comments.

"Not to me." Arabella says defiantly to Enzo, crinkling her nose but following it with laughter. She nods to the handmaid who starts helping get things ready to depart as Bella does much the same, getting to her feet as well. "I agree, Alvise, I would never mention it too, except teasing Enzo about it. And when Cristof mentions it as well to me. I have always been content to have Marsilia be chosen over me for a marriage to Farro." The papers are gathered carefully and replaced in the basket, all safe and sound. "Thank you both for the day out and together. I had a really good time."

"As did I," Alvise adds. "Are you walking back to the Palazzo now, Enzo, or staying for more of this lovely scenery?"

"It was a really good time, yes," Enzo replies, with a smile as he gets back to his feet again. "Someone need to make sure you two get safely back home, right?" It's said with a wide grin.

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