(2018-04-26) A Garden Meeting
A Garden Meeting
Cosimo and Amadea have a brief chat in the gardens of Palazzo Gaspari
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Cosimo had sent an invitation for Contessa Amadea to meet with him at her leisure at the palazzo. It had been a while since he had last spoken to someone from the house that held the lands to the south of his own. Plus it offered an opportunity to ask after Tizania. Upon her arrival, a pair of servants will graciously offer to escort the Contessa to the location of the Conte and walk her through the courtyard and into the gardens.

Standing near the large fountain that dominates one end of the gardens, Cosimo is quietly speaking to two servants wearing the livery of House Gaspari. Amadea's arrival into the gardens attracts his attention and the Conte murmurs several more words to both servants before dismissing them with a hand gesture. He turns to face the Contessa with a bright smile.

"Contessa! I hope you are doing well." He sketches an elegant little bow. "How fares House Capello? More importantly, how fares my dear Tizania? I hope her wife has been treating her well enough."

Wearing a gown with ludicrously wide bell-shaped sleeves and a small formal train, the Contessa is clearly part of the nobility as she makes her way into the gardens, her silken clothing embroidered with little roses. She sweeps out a polite curtsey, which really just makes a show of how much fine fabric she's actually wearing, and she smiles a formal little smile at Cosimo.

"Oh, I am well, thank you, my lord," Amadea replies with a measure of delight. "As far as I know, your sister is quite well. She is always such a delight to have at home, and her relationship with her wife is quite happy, to my understanding."

Cosimo smiles, taking a couple of steps closer to the Contessa. "Good, good. I am glad to hear that she is settling in well with her new family. One always hopes for the best when they help make such arrangements for their siblings, yes?" The Conte smiles as he approaches. "Come, come. Let me show you around our gardens here while we talk." He gestures for her to walk with him. He decides to keep the topic of conversation light to begin with. "Are you looking forward to the feast being put on by the Sabastinos? I am interested to see what entertainments they have in store, personally. I hope they are more Matoran in origin, I do so enjoy teasing my lady wife about how much better everything is here than in Avicorse." He grins.

Amadea nods her head politely in response to this, moving to take his arm so that he can guide her around his gardens on the walking tour, as it were. "Thank you, my lord," she replies demurely, allowing him the lead. It is his home, after all. "Ah, yes, the feast. My lord husband and I will have to attend. I'd nearly forgotten about that. Things have been so busy, of course. And my sisters give me no rest. And now I have your sister for a sister."

Cosimo slowly escorts her through the gardens, gesturing at a nearby tree. "I thought having some trees that produced some fruit would be a nice touch, add some color along with the green. What I did not realize was just how it could attract birds to come and steal them away. Not that I would complain too much, really. I want to have an artist or two paint some of the birds that come for the fruit some day. So many colors they bring, I think it could make for a beautiful painting.

Her comment about siblings elicits a laugh, "Oh indeed. Part of being family though. You love them and appreciate them, but there are those times when you wish you could just send them to the other side of the world. For just a day or two. Or maybe a week. No more than a month at most."

"My sister is quite the singer, but there is something pleasant about charming little songbirds twittering in one's window in the breezy spring mornings," Amadea observes as she looks over the tree up and down thoughtfully, pursing her lips for a moment. "Perhaps I should invest in some fruit trees. It does smell divine, what with all the little flowers, and surely you will produce fruit at some point, even if it is just for the household to enjoy. I really do need to see to our gardens at some point soon. They need tending. But then, everything needs tending, hmm?"

Cosimo glances over at her, eyebrow raised. "Your sister is a talented singer? Does she perform in public or more private gatherins? I ask because I would be curious to listen to her sing." He looks back to the trees, nodding. "They are a good investment. You could probably convince some of the more agriculturally-minded houses to part with some seeds for your servants to plant. Or, if you'd like, I can see what sort of exotic plants from the East or the South might be capable of growing in a garden. And yes, these things do require constant attention and tendng, as you say. Such is life, yes? And even then, it feels like life constantly seeks to throw out new challenges to tend to each and every day."

"My sister the lady Amanda is the singer, though I expect she mostly sings at private gatherings," Amadea replies, then nods. "Yes, I would appreciate that. I should go, however. I've just remembered that there's something I need to see to. Really, you must forgive me."

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