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There in the market is one Raffiano di Albrici, his shoulder has found the side of some archway. The doorway to some home, or back doorway, that leads right into the piazza reserved for the market now. There he is, looking tall for once, by standing on a step of the stoop in that archway, looking around. His hand pulls away from his mouth and he looks at it, then rubs it on his doublet, removing remaining crumbs from something he has eaten. It was a calculated measure, obviously it wasn't greasy, he wouldn't risk walking around all day with such a stain. Or would he. He is uncertain, but he double checks, looking down at his fest, and brushing any remaining crumbs away. The ones that transferred to cloths, he means for it all to fall to the ground, rat food for later in the evening most likely. He's kind like that.

With her paid time by the Sabastino's recently, Carina was on her last day from duty back in Matora and she was taking the opportunity to just enjoy the freedom by strolling through the market without keeping a sharp eye on anything in the area and just meandering through like a normal patron. The meat pies of course were what always caught her eye and she pauses by there, eyeing the stuffed pastries with different sauce and meat and vegetables. Selecting one, she pays her coin for it before taking the wrapped item and glancing around. The familiar di Albrici is given a nod as she watches him wipe the crumbs off his clothing and beard. She doesn't interrupt him right away, but she doesn't move on to meander.

If the idea of a stormcloud over someone's head were real, there would be one over Livino's. The young engineer has been in a funk since last night and decided to come to the market to try to reignite his inspiration. Food wasn't doing the trick, so he has found his way to where he usually goes to shop, his fingers running over some of the grains of the woods to try to awake that flame within. Noticing a figure pausing nearby, he glances at Carina for a moment with a small tilt of his head. She looks different when she's cleaned up, but the similarity is enough for him to ask. "You were at Viergues, correct?"

He doesn't notice at first, but then, there she is, not in a dark red cloak even. Raffiano grins sheepishly as she notices him. Then of course, he wipes just a little more as a measure of safety. "Signore Wyvern," he says, not too sheepishly as one might expect in the situation, "What's this, a day off for the most reputable guard in the city? Surely this can't be true?" His shoulder pushes at that archway and he jumps down from the step of that stoop. About to say more, but another arrives, he joins in, "What's this, you were at Viergues?" Repeat much Raffiano? But he looks more curious at Carina, as she had some explaining to do. Though that furrow of acquisition in his brow is more feigned for effect then him seriously wondering. Yet, his eyes show that interest, there right next to the mirth showing at the corners of his eyes.

Not missing that additional wiping of the crumbs, Carina just gives Raffiano an arched brow look, unable to hide the sardonic amusement there in her ice blue colored eyes. "Signore di Albrici. A day off, a week off or almost." She notices the other man about the time he addresses her and there's a respect there that flashes in her eyes. Something seldom seen in the Wyvern mercenary. "Indeed, yes, Signore. Your solution was a turning point for all of us. A very welcome one." Dipping her head with thanks, she realizes that was how a lot of the Wyvern had survived the evening. With her response to Livino also answering Raffiano, her gaze flickers back over to the Albrici. "Which may explain the day off of duty today."

"Your assistance in rallying assistance to me is what made that possible, Signoria." Livino responds with a brief flash of a smile. "I am just glad that I was able to provide support - even if it arrived on the scene later than I had hoped. I will have to find a way to make sure such issues do not arrive in the future." There's a bow of the engineer's head at that, before he lifts it again and there's a brief color in his cheeks. "I fear that in the chaos of the moment, I could not make an introduction. I am Livino di Arbore." And his fingers continue to trail along the samples of wood in the merchant's stall.

"A day off and spent in the market," he sighs as if he could think of better things to do and yet, here he is, lingering in the market. Its easier for Raffiano to judge others probably, before himself. He's modest like that (whaat?). A slight impressed look as thanks formally go around between the two, "It seems I should be the thankful one for the effort you both put forth." An introduction from the man to Carina, but still he nods his own head, "Then my thanks Signore Livino, from the one true Signore Raffiano di Albrici." Not that there was any concern over the real one, ever, really. "I would not be rude to ask what support this was, mounted units, crossbows, perhaps a diversion of some sort?" As really, he as no where near the battle that day.

