(2018-05-05) Stargazing and Drawing
By the talented one.
orazio carina 
A chance meeting on a quiet starry night.
The world is round.
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Just a quiet night.

Everyone gets time off from their duties at some time or another. The Wyvern Company mercenaries of the city are certainly no exception even if that time off is so few and far between. The beach, away from the docks were things were quieter is the chosen location of Carina and while the breeze off the water adds only a slight chill to the pending sunset, she makes no moves to get up from her seated position on an old drift log on the sandy patch of beach.
While the sun slowly lowers, the first stars start appearing in the colorful streaks of the sky and while that does catch her attention for the moment, she doesn't seem at all entranced by them.

However, someone else is entranced by the stars. Orazio di Farro sits quietly on the beach- staring up into the sky as the stars begin to appear. He's writing quietly in a noteboook- and using some kind of tool to look through at the stars. "Interesting." he says to himself.
Slowly, he looks over to the woman in a red cloak. A moment of quiet before he flips the page of his notebook and just takes in the woman. Quietly starting to draw.
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Mostly the sounds of the waves hitting the beach and then continuing to roll in endlessly with the white tops cresting just before it hits the shore, packing the sand there while allowing it to remain loose further back towards the grass. Despite the sounds of the water, the sound of someone else speaking breaks into the reverie and Carina turns just a little to look over her red cloak covered shoulder.
"It's peaceful out here, especially this time of the evening, just before it turns dark. If you look further out you can see the shadows of some of the ships." Random talk, really.

A drawing begins to take form- a woman standing at the edge of the shore. A cloak, billowing in the wind. "The sunset is among my favorite times." he admits to her as he continues to draw quietly- looking up again towards the woman, and back towards the beach as his drawing begins to take form. Quite interesting in style. "So, a company woman, yes?"

For the moment, Carina doesn't glance over towards the drawing as of yet, preferring to give him his privacy in whatever it is he is writing. The conversation though, continues. "I really enjoy this time of the evening. Or really early in the morning, just before the sun rises. Some say it's the coldest part of the day. I think it's just nice to be outside when it happens." With another glance back she gives a wry twist of her lips, "Company woman, yes. Carina Asulf." Asulf is a noble name back in the Kingdom of Ranga where she is from, though not everyone knows that.

Orazio certainly doesn't know it. He's just a nobleman. "I am a fan of the night, moonless nights." he says as he continues to draw quietly- the charcoal scratching along the paper. "When the stars are brightest." he smiles at that though, adding some celestial bodies into the background- far beyond, when the woman is looking out into the night in his drawing.
"I love the stars, though. I would be lying if I said there were any other thing for me." he says, "Although, art is a good follow up."

Carina tilts her head back slightly to get a look at the ever darkening sky where the stars are still popping out.. or finally becoming visible with the brightness of the sun sinking lower. The moon is still on the rise so the midnight velvet backdrop of the glittering stars makes a perfect showcase for them as the colors disappear to the farthest reaches of the west.
"The stars? Many sailors chart their course by them, many children make wishes on those that streak across the sky as they fall. What is it you find so interesting about them that all else fades into the background?"

"I find them interesting. I spend my time charting them. Measuring them. It is all very interesting to me, of course, but some find my passions less than interesting. It gets technical. Math and the like."

"But my art.." Orazio says, offering the finished drawing to Carina. "That, seems to be of interest of people. For me, just a bit of a hobby." he looks again towards the stars, "I chart them, though- my charts do help my family's trade, but yeah. For me it has little to do with sailor or trade."

"I have heard about charting the land and making maps upon exploration but the stars, they all look the same to me. I'm not sure how they could guide me. I mean except that really bright one there," Carina ppints out the brightest one. "That one is always there, brighter than the rest."

With the mention of his art and him offering over the drawing, she gets to her feet and wanders over to have a seat closer to him, settling in before she accepts it. Expecting a more celestial drawing, she looks blank for a moment before her eyes widen a touch. "This is incredible," turning a little to take advantage of the lighting from the moon, as much as she can. "Is this for me?"

"If you would like it, it is yours." Orazio says quietly, with a nod of his head. "It is just a drawing. A thing." he offers softly. "It only is a moment in time- a second that I see, or an image." he explains, "It won't last forever- so enjoy it while you can, I suppose." Orazio continues as he removes the page from the notebook fully and hands it to Carina.

"So, what is like in the companies? I've never been much of a fighter."

"That's exactly what it's like in the companies. Trying to keep the peace while being prepared to do that in a very non peaceful way. Some would rather draw a blade than talk first and so that's how a lot of it begins." Carina accepts the drawing once he had torn it from the book, and she looks down at it. "Then I will keep it as long as it lasts. Thank you. I don't think I've ever had a drawing of myself before."

"A shame. Words are far more powerful than a blade. It is the words that start and end every war. It is words that are most powerful in Matora." Orazio says, with a smile. "It is the blood, though, that is the ink to those words. Terrible, really. Blood is better used to actually be in the body."

