(2018-05-16) Inspiration Found and Lost
“Pursue what catches your heart, not what catches your eyes.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart
A pair of Gasparis come to visit Palazzo Arbore to speak with Livino for different reasons.
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Courtyard - Palazzo Arbore                                              Matora 
                 Wed May 16, 1335 -- Wed May 16 02:58:31 2018                 

    Palazzo di Arbore is shaped like a hollowed out square, with a tower jutting out from the rear left corner. As much a conservatory for artisans and craftsmen as it a family home, the courtyard is absolutely enormous. While there are spots here and there of cultured gardening, smaller structures serving as workshops and a smithy have been built, and the space is absolutely littered with the parts and configurations of various large contraptions, sculptures, and other such marvels that are clearly in a state of progress. In daylight hours the courtyard is full of people working on their projects and sharing their expertise with camaraderie and frequent passionate debate. Tables and benches have been placed in various spots to provide seating for those who wish to observe, enjoy a demonstration, or take their repast in the open air.            

The first few times that Rossana and Livino have met, it has been under the controlled environment of her house - visiting him would require her to have a chaperone, at least for the moment. In the early evening of the day, most of the members of the Arbore family have retired for the day, however Livino is still out. Standing over at one of the two baliste he took into the field for the siege at Viergues, he's checking over it's mechanisms, one of the gears currently pulled out as he has it locked in a ready to fire position.

Rossana hadn't exactly begged Lorenzo to chaperone her to the Arbore estate. More like made him feel guilty for not having a really good excuse to not. She was supposed to get to know Livino and organize plans for the wedding after all. "You know, I bet Livino might be able to come up with something that could be fired effectively from the ship to ward off pirates," She might be heard to say as they walk in.

It's a beautiful evening to spend with extended family, and Lorenzo had no intention of not chaperoning his cousin when she asked him to visit Palazzo Arbore with her. That doesn't mean he didn't make her work for it. "Pirates?" he asked, a sly grin on his face. "Isn't that what we have you for?" A sigh escaped him as he eventually 'gave in.' "Fine, I've been meaning to pay the family a visit anyway, and if I can help you out with any prenuptuals, well, just don't leave out too many details."

And so the pair traveled to meet Livino, who Lorenzo now comes upon in the Palazzo courtyard. He eyes the baliste with an impressed regard, believing that Rossana and his brother may be right. The family ships would do well to be equipped with such machinery.

"So if I increase the torque here, maybe I can make sure that it's more self-propelled, and that we can make a proper locking mechanism for the wheels.." Livino is musing to himself as he's replacing the gear, when he hears a more familiar to him voice, and his eyes widen for a moment. He's a mess - his usual clothes are more loose shirts that are easily covered in dirt and well worn leather britches. He didn't exactly want Rossana to see him in 'work' mode just yet. A smudge of charcoal is on one cheek as he turns from the siege engine and sets the gear to the side.

"Cavalieri.." he starts to greet, fear giving way towards the warmth of seeing her again before his attention is caught by the cousin, and the engineer offers a polite bob of his head. "Good evening, signore. I didn't realize how late it was. Did I miss a meeting?" he asks in chargin.

Rossana looks vaguely pleased as she notes Lorenzo's appreciate gaze on the siege weapons. "Livino," She calls as they cross the courtyard. The other projects of course get a glance from her as they move through. She's dexterous enough avoiding stepping or tripping on things is easy. Though she does glance around the Courtyard again with a slight wide-eyed look. So much going on all at once and the noise of it too. "It's so…busy," She muses before turning her attention back to her betrothed. "You don't have to call me that, you know," She says with a giggle. "No…well…yes? We were going to talk about silly things like food and wine for the reception," She pauses and glances at Lorenzo with an awkward smile. "I still can't believe this is happening. Not in a bad way, but it feels so surreal…"

"Yes, it's all so unbelievable," Lorenzo muses as he cranes his neck to peer up the assemblage Livino was working on. When he drops his gaze, he lets it fall on the other man alongside a smile. "Good to see you again, Livino," he says, prefering to keep things less formal. "I'm just accompanying my cousin this evening, but it was a good excuse to get a peek at these. May I?" He takes a few steps closer as his brows raise, waiting for an allowace to have a closer look, which is in part to give the two some privacy, should they require it.

"Oh, right, Ca… Rossana." See, he can say her name. Livino offers up a slight blush at the reminder that he can be more informal with his betrothed, but the color that hits his cheeks at the reminder of their evening plans could rival the reddest of wines. "Right! I hadn't forgotten, just more.. lost track of time?" It's half-question, half-statement as he turns his attention to reinstalling the part that he had taken out a few moments ago. "Nor can I." he agrees with her statement on not believing, before he slips off the side of the bastile with a pause at Lorenzo's question.

And that's when his eyes light up with delight. "Yes, yes, of course! Have you ever operated a siege weapon before? This one is on a much smaller scale, mind, because it is meant to be pulled by a horse team and rather easy to set up in a location where ammuntion can be found naturally in abundance, instead of having to be quarried and carried." he says, excitement in his features. "I was just about to give it a test fire to complete it's maintenance. It's not loaded, of course, but there is still something to be said for pulling the release mechanism.." he starts before he gestures to the firing lever, which he probably should have suggested Rossana pull, but didn't think on that."

Rossana is met with a light kiss to the top of her hand and a squeeze before releasing her hand. "I should just trust your judgement on such things.. or perhaps release you to my sister." there's a smirk at that. "Though I should sit down with her as well. Marriage planning seems to be a great joy to her."