"Without the machines there would have been little need of assistance, so perhaps we are at an impasse in the tossing of the credit for doing it right." Carina retains a hint of that amusement. With her wrapped food in hand, she holds it at her side and dips her head, "Carina Asulf, Signore. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. However long it took to get t hose there, it was worth the wait." There's a nod towards Raffiano, "Have the two of you met as of yet?" Just as Raffi gives his own introduction to him. "Indeed, you should ask the Signore about his machines. They turned the tides of the battle with ease."

"Well met, Signore di Albrici, of which there are many of?" Amusement colors Livino's features for a moment before it flits away just as easily, and he chuckles softly at Carina's comment. "You are right, of course, Signoria Asulf. If was a joint effort to secure the city, from your hand with the sword to the catapults that I had hauled within."

A shake of his head, "Not until this day." But Raffiano pauses, "Or if we have, I do not recall having done so, I shall take it as a new day." Which doesn't really indicate if they have met, only that Raffiano doesn't recall it. "Machines of war, sounds lucrative." Certainly his thoughts come down to that, while not big in the family business, its probably such a banter word at the House he uses it when it seems applicable. He's grinning himself. "I think we're settled on it took all parties to ensure a victory. It is but a matter of time until their is some feast to honor the heroes of Viergues I imagine. I may well attend. Seems I'm not half bad on my feet, despite not recalling a single thing I learned from our dancing master as a young boy. I should make well the use of this skill, perfect even." He's none the serious about that, but a slight curiosity over realizing he did good at it, even if only once.

"Are you saying, in your not so eloquent way, that you can dance, Signore Raffiano?" Carina does seem amused at least with his delivery of the compliment Raffiano gives to himself. "If there is a feast, then you should certainly go, though I wonder who would hold such a feast?" Having heard of nothing in the plans for one, she mostly dismisses it. With the introductions made, Carina gives Livino a vague smile, squinting a little, "Catapults, yes those. I was right impressed. And the pleasure was all mine, Signore, I assure you."

And then on the opposite end of the spectrum is Livino. "If there were to be a feast, the real heroes will be those that rallied to the aid from the start." comes the response from the engineer. "Though if I were to consider, there were a Conte and Contessa present at the siege as well?" He didn't really take the time to catch everyone's name, after all. "I believe that the gratitude was enough of a reward, however?" Blowing out a little breath, he frowns down at the wood. "I was pleased at least to relieve you in that moment - though if I recall, did you not engage one of the enemy commanders on your own?" he points out. "I'm sure that the Signore would have appreciated that footwork as well."

A scratch at his chin where he stands, Raffiano turns over the most import question in the mixed company. With a final nod of his head, "I think I am saying that, given the right amount of time and some ale, I can be an eloquent dancer. I've yet to figure out how to make the stars in the heavens above align to grant me such favor, but it has happened, at least once." Then a grin and a shake of his head. Uncertain, but nodding, "Signore Livino, I assure you, your presence there was far more heroic than my account at such siege and battles. I am taking it you have a great interest in these machines, not simply the act of using them to bring relief to troops that have been at battle all day?" Then a slight look between both, "Perhaps the Duca should hold such a feast, but I am guessing there was little interest to pay the debt of these nobles of Viergues?" Not accurate but his summation.

"There was both a Conte and Contessa, that is true. The Contessa remained during the entirety, putting out fires and saving lives and animals. It is what the songs of bards are made of. Unlike some, their presence there was not paid by coin but by the wish to aid where they could. If I am not mistaken." Carina nods in agreement. "It was not a heroes welcome they received there, nor upon returning home. They perhaps did not seek it." A short nod is given again, "I only engaged him when it was necessary." With a look to Raffiano, she finds herself laughing unexpectedly, "An eloquent dancer it is then, when the stars align and the heavens favor you." Perhaps getting it backwards in her own delivery. "Then I am certain you found such favor with the lady you shared the dance with?"

There is a nod to Carina, and really, a glance of gratitude. "It was only in aid that I arrived. I am no soldier - I had only wished to assist our neighbors in the time of need. Though it seems I was introduced formally to my betrothed shortly after." Livino's cheeks color slightly at the idea before he lifts his head. "If there were to be no feast, I would be satisfied - but to answer your question, while my expertise lies in the weapons of the siege and breaking such, I do enjoy designs and engineering of all types, especially when it comes to construction and improvement of infrastructure."

