(2018-05-10) Catching Up
And letting go of the past…
frey carina 
Needed discussions and new beginnings
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Frey talks about his new marriage and his wife. Carina talks about her past with him.

The inn is a several story affair, with several large double doors opening up to the Via Impero outside, generally open during the day time. Here is a main room, serving food for guests as well as locals coming to conduct business with visitors to Matora. The conversation here is usually a mix of local and foreign alike. Even among the servers are those foreigners as if to accommodate any such visitors that they are not completely out of place. They keep a large ceramic stove near the main serving bar which doubles for cooking food for patrons and is opened more on cool days to keep the inside inviting. Nearer the windows along the causeways, the tables are raised as if to provide something of a view over denizens on the streets outside.

Even though he does not live far from this place, it is not every day that someone of Frey's size makes their way into the Inn, probably because he does not live very far away. Ducking his head under the doorframe and turning slightly to the side so his shoulders do not hit as well the whole doorway is darkened as it is filled with the massive form of the Rangan. He has to stop for a moment as his eyes adjust to the change in light volume which means… nobody can go in or out until Frey has decided he can see well enough to move further into the Inn and towards an empty table.

It's one of Carina's favored hangouts between her duties of the day and since she'd been working most of it, she was taking some time in the milder heat of the interior and out of the sun. The cloak she wears usually, identifying her position of the Wyvern Company is over the back of her chair and she's got a cup filled with wine in front of her. The conversation around the Inn is more sparse than anything, only a few patrons loiter around drinking or eating some of the food they sell. When the dim interior is dimmed further she looks up from her seated position and notices the large form of her brother. Taking a breath, she rises to get his attention and gives a somewhat tentative smile on features that so rarely smile. "Frey," she greets quietly.

He was on his way to an empty table at least, until he see's that figure get up and hears his name on a voice he hasn't heard in some time. Frey turns towards Carina and he blinks, "Carina?" He asks nobody in particular, his expression turning confused and curious for half a second but then he works it out and it turns into a huge grin that dominates the entirety of his bearded face, "Carina!" He roars and then stalks over towards the woman with a laugh. It's not long before he is trying to pick her up into a massive hug and shake her around like a ragdoll, because he's always tried to do that.

His grin says it all for her and Carina moves around the table and gets scooped up like she weighs nothing. The shake she was used to and she laughs, hugging him back tightly, burying her face against him. "Damned if I didn't miss you, Frey. We're finally in the same place again, and at the same time." A tight squeeze back and she kisses his cheek, fuzzy or not. "You just don't know how much I missed you."

"Can't be much more'n I missed you." Frey rumbles back in his deep baritone and he plants a kiss to the top of her head, "So how have they been treating you?" He asks after another squeeze and he sets her down, setting his hands on her shoulders, "You will have to tell me all about what you have been up to." He rumbles with a smile, apparently an empty table is no longer in his future. "How long you been here?" He gestures around with one huge plate sized hand. "You going to be here a while?"

Carina can only smile at the rumbling of her brother's voice and when he places her back to her feet, she steps back only far enough to have a seat in her chair and push the one across from her out with her booted foot. "Long enough for a cup of wine to be delivered. Can I buy you anything to eat or drink?" Just looking at him with a slight incredulity still, in her expression. "It's good being here. Simple life, I work and sleep in the barracks. Few expenses so mostly I can save what I earn. How do you like Matora?"

"I meant Matora." Frey rumbles with wry amusement and he reaches down to ruffle Carina's hair before he eyes the chair she kicks out like it might be a dangerous weapon, or at least, a trap if it can't support his mass. He /gingerly/ tests the chair to make sure it will support his weight, easing slowly into it and prepared to catch himself should it fail. It creaks… but it holds. Then he relaxes finally, "Don't really know. Only just arrived a little bit ago." He rubs at his bearded jaw with one hand, "Father had me married off to some noble lass here." He wrinkles his nose, gesturing for some more wine to be delivered.

"Matora? About three years I guess it's been now. I just couldn't go back home and face all that. I have no intention on going back there. People have really long memories." Carina reaches for her cup of wine and wraps her hands around it, watching as he tests the chair. Wincing a little, she nods, "So you're married. That's good. That's really good it worked out for you. She treat you well?"

"She's too small." Frey answers as he looks back at her after he gets his wine, "Never going to be satisfied fully again at this rate." He sighs, "So it's a special kind of hell. Oh she's pretty enough, and she's smart, got a bit of fire in her when she lets it out but…" He grunts in annoyance, as blunt and to the point as ever. "I don't think you should go back." He changes subjects to her, "He's gotten bitter. It's like he couldn't marry you off, couldn't use me to marry someone in. Now all he has is our brother and… well." He chuckles a little at that. "So what have you been up to? Three years is a long time. Hope you have some stories."

