(2018-04-27) No, you don't put that in your mouth!
Some things are not meant to be eaten, apparently.
So, while in the gardens, Arabella gives Raffiano a valuable lesson. While flowers aren't that edible, there truly are some stems you don't stick in your mouth. Better than finding out the hard way.
None as of yet, maybe a brief meeting prior.
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There are poppies in the garden ….

It's not like Bella to travel around with so many guards. Maybe she just forgets to gather some. Even a handmaiden sometimes eludes her. Or possibly the other way around. Thus far, Cristof hasn't mentioned anything adverse to it, so she continues to venture off on her own. After all these are the noble gardens, what could happen here? Having meandered through the gardens, the petals of the flowers still somewhat damp with the morning dew and have drawn her attention. Seated on a bench of stone somewhat near the pool, she has a small basket on the bench beside her with different items in it. It is peaceful today with a few birds chirping and the smells from the bazaar further along where prepared food is being sold in bread pockets. It's a vivid reminder that the morning is shifting to the afternoon.

Himself without guard, or more likely, one of his roles with the house as evident by the sword at his side, Raffaino arrives in the gardens as well. Ah, another in the garden, he decides to move in that direction. Then, the girl from the other day. His interst certainly more in the person present than the flowers, if one payed attention to his movements and face. "Ah, Signora Arabella," he says, her face fresh enough to recognize her, "Sure the pup is not lost here in the gardens?" He looks around, waving an arm, "Though, to tell the truth, this would be the perfect location for a chase. A labyrinth of walks and benches, and to keep ones foot to the stone, a challenge?" Not makign one, but thinking finding a pup here could be interesting, did he even mean the pup?

So rapt was her attention that Bella hadn't considered even that someone would approach. As she finally hears maybe the brush of that sword to cloth? Or boot soles to stone? Whatever it was that alerted her, Arabella lifts her head to see who it was that was approaching. Recognizing the man from the recent day she gets to her feet and smooths her hands over the skirt of her dress then takes each side to offer a brief yet polite curtsy. "Good morning to you, Signore. It is a surprise to see you again so soon." With a glance around, she finds herself amused at the idea. "Achille is with my brother. I think he took him outside of the gates today for training." Releasing the hold of her dress, she laces her fingers together and lets them rest in front of her. "I think it would be a place he could hide in and if he were quiet he would never be found. It is a good place for hiding and being full of mischief." Was that a challenge he had offered? Trying to discern that, she studies him a moment. "Do you run and play and chase?" Curiosity there.

"That is a good idea, I think Achille needed a good outing," guessing by how active the pup was the day before. He offers a polite bow in return after her curtsy, enough so the gesture is there if not a true proper bow to a fellow noble. "I am full of surprises," he says, not trying to be seriously mysterious so much as joking with a tease, playing at the words and thought only. "Ah, it is, perhaps you should pick your favorite flower or fruit here, and there you should hide and I shall guess which one it is to see if I find you?" He continues, nodding to her ponderance of run and play and chase, "I do indeed, depending on who I am runing with, playing with .. or chasing." He turns about, looks at a nearby small tree with some fruit on it that he doesn't know, honestly, no telling what is what. "I am good at chasing I am told." He lifts a hand to some leaf there.

"Achille always needs a good outing." Bella's voice holds restrained laughter that shows in her eyes anyway. There's a tilt of her head and mild curiosity in that hint of the surprises and the mystery. "My favorite flower is indeed in this garden somewhere, though if you want me to hide among the blooms, I am afraid I cannot do that." Now it is her turn to hold amusement and a hint at the mystery, even though the mystery is not so very big. "I think you could try and guess which flower is my favorite without me hiding and to make the game that much more difficult. We could take a stroll through them all and you can try to guess as we go along?" Watching as he touches the leaf on one of the trees, she smiles. "That one is not it." Even if there are beautiful blossoms on that tree.