"Then they may well have a feast, this Conte and Contessa," returns Raffiano with a grin. A look over to Livino, "Signore, you are too modest. Our friend here did a fine job taking action as you did bringing these weapons of war. The feast may well be my own invention. I can offer a feast of bread and cheese for the two of you, but hardly a feast that would make." He chuckles as if playing it off. "I do not know if favor was found. The moment was enjoyed, simply a dance, but I do not know if the heavens favor me again. Perhaps it is you who dance too Signore Carina Asulf?" And a look back to Livino, "And you mentioned betrothed, sure this is news to share the same? I'm interested in such designs, but without seeing it in use, I fear I would understand little of engineering."

"Her name is Rossana di Gaspari. She's a Cavaleri, and our marriage is an arrangement between families.." Livino starts to say when he glances up and catches sight of where the sun is in the sky. "Ah, if you will pardon me - I have some business I need to attend to. But I look forward to speaking to you both again - do enjoy your hero's feast, Signoria Asulf." he gives a wink towards the woman before bowing his head to turn and head off.

It is the word betrothed that brings a reaction to Carina. Her lips press together and the icy blue color of her eyes turn almost a stormy gray. "I wish you all the best on your pending marriage." The word marriage almost an epithet in her delivery. "Whatever it is you're building, you certainly are adept at it, as well as using it at the most opportune time." Lifting her stuffed bread, Carina shakes her head, "I have my own feast I intend on taking back to the barracks with me, I have all I need." Her brows arch though. "I am not an accomplished dancer either." She watches the man go and smirks. "Pity. Marriage and all that."

"Good day Signore Livino," returns Raffiano as the man leaves then turns a grin to Carina, "A pity, were you watching him leave?" He accuses with a grin, "Should I be jealous? I know a thing about war machines." Not really other than the fire things and the other guys, or worse, at them. "Oh, you're heading for the barracks, to leave me to my own devices. A shame, having all you need, that means I'm good for nothing." But he shrugs, only joking on his part. "Well, other than breathing the fine air of the market and keeping good company." Boastful with a grin, he gives a pause, "I am good company, no?"

His conversation seemed to jump all over the place and Carina just watches, about to answer one thing before he hops to another. So, she does what she can and goes down the list. "I was not watching him leave and I could think of no reason for you to be jealous. For one, you and I are but acquaintances and another, I have no interest in the betrothed signore. Nor do I delight in learning war machines. My only machine is my sword." She lifts her wrapped food and gives something of a nod. "I usually eat in the barracks. I sleep in the barracks. It is the way of the mercenary." Or this one at least. "The fine air of the market is likely from the bakers and the salty sea air." She lifts her wrapped food, opens it and takes a bite of the still steamy filled bread, savoring the juice that spills out. "Good company? Perhaps, but you talk a lot. And erratically. Perhaps that makes you good company as the conversation never has the chance at getting stale."

"Or perhaps," ponders Raffiano taking in her words and responses, letting his hands fold behind his back for want of something to do. Or to keep them from doing things. He looks about the market as he chooses his words. "I talk too much, and should give focus to one thing, Signora? I was curious of your day off, you are recovering from the incident in Viergues?" He lets that settle, trying to contain his thoughts and words, letting a grin fill in that void. He moves and offers a hand forward, a wave really, to walk, not like a cocked elbow to the side. Just to walk in the company of, not side by side as some item or in some proper fashion either. "See I can stay focused." As if that needed to be said, or he just had to say a little more, but he goes silent at least, no more bombarding with questions at least.

"I don't mind questions, just a bit of time before each to give each a proper reply." Carina does fall into step beside him, the food given her attention now and again, savoring each bite. After eating the latest bite she responds. "I am not wounded from there. A few nicks perhaps but nothing to need extended care. I am just enjoying a day without guarding the city."

He finished his food, already, as she had noticed on her arrival. It leaves Raffiano to talk and listen most likely. A good thing, or maybe we he was talking so much. He paces, its a leisurely walk around stalls near the center of the market. "Ah, but then I can't catch you off guard in some vulnerable moment," he says, pausing, "Where were those gardens again." As if to lead the way there to find that moment. Teasing of course, but enjoying the moment. "I am glad you have returned, we are safer with your presence, and I am happy to hold conversation with the one guard that doesn't mind my company so much. This is good for us both, is it not, Signora Carina." He drops to her first name at least, not just Wyvern or adding on Asulf there.