"Too small?" Carina echoes him as she finally lifts her cup and takes a deep drink from it only to replace the cup on the table in front of her. Her smile inches up, "Pretty, smart, small, fiery, noble. Can't say there's much to go wrong that way. At least she's not homely. Are you happy at all? In love or anything?" The change of subject is noted and she gives a somewhat careless shrug. "I've got no intention of going home. You were pretty much all I had there that I cared a whit about. With you here, that's all I need." The cup is given another look, "Plenty of stories, but nothing with any meat to it. Catching the bad guys, championing others. Same thing one day to the next."

"Yeah, she's too small. I feel like I am going to break her on accident every time I get near her." Frey says with a frown, "And… that way too." If he could blush and it be seen he might be blushing now, beards are useful! He takes a drink from his wine, "No, I'm not happy." He says honestly, "I would prefer to be back home doing my normal thing. Instead I am married and shipped off here." He smiles a little wryly, "At least you have compatriots in your company. Till I found you I had…" He shrugs, opens his other hand palm up. Empty. "So, enough of that shit. You been promoted?"

Carina gets the gist of it now and she reaches over to pat his hand. "So that means you at least intend on staying faithful to her then right?" Maybe to women that was a bigger deal than to men, but she asks anyway. Taking her hand back she has another drink of her wine. "I wish you were at least happy. I like doing my own thing and the only person who knows about my past here is you. So I've got no worries on it getting out here. I intend on just doing this, mercenary work, until I can't any longer. I have been promoted within the company, but it's slow going because no one ever leaves it."

"I'm not a /complete/ dick. She's my wife." Frey rumbles gruffly at the pat to his hand. "You'd like her I think. She's been…" He considers, "Living under a lot of shadows, now that she's married she can finally stop being the delicate flower meant to appeal." He reaches up and itches his neck under his jaw lightly. Beards. Not always fun. "I'll get happy eventually." He shrugs, "It's kind of fun watching people scatter all afraid of me, at least for now." He raises an eyebrow, "Why does nobody ever leave? Nobody ever hear of retiring and living out the end of their days in peace?"

"It's a good job. They have the barracks where we live, the food. While the food isn't the best it beats buying it. So we're covered, any money we make goes to drinks and gambling. Which I've become adept at both. Maybe when I'm old I'll leave and find a spot of land and die peacefully out there. Until then, I'll get to know your wife and your eventual kids and bring them things from the market. I'll be the crazy aunt."

"You're my sister." Frey rumbles, "You ever have need you stay with me for as long as you want. Hell you could come now if you wanted, I'll get a guest room made up for you then you can crash there when you want, or at least have a private place to take your lovers." He wrinkles his nose, "I can only imagine what that barracks is like." He smiles playfully afterwards, clearly teasing her.

"I don't take on lovers." Carina visibly blanches at the very idea of it. "And until now I've kept the fact that I have noble blood a secret. I expect it to get out now, because there is no way I'd deny you being my brother, but I can live with that." She nods, giving a little point in his direction. 'Exactly that, you can't imagine how the barracks are? Just what you're imagining. A load of stinky men that emit all sorts of smells and gasses and sounds at all hours. It's well enough to keep me from wanting to bed down with them."

"Why not?" Frey asks, concerned, "You can't just shut off that part of you and expect to be happy Car. I'm not saying you need to sleep where you work like that, but you," He reaches over and pokes her shoulder 'lightly', "Still are a woman with your own needs to attend to. Find someone out of the company. Be happy once in a while." He leans back, "You must be so wound up I'm surprised your head hasn't popped off." He teases.

"You know what happened back home. You know what kind of man I was to marry. You heard all the rumors. I don't know how to please a man, how to keep him happy or wanting me. And I'm over even trying. I'm not going to linger on it and be unhappy about it. I've got work, a few friends. Now I've got you too, what else could a girl want?" Carina questions with a tight smile.

"Bullshit." Frey says with a slap of his hand on the table, "The man was the problem, not you. If you weren't good enough he would have found another woman to stick himself into. It would have even been expected. You don't do that kind of a flip flop. I been around plenty of good men, doesn't mean I wanted… that. Ever." He shakes his head and he leans forwards, "That was not on you… anymore than those rumors are on you here. You're never going back there right? Then let the past die with that place."