"Ah, it is that you are inept at hiding," or the constrains of clothes and such make it difficult the same, but Raffiano holds to his opinion, keeping his own court. He nods, "Well, I like this form of chase, I am chasing your favorite. We shall see how well I am at this form of hiding." Still holding that leaf he turns back to look at her, nodding as she affirms it is not. "Ah, yes, good thing I would never have guessed this one." His expression reads as if he would have said the blossom of that tree itself, but had the out and definitely took it. "And I shall challenge you, for each one I am wrong at guessing, you must give me the correct name." As if he knew them all or something and was testing her. Hopefully she's good enough where no one knows the difference. The tree did have lovely spring blossoms, but good to turn and find another, he lets it go. "Shall we then," he offers with an arm for her to choose a direction to walk, he will get in step with her, but not to lace an arm, he respects that for the now it would seem. "How about this," he picks a random flower as the walk, not knowing if she choose to walk away from her favorite to make the game longer even.

The trail was fairly long around the garden with different little recesses and nooks and raised planters. Circle benches around circle gardens with the same surrounding trees. It was indeed the loveliest location in the whole of the town, if you asked Arabella. Taking the offered arm came naturally to her because it was just the thing to do when you were with a lady. You escorted her. So used to taking Cristof's she does take the arm and gives him an impish smile as she leads him in one direction. "That is a poppy and it is not that one, even if it is a lovely flower. It is a good guess."

A grin catches the corner of his mouth as the arm is taking, matching her impish one with a devilish one of his own. He gives a pause, "Wait, we shouldn't eat this? Though it is fragrant and lovely. Due tell, it is poisonous?" He does move his arm away from guessing. Pausing, he grins more, "I do know it is the poppy, but I assumed all flowers should not be eaten, but what mystery do I not recall from my many hours of study of … flowers." Rhyme unintended, awkward pause to reflect on that thought. "I shall be careful which flower I name next to be certain." Points to, she's naming, he's guessing which one first.

Catching that devilish smile of his, Arabella is intrigued. He was dangerous, he was rugged and he was a spare heir. He was nothing at all like she would find attractive as a marriage prospect, but she studies him all the same with that smile. Forcing herself to look away, she puts a slight separation, holding his arm a little lighter as they continue to walk. "Sometimes some versions of the flower are used as medicine." She knows a little about herbs, but she elaborates none on it. "Though yes, I believe it is poisonous." His rhyme has her glancing back at him again. "You are adept at the spoken word. I have to admit that is something I really enjoy, Poems and books and reading." Though she does not mention more of that, she passes by another display of flowers. Roses of a variety of colors, periwinkles, nerium oleander and many others. "So many beautiful colors too," she cannot help but to observe.

"Ah, very well then, if I should fall ill, I know to eat this poppy flower," he says, who knows, Raffiano could be serious about that too. "Just a little, so I am not poisoned, but made well." He correts himself as she affirms it is poisonous. "What sort of poison? Such as, ailement of the stomach?" As in, could he give it to a family member or close friend as a joke of sorts. "I am good at reciting poems and I've been known to make my own. Usually it happens when it comes to me and I do not stop until I've finished and then, alas, I rarely write them down. So it is a challenge to myself, to always compose something new." Or he made that up on the spot, just now, but challengins himself. Mental note made by Raffiano to himself, keep that line. He nods, and looks at her. "So your favorite flower and your favorite color do not align?" He reaches for a periwinkle then, "This is surely it, you're most favorite.

"NO!"Arabella immediately and vehemently denies it. "Never eat it, not ever! You go see your person who heals your family, your own healer, and let him or her decide what it is you should take." Her eyes are wide with concern before she shakes her head in reaction and tries to calm herself a little. "Please do not eat plants or flowers." Just letting it go with that. He helps when he mentions reciting poems and even making his own. "Why do you not put them to parchment? You could write your own collection and keep them for always." Her eyes drop to the periwinkle and she smiles gently as she reaches to touch it also. "This one is so perfect. It is almost my favorite, but there is one other that I like best. To tell you a clue, we were very near it when you approached me."

