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A warm cloudy spring day, hints of wet puddles gathered on the cobblestones and marble tiles laid about the city for walkways, roads and the piazzas. But mostly dry at this moment, waiting for another spattering of light rain maybe. From the gates near the Piazza de Spettacolo, Raffiano is walking out with a group of men. Some older and possibly equals, others younger and possible squires or pages. The younger boys carrying what looks like sparring weapons and lances. The older men a little dirty, especially near their feat probably from the mud of the tilting grounds withing the spectacle plaza itself. There, Raffiano parts ways with his peers, some joke made, a laugh had and then he holds both hands up to stretch, pulling at the back of his hair and looking at the grey sky. From there, he smiles a moment, then looks about with some determination. Eyes turning dockside with some ponderance. As if he may end up heading there, but instead stays a moment to look at a certain tilted stone that has allowed water to gather, dry edges as it slowly sinks between the thin cracks of the tiles of the plaza, he gives it a kick. Half as if clearing mud from boots, but really just a kick. Someone may look offended, he sort of shrugs like, what can he really do. A sorry, not sorry, for anyone touched by a small droplet of water kicked up from the movement.

The showers were a sure sign spring was here and they left a clean feel to the city and brought with it a humidity that was hard to ignore. Coming from the west, from the way of the lion's gate is one of the Wyvern Company. Even from a distance her maroon cloak is a telling sign of her position. When she's a little closer, the Wyvern symbol on her cloak is an even more telling sign. With a confident walk and an alertness about her, she looks competent and prepared for any disturbances. Her sword at her side, the pommel near her left hand only increases the effect. Eyes of the palest of blue fall on the man where he stands kicking the tiles. Amusement briefly shows over her features until she realizes it's there and she schools them immediately after. "Good Morning." The greeting she'd offer to anyone she came across.

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A turn at the approach, perhaps the notice of the cloak draws his attention. Maybe a consideration to wonder if he's done something wrong, or the look could be read as, was he caught for something he had done. Doesn't matter, Raffiano di Albrici pulls himself up a litle and nods a bow. "Signora Wyvern, good day." Sure, its all amiable, and friendly, but its conversation, something different. Whatever day adventures where ahead are cast aside a moment, and he picks up right from there. "I beg foregiveness at the wetting of the denizens of Matora," he says, as if kicking some water was causing trouble, "It was but an accident that I stumbled thus upon that puddle and sent it frothing into the midst of those citizens." Who knows, they could be nobles, he doesn't know, instead he's looking at Catarina. "And what knews of the Docks, has this heir yet arrived, I am wondering will he be friend or foe?" Thus his attention averted and now he's settled to remain in the piazza for now at least it would seem.

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Somewhere, not far off, a man's voice emits a rough curse. That curse is followed a moment later by a squeal of surprise from a woman, and then a laugh of delight from a child. The soundscape continues it approach toward Ruffiano and Carina until its inspiration reveals itself. A grey Cane Corso pup, slips awkwardly through a knot of gossiping women, earning a cry of indignation. Though young it is obvious that the animal is quickly growing in size and it has the ungainly gait of an animal that has not yet learned to control its newly elongated appendages. Regardless of its awkwardness, the puppy is clearly delighted to be out for a run in the town, tongue lolling, tail high, ears perked.

From around a nearby corner, a deep male voice belows, "Achille! Damn you! Achille!" A moment later, Conte Cristofano di Sabastino rounds the corner at a frantic run, eyes scanning the crowd.

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The expression from the woman holds bewilderment for only a moment before her expression clears and those glacier eyes drop to the tiles where he had kicked the water from. A single brow is arched when she lifts them again and she crosses her arms in as intimidating fashion as she can manage as she looks down her nose at him. "I'll forgive you this time, but if I catch you kicking water again, it's a duel." Only the slight flicker at the corner of her mouth gives way the jest of it. "The news of the docks is, the arrival is soon. Word travels fast, I think. There is nothing more to do than wag tongues on visiting dignitaries? You should find yourself a past time."
The curse drowning out the morning sounds and it brings Carina's attention away from the man she'd been speaking to towards the gray pup and its running approach. While it's disruptive, the intent wasn't bad so she debates on what to do. Since it's approaching, she squats down, careful of her sword, and wraps her arms around it to keep it in place, if she can. "Achille?" Giving it a quick petting with her free hand.

Half a grin from Raffiano, "Ah, but wagging tongue is my past time." He grins, pauses, well, hopefully that came out right and if not, he's non the worse for having said it. Ah, distraction at least. "Speaking of tongue wagging," he busy right into it as the puppy runs free, probably enjoying the chase and run with its friend there. To whom Raffiano turns and recognizes, if not by face, at least by stature and perhaps wear. "Signore Conte," he inclines his head. He'd done as much with Carina and yet more so to the station at least of the man after the puppy. "I think the culprit is under foot." Literally actually, but he meant a play at the word, as if the crook was hiding amongst the dinner guests. Grinning as it seems to pause near Carina, "You've a way with … culprits it seems." Ah, guard - culprit. He reals his tongue in before it gets worse. More watching now to see if the puppy responds to the Conte.

Conte Cosimo di Gaspari walks leisurely through the streets, heading in a northerly direction, seeming to be at ease with the crowds. He catches sight of a Wyvern cloak and turns to head in that direction. The loud curse, followed by shouts of 'Achille' are enough to force him to turn his head to see where that commotion is coming from. He briefly spots someone moving through the crowds, but it's not enough to tell who it is. As he reaches Carina, he notices Raffiano and the puppy as well. "Ah, I see this little creature has caught the attention of our esteemed Wyvern Company. To look at this noble beast, one can certainly tell that he will be quite a handful as he grows." He glances back over at Raffiano and nods. "Signore, is this puppy yours? A fine animal."