Carina flinches, squinting a little when she looks up at him. "I know that in here." She taps a finger to her forehead. "Now I just need to convince the rest of me. Even our father was ashamed, Frey. I have no intention on going home again. Not even when the old bastard dies. Especially now that you are here. Just let me be happy having you around here and eventually maybe I'll get right with myself."

Frey sighs deeply and leans back in his chair, "Alright." He rumbles, it's not exactly the first time they had this conversation. "You still will always have a place in my home, 'Rina." He chuckles, "You know he didn't even marry me off to the heir? I got the youngest of three… So I didn't even marry up, just out." He shakes his shaggy head. "So tell me about this place. Not /this/ place, but the city. I know jack and shit all about it really."

"I may take you up on the offer sometime soon. If only to get to know your wife." Her lips thin in disappointment. "We were only ever trading game pieces to father. You should be married up, to the Contessa of one of the Great Houses. Or at least the heir." Carina tips back her cup and finishes it off. "We're all good and messed up the two of us. I hope you do find happiness in your marriage eventually. You deserve it." She pauses a moment, thinking about the city. "It's filled with nobility from the great houses. There are plenty of pretty ladies, plenty of gruff men. A lot of competitiveness between the houses though. The docks are popular, there's a lot of smuggling in and out. A lot of theft and gambling. Art is big here, painting and sculpting and all that stuff. The gardens are nice, noble only though."

"The best part is…" Frey says with a chuckle, smiling wryly, "They didn't even fight. During the war, they were just… neutral. They didn't do a damned thing. So he married me into a bunch of…" He manages to cut himself off there. Drinks wine. Drums fingertips across the table top. "I think you got the better deal out of this." He points at Carina with a nod, "You get to live mostly free. Yeah you got to go where you get hired to go but otherwise? You're free."

Frey adds, "She'd love to meet you. My Gisella Nicchi."

Carina can input the word into her thoughts and save him the grace of saying it out loud. A wry look is given to him and she pushes her wine cup aside for now as she tries to keep a smile tamped down while Frey drums the table top. "I'm pretty damned sure I got the better end of this. Oh don't get me wrong, if I were to marry a noble, father would be crazy pleased and take all of the credit for it, but at least here, doing this, I'm out of the way for his plots and plans." Tilting her head, she does finally smile. "A pretty name, Gisella. And already you call her yours. That is a good sign."

Frey looks thoughtful for a moment, eyebrows going up, "It's not her fault, anymore it's mine." He comes back with, "Be pretty petty of me to hold her to blame and make her life suffer. Only way this works is if we do it together. Make an honest go of it." He shrugs, "She is pretty at least." He rumbles and then says, "I think, from here on out, we don't talk about our father, or our brother, or anything else that happened in Ranga." He drums fingertips on the table, "At least, not what happened to us, personally, about them. The past is dead to us, and we are dead to it now." He smiles a bit. "So. Lots of activity on the docks mmm?" He considers, "What are you and yours hired to be doing in the city?"

"That's true. I'm glad you see it that way. She's just a pawn in the same game and deserves as much happiness as you do. I'm pretty sure you both can make a go of it. I've seen it around here time and again." She brushes her fingers over his arm and smiles, heartfelt. "The past is gone, we can forge our way forward from here. The docks do see a lot of activity and I roam through town acting like the law." She laughs, "Imagine that right? We keep order and we catch the bad guys. It really is a good job. Sometimes we're hired out for battles and we go fight them. I love what I do. I have an evening shift coming up though, unfortunately."

"Uh oh… so when I get in a mood and go get a mean drunk on and get in a bar fight it'll be you and yours that'll have to come try and wrangle me?" Frey asks with a grin, "That should be fun." He rumbles a laugh afterwards, "Not that I /do/ that much… anymore… honest." He pauses, "Serious!" He then chuckles, "No real reason to hit up places like this much anymore. Gisella, she has these ideas about things and I think she might actually love me." He leans forwards and asks, "Is that possible? Love someone you don't even really know? I worry that she loves the /idea/ of me, the husband… I'm not sure she knows what to really think about… me."

Frey is apparently going to keep talking until she has to go like, that moment.

"It should be fun, I don't think I can imagine that anyone could wrangle you though. Everyone would be at a distinct disadvantage." Carina gives him a dubious look but it holds more humor than doubt. "She loves you? Has ideas about things?" That brings a more genuine smile. "I mean, who wouldn't love you, Frey. I do, you're pretty easy to love." This time she does get to her feet and comes around to lean over him and give him a hug. "Just give it time, don't rush things and yes, I think she could love you. I have to go, but I'll come see you soon."

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