"Oh oh, see, I was just testing," he pauses, and grins, "You're doing remarkable well Signora Arabella, a prized student in my book." A grin from himself, danger averted he didn't eat it yet, though may have pondered just that. He chuckles and nods, to assure her, "No no, no eating of the vegetation. Especially here, I'd hate to ruin this lovely view from my window." A slight drop there, for all she knows he espied her from this window and came here, or met her at random. One of those two for sure. "Ah, not quite your favorite." He admits on the latest selection, and turns, "I would write them down more readily, if my spelling and hand writting were." A pause, he scrunches his lips in that pondering, "Improved. As it is now, I'd have no idea what I wrote, it would be too sloppy most likely. A waste of parchment. Besides, being in the moment, and devising words to suit that eviseral quality of a moment, is just right for me." He turns back to where they were, "Ah, you mislead me. It is good though, I am glad this flower was not quite the one, it means we can walk some more."

Relieved that he was not going to go home and make poppy stew or something, Arabella exhales a breath in reaction. "I am so glad you really would not eat the flora. It is much more tasteful to be looked at and admired." The periwinkle gets another look and she traces a petal with a whimsical smile before turning a surprised gaze upon him. "If you ever want it penned down to parchment, I could help you. I do really like to read and to write things." And that way she could hear the poems too! She continues to move on, the long way around from where they were and she gives a thoughtful look towards some of the surrounding estate houses. "The garden is the best view in the city," she says again, meaning it. "The water is second, down by the grassy area closest to the water. It is so very pretty." As they walk, they pass more flowers, some dahlia's and one called a bachelor button. All sorts had been brought in and put on display here. A blush rises in her cheeks and she focuses more on the flowers. "There was a reason I could not hide amid my favorite blooms." Still, she leaves it as a mystery for him to decipher.

"Oh, see," grins Raffiano, "I know there would be something you could be good for." He lets it hanging, meaning he thought of nothing else until she mentioned writing. "I might ask you to help me then, if you do not make fun of my poems that is. I'm a fragile soul." Not really, that tease has edged in his voice, lots probably. He walks with her, noticing the blush which makes him curious. He almost asks about that, but then she is back to her favorite bloom. "This one, or that …" He points to a couple of flowers near where they began now. "I can only guess that maybe, your favorite flower is simply not pretty as compared to you, thus you'd outshine the blossom and I'd find you rather easily." He wings that, half looking at her, maybe seeing what her guard (personal mask/guard not actual guards) is like in that moment.
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"Something I could be good for?" Musing over that, Arabella does try and find a way to make it something positive, but she keeps failing as she does. "I am not sure that I should help you after all." Despite his flirting and his attempts to be charming, it seems up until now he had been doing good, but now he had said something she had taken exception to. Pressing her lips together, she has a bit of fire flashing in her eyes. "I am assisting my brother in business for our family. I do a lot of things that are good. Perhaps not for /you/ but.." She exhales, a little firecracker at the moment. "I am good for a good many things." Sounding more like a petulant child than a lady defending herself. "There," she points out the lotus that is floating upon the pool, the spikes of the flower and the fiery colors matching the owners passion just now. "Thank you for the walk about the garden, but I should be going now, the hour is growing late and I have to get some things from the bazaar."

A slight playful frown, and a chuckle, "Signora Arabella, I do not meant that seriously. You would be of much help, you said yourself you are gifted in writing and I am lacking. Discovering them all is a fine chase, perhaps I shall endeavor to pursue this chase." He tries to bring it back a little. "I do not wish to keep you, perhaps I should walk you out of the garden at least?" He does turn to look at the flower. "Yes, it is beautiful, but it doesn't not compare." With that, he grins, "But do not let me keep you, I have learned something important today. That your favorite flower is the … this one." He doesn't know the name, "And that you are gifted in writing which I would be happy to share poetry with you."

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