Orazio adds, as an after thought, "It is my pleasure, by the way. Always good for art to be enjoyed."

"It is a shame, really." Carina holds the drawing with care and listens, the darkness becoming more complete the later it gets. "I'm better at the sword than words I admit. I rarely talk so much since I came from my homelands something like five years ago." A shake of her head, "Has it been so long?" Her eyes flicker over the drawing, but it's mostly dark and she's only able to make out few of the details now. "I like art. I'm not talented in it."

"I prefer my science to my art." Orazio admits, "I call myself an astronomer." he explains with a smile- an easy smile. "I can show you some of the constellations, if you'd like. To me, they map the sky. I see them everywhere, every night. I always know how to orient myself because of them. I can always find my way home." he smiles at that, "And yes- that is the north star." he notes, "It guides you north, or away to the south." he points at that brightest star. " You have to be careful, though. There are other bright stars in the sky that can fool you."

"Constellations." Carina muses over the word. Maybe she had heard it before but the definition hadn't really mattered at the time. Now though she tilts her head back again and looks to the sky. "Do they ever change where they are in the sky? Or are they like the north star?" She turns a little, looking for any star as bright as the north one.

"No, most of the stars stay in the sky." Orazio says, "Always in the same place- that is why they are good for navigation." he explains, "There are some that move- but only four or five. The wandering stars are what I'm studying currently." he says, as he points towards another bright star near the horizon. "That one, see how it does not flicker?" he says, "It burns slowly, clearly. That one, will move across the horizon and across the sky into the night. The other stars, though, are always in the same place. Eternal in our sky- a map."

"How do you know the ones that move and the ones that stay?" Carina had never looked at the sky long enough to see any sort of pattern to it. Leaning in she watches where he points, seeing the steadiness of it. "Does it have a name? Like the North Star? Or Constellation?" Certainly she was curious and not afraid to ask.

"They all have names." Orazio says, with a smile. He points at a few and begins to name them, piece by piece. "Together they make forms in the skies." he continues, "Like this one- you see those bright stars there, like a belt."
"Well, you follow those three- you see three more, sort of a half circle. That is the bowman." Orazio continues, "A hunter- he hunts the bears, there." he points towards another few stars. "You can see their forms- they are like line drawings, you have to fill in the blanks with your mind."

Carina follows along where he points and finds after a short time she can finally see the shapes he mentions when she tunes out the other stars and focuses on making the shape in her head. "What is that one? It looks much like a soup ladle." Pointing to a really small grouping of stars, but she does seem much more attentive to the larger ones he points out. "Interesting."

"A very important group- there are two like it, attached to one another." Orazio says, "You can follow its handle to find the North Star." he points again, "And so it is easy to find the star wherever you are." he says, "Although, I have seen maps from further south- it seems if you go north and south, the stars move with your direction. But, it is not so hard to believe since we live on a sphere." he explains, "The stars are fixed points in the sky, so if you move, you see the other stars. The only way to explain it is if we live on a sphere, or at least something very round."

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Carina laughs a little at that, trying to imagine it. "Something round. It would feel the ground would curve then, wouldn't it?" The stars do hold her attention as he describes them, but all the while the paper stays on her lap and she remains careful of it. "Are you from one of the great houses?"

"There is a roundness- you can see it very high up, or at the sea. The way the horizon curves, but it is very, very gentle." Orazio says, nodding. "Yes, I am Orazio di Farro, of House Farro. The one with the wine and olives." he says with an easy smile.

"With some work, I could probably figure out the whole circumference of the world.." he's lost a moment, "Yeah…I could do that…" he shakes his head, "Anyways, yes. I am."

"When you are able to find it out, you should tell me, that way I will know too and someday someone will ask me and I'll look smart when I can answer." Carina smiles to herself at the very idea of it before she glances back over at him again. "Farro. Wine and olives. If you haven't yet you should get the Wandering Albatross to carry your wines. Or even the Inn, Your wine and olives." Lifting the paper, she moves to stand. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Signore Orazio di Farro. I should get back to my room. It is getting late."

"It was a pleasure." Orazio offers simply with a smile, giving a wave of his hand. "Be well, warrior. Be safe." he offers, as he opens his notebook and starts to write down things. "I will likely be here until morning." he says, as he goes back to writing.

"I will likely come back in the morning then and see how you fared through the night on my early morning patrols." Carina holds the drawing carefully. "Thank you again for this. I will find a place to keep it safe."

"There is a man who makes frames on the Via. Tell him I sent you, he will add it to my account." Orazio offers simply, "He frames all my pictures for me." Orazio is lost to his work, though- writing away.

Carina watches him a moment while he is writing then with a slightly bemused expression she gives a nod. "I will look for him, but I can buy the frame. It's the least I could do. Good evening to you, Signore, be well and be safe out here." With that, she dips her head and turns to head back into the town proper.

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