(2018-05-12) Musings on a Siege
Letters from the field are always the best.
Livino writes home to his sister and betrothed on the Siege of Viergues.
Siege at Vierguers
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As night starts to fall upon the Viergues, Livino has lit a small lantern. With his charcoal and paper out, he considers for a moment and starts to put his thoughts down on the parchment to send home, even as he glances up on occasion to watch the celebrations.
elizabetta rossana 

Cara Sorella,

I write to you of exciting news. A few evenings ago, I was told of the advance of the Order of the Golden Boar upon Viergues. Seeking to assist, I ordered a pair of our catapults moved into position within the city proper. The city had already been laid siege by the time we arrived - with a saboteur in the midsts that had been dispatched, the Cevalieri that was in charge of the town's defense asked for my placement of our weapons.

I placed them where I believe that they would be the most effective. I was able to gather assistance in preparing the engines and ammunition. Once we joined the battle - I realized how effective our weapons can be when placed in the position to cause the maximum damage. The rocks crushed down upon them as if the reach of the sect of Exoneration had reached upon them to smote them where they stood. The destruction was terrible - man and nature both were smashed beneath the weight of the materials that the catapults flung forth.

It was enough to cause the commander of the Boars to nearly quit the battle before it had been joined, turning the tide against the advancing troops, breaking their spirits and elevating the morale of the hearty defenders - by nightfall, the Order of the Boar was broken; and the day was ours. I am quite safe, so that you know, and will return to the palazzio soon to carry on my further duties.

Signore Livino di Arbore


I write to you this evening from the broken siege of Viergues. I apologize that I was not able to alert you that I would be travelling here to assist in the efforts to turn back the Order of the Boar. I would like to believe that I acquitted myself well. While I did not personally participate - I commanded the siege unit that assisted in turning back the tide of battle so that those that are more martial minded could engage.

The siege has been broken and the catapults are being prepared to return to their station at Arbore Palazzio. I hope to make it back to the city before nightfall this evening so that I may accompany you to the event in the city. Though we have not been officially announced, we could use the opprotunity to speak to the other in a social setting and learn more of the other. I hope you will be amicable to this invitation.

Signore Livino di Arbore


Sealing both dispatches, he hands them off to a runner with some coin. "Make sure these are delivered promptly. Time is of the essence."

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