Carina isn't minding the conversation so much, just falling into listening as she eats, glad for the spices of the meat as she savors it. Her own pace slows to match his and she finds herself content with the slower pace. "I have no vulnerable moments," she tells him quietly. "Not that anyone can bear witness to. I left those back home with my family." Quite serious, she lifts her eyes to him, just to study him a moment. "I think you so rarely are serious, though sometimes humor is a good replacement for such things."

"My apologies then Signora," returns Raffiano, toning his own mood down towards serious versus typical care free. "I am only serious when I am humorous? The sad part of that is I am hardly humorous but to myself. I don't mean to replace the serious so much as make the most of any day I have." A slight shrug, he turns a little, weaving between stalls and making sure no one is knocked over either way. "Perhaps you understand at least, tomorrow could well be my last day here. I seek to make the most of it rather than just make amands. I want to enjoy the sunshine, or the rush of water." A pause, "No, not so much the water, I cannot swim. I say that not just in case we need to swim, so you are ready to save me under such circumstance. It is a serious endeavor Signore Carina."

The bread is continually eaten until its half or three quarters finished. Carina re-wraps it and as they weave through some stalls, it magically disappears but there is a whispered word of thanks from an old man merchant trying to sell wares that have seen better days. Much like the man. Likely he sells nothing from his stall mostly. Perhaps enough to break even. He starts eating as the two carry on. "Tomorrow could be the last day of anyone. The question is, would you hold any regrets if it were?"

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Not noticing the slip of bread, Raffiano is more intent on company and conversation it would seem. "Regrets," he ponders, a slight chuckle at the thought, letting it churn in his mind for a few more steps. "I think to have danced more maybe. But it is less a regret if the world were to end. More a hope of what I will do with my time left. I should hope to enjoy this night if it is my last, no regrets." He shrugs, being pretty honest. "And it is your last night, before you must return to the cloak and guard the city once more. A coincidence, is this not, Signora?" Its not so much meant to imply something, a little something maybe, but less saucy than it might sound considering its coming from Raffiano.

"Danced more." That surprises Carina. "This girl must really have made an impression on you dancing. Oh," she says with more understanding when he clarifies. "Dancing in your time left. It is unfortunate there is no feast or ball or grand party for to show off your talents. Perhaps the Inn will have someone singing or playing their lute there and you will find your hearts desire. Or out under the stars where the waves make their own music as they crash into the sand." It maybe sounds romanticized, but not out of line for a last night. "There will be other days off, if tonight is not the last."

That moment she waxes poetic regarding a last night, Raffiano looks more at her as she speaks. "Perhaps, but a new day will tell if I shall dance again." A grin, a shrug, he's not particular in this moment it seems and he listens, a bend romantic even, then other days off and more nights of the same. He nods slowly, "Ah, you prove your words true, those vulnerable moments have been left with your family. I wonder, to you not let them in, or have they been taken from you?" He slows his pace, then moves again at the speed they have been walking at, "That you do not need to answer, but I am curious. There is much weight about them, but perhaps it is not something I am meant to find curiosity within."

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It is not often Carina acts out of character for herself, but as he continues, she does begin to wonder to herself. What if tonight were his last? Or hers? Likely not, but then one or the other may always wonder. Would it hurt anything? Perhaps, but momentarily she could think of nothing right off hand. "My family is not something I talk about. Nor my home. I will not revisit them again, my family nor my home, so it is best I forget them entirely and be dead to them in return." There is a look up towards the sky, "Do you think the stars are aligned and the heavens allowing for such a dance? Who am I to keep you from your last dance on your last night?"

"Fair enough, I shall not bring up this topic again," he says, and that smile fades. Not in sadness so much as in seriousness and respect for her and that decision she seems to have made. He looks to her, then follows her gaze skywards. "Ah, I think they just may Signora. But it depends, will you be joining me in this last dance?" Raffiano lets her mill on that, adding just a bit more as it settles, he hopes. "That would determine if I have this last dance on this last night. Just a dance is all I would need. And company such as yours, but the dance cannot be alone. That it is with someone as charming and lovely, that would make it a good last dance for me."

"Oh you may. Perhaps one day you will catch me in a moment of weakness and I will tell you. Just.." Carina gives him a hint of a smile. "Today is not that day." Watching him as he looks to the sky, she does mull it over in her mind. Perhaps she had asked him in her own way, but she does clarify after several moments. "A last dance on this last night. You have convinced me. I admit I am not adept at dancing so I hope I make a good showing since it is a last dance after all." She allows him to lead her to where he would like to dance.

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