Rossana sticks her tongue out playfully at Lorenzo. His capture and kiss of her hand has her blushing only a little bit. "I don't…I want your input. I wanted to do something to showcase who both of us are…" She says. Reaching for the bag across her shoulders she pulls out a loosely bound few pages or parchment. "Damn, where's my charcoal," She mutters as she goes diggin in the bag, papers held beneath one arm.

Lorenzo took Livino's lit-up eyes as an invitation to abandon the topic of his cousin's wedding in favor of the impressive weaponry. Boys and their toys, right? "I can't say I've ever been given the opportunity," he admits, moving to where the other man indicates and eyeing the firing lever as if it were a foreign dignitary, with just a tinge of wariness. He bends forward and extends his hand, but pauses to turn to Livino. "Are you sure? I just give it a pull?" he asks, not wanting the thing to snap in some way that could endanger him…or Rossana!

"Charcoal? I have some!" Reaching into the pouch at his pocket, Livino fumbles around to find a small stub he was using earlier to present to Rossana. That may be why he's wearing the same on his cheek. "You want my input, uh, sure." And then Lorenzo speaks up and he nods enthusiastically and confidently. "When you pull the handle, it releases the chock, that keeps the torque held on the line - the line is released and.." he makes a motion of his arm from a flat plane to straight up. "…release." Because he couldn't find the proper word to say.

Rossana was beginning to look frustrated when Livino presented his own. Taking it her eyes went to his cheek, a little chuckle, and she says, "Thank you," Then turns back to her list. "In terms of food…I was thinking -maybe- peacock?" She fiddles with the stub of charcoal, flipping it between her fingers as she finds a safe place to sit. Because safe is somewhat important here. Then someone is shooing her off and she finds an actual bench. She can't see Livino well, but they can still talk. "Do you have something you like a lot?"

Peacock? Lorenzo pulls the handle and there's a lound sound as the siege machine releases the cord that's meant to fire its ammunation across far distances. The kickback surprises the young Gaspari, who jumps back and lets out an excitable yelp. Yes, this is a fun toy. "Exceptional!" he declares, probably referring solely to the machine rather than the choice of bird. "I believe Rossana and Cosimo are correct. We should speak more about outfitting some of the fleet with such devices." He smiles wide, looking between the other two, when it dawns on him that their heads are probably wrapped up in their wedding, as they should be. "Sorry, please continue."

"I do enjoy a well-roasted peacock. How would you feel about a rabbit stew with mushroom and rosemary?" Livino asks in response. And he moves just a little. Because he does like looking at her, stealing a glance at his betrothed now and again. Then the siege engine kicks when it fires, and then Lorenzo's comment brings the engineer to blink. She's been talking about him? In a favorable way at that. His cheeks darken as he turns his attention back to Lorenzo, and shakes his head. "Outfitting the fleet?" A different subject than the wedding - but one that has snagged his interest.

Rossana waves for Lorenzo and Livino to continue their discussion of the fleet and outfitting them. More than happy to let the details take second place. After all, she is as interested in seeing the fleet able to repel pirates as the next. "I like rabbit stew," She says with a few scribbles on the page. "Do…you think you could make a number of little siege weapons for the guests to use? I was thinking something fun and…well, maybe a little silly. A Grape War between the houses. Using grapes for amunition.." She mimics, with her fingers, throwing a small object. Complete with a little, "Pshew," To it.

Lorenzo mimes a slingshot, adding to Rossana's sound a "Peow-peow," of his own. "Yes," he then tells Livino. "We have our reasons for adding weaponry to at least a handful of our merchant vessels. If the idea interests you, perhaps we can set up a time to discuss it further. You could come aboard my own ship and have a look around." He smiles at the thought and adds, "Both of you." On turning to Rossana then, he mentions, "I completely agree with the rabbit stew." As if he was asked.

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The wheels are turning in Livino's head. Holding up a finger, he goes over to sit daringly next to his betrothed and reaches for the charcoal and parchment. "May I?" he asks as he reaches for the items, but finds himself frowning as he takes it. The drive that was there for a moment is suddenly lost and he's looks blankly, as if trying to find his inspiration. "It could be done, but it would need more work.." it was just there. He chews on the inside of his cheek, and his eyes scan about, right to the baliste, and then between the two Gasparis. The idea is lost for the moment. "I mean, it would have to be done differently.. I.. I will need to do some more research before I can give you a more accurate answer." That light of delight that was in his eyes just a moment ago seems to dim just slightly.

Lorenzo watches the two, momentarily touched by the display of affection. "I appreciate the enthusiasm," he tells the engineer, "but don't move more quickly than you need to. The invitation stands. Perhaps a look at where they will be installed will inspire you." He, too, glances up at the darkening sky and places a hand onto his empty belly. "Rabbit stew and good night's sleep sounds like the perfect end to today."

When Rossana wraps him up, Livino leans into her for a moment before nodding to Lorenzo. "It sounds like a good idea." Not that he sounds enthusiastic about it, but he nods. "I suppose it does. And we can discuss more on the wedding plans." Passing back the parchment and charcoal, he moves to rise and offers his hand to his betrothed.

Rossana hears something in Lorenzo's voice and her eyes go to her cousin. "Well, there is plenty of time," She agrees and reaches out to pat Livino's hand. "It'll come to you. I know it will," And then she is standing slowly. "We could all go and have something to eat and I can bore you to tears with questions and options?" She glances from Lorenzo to Livino and back.

Livino nods his agreement. "Sure, sure.." though he's still wearing that frown of concern as he heads inside to see what may be already prepared that he can snack on - though even his appetite seems to be down. But there are guests, so he will put his best foot forward.

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