A squat is all the invitation the puppy needs. It's temporary freedom forgotten, it scrambles awkwardly toward the crouching Wyvern and places a damp paw on her thigh to gain leverage for a lick at her chin. The animal's tail whips wildly back and forth in delight.

Conte Cristofano's attention is snagged by the call from Raffiano, and his head jerks that direction before he shoulders his way quickly through the busy street to reach the pair. The sight of the Cane Corso pup brings a look of relief to his blunt and serious features, and those features further soften with a smile of gratitude. "Good day to you, signor." It is only then that he notices the others. "…And to you, signora Wyvern. Thank you for your help. And…my good Conte di Gaspari. A good day to you! The little rascal has had me on the run for nearly an hour. It seems he prefers your fine company to mine."

Sqatting down with the puppy, Carina give it the proper attention a puppy deserves, a smirk though as the affection is returned via a lap of that tongue over her chin. "Fierce little thing aren't you? Trying to eat my face." As guarded as she was talking to Raffiano before, it's completely absent when she's conversing with the animal. "You'll be a good guard dog someday." A half smile inching up a corner of her mouth before she looks up and it fades all together.
"Good morning to you both." The two new ones approaching. At a disadvantage height wise, both since she's squatted down and holding the pup in place and because the others were taller than her, she tilts her chin up in a slightly autocratic manner while her eyes hold a more guarded look. "An hour?" Echoing him lightly. "Would he have returned home in due time?"

"No doubts there," turns in Raffiano to the topic of the fine animal and good guard dog. Simply agreement and its a puppy, of course one would expect the world of it. A slight stand back and folding of arms, he won't have his face licked, or give enough attention to have a claw at his thigh to pull him down. He's wise in the ways of these wily creatures. "A good place to train for hunting, assuredly, if he can smell prey here, he can find deer easily enough." Yes, surely hunting is better then guarding, "And to weave among the people here, he can gain speed to lead the deer back in a good chase." That his two bits and then some, maybe too much, a curious eye towards Cosimo's joining and he bows respectfully, "Signore Conte," just the same. Whether he recognizes or not, he had the benefit of Conte Cristofano supplying the name.

Cosimo looks over as Cristofano arrives. "Ahh, Conte Cristofano, good to see you. I was just commenting on how this looks to be a fine animal. And if he can keep you busy for an hour now, just wait and think about what mischief he will cause when he grows larger." The thought brings out an amused smirk. "Why, he'll have you running all the way to Bergatine and back." Carina's comment about being a good guard dog has him rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "Now that the good signora has mentioned it, I would be most interested in some guard dogs for my warehouses some day. Yes, if he can smell out prey in the city, and run through the streets for so long without tiring, he can run down thieves. I agree that these are most useful traits." The last part of this is directed to Raffiano as he returns the man's greeting with a nod of his head.

"I doubt it," Cristofano replies to Carina in his rumbly voice. "Not for want of trying…eventually. I just doubt he knows where he is. He slipped the kennel this morning, longing for the freedom of open spaces." Something in the Sabastino Conte's voice hints that he, too, might long for such places. A nod is given to Raffiano's words. "He'll make a fine hound some day if I can keep track of the bugger long enough to train him." In spite of the gruff words and the deep rumble of his voice, there is some hint of amusement in Cristofano's voice, and no small amount of affection. "I am afraid I have not had the pleasure of your acquaintance," he tells the Albrici fellow.

As for Cosimo, the other Conte gets a smile from Crisofano. "My favorite has just whelped a litter here in the city. Come and have dinner with me, and you may have your pick. They have fine parents and any of them, save perhaps the runt, will do you proud service in time and with the proper training."

While the men greet one another, Carina continues to keep the pup there in place, listening to the conversation between them. The pup seemed to like the attention, but she glances off towards the docks and with another tilt of her chin, indicates the dog to Cristofano. "Would you like him back?" Eyes squint in consideration, "If you're selling the runt at a discounted price I may be interested." She doesn't let go of the pup until Cristofano secures him though, but once he does she'll stand and wipe her hands together before dropping them again to her side. "I was just passing through, heading towards the docks for the arriving dignitary. If you all would pardon me?"

"Ah, my apologies," says the Albrici as its noted he is the unkown in the group. Giving an incline of head, "Raffiano di Albrici," his hands even unfold from pulling up to keep away from the pup. He thumbs back, "Coming from the Spettacolo and a morning of practice." To explain his perhaps slightly dirty state. Watching with a smile as she offers the return of the pup. A grin towards Cosimo, "Careful Signore, word travels fast, you'll have takers for all those pups before you know it." Or they may be spoken for, at least non requested by him. The brow lift shows curiousity following the question from Carina and the runt; silence returns to Raffiano at least, as dinner and pups are not for him in the moment.
The invitation for dinner makes Cosimo flash a smile. "I would love to, and I will bring over my wife as well. The Avicorsans need to have a higher appreciation for the tables that we Matorans set, yes? But yes, I shall speak to her and we will be more than honored to take you up on your offer, and to reciprocate as well." He looks over at Carina as she rises. "Arriving today is he? So there is truth to those rumors. How interesting." He bows his head and gestures. "Please, do not let me be the one to keep you from your duties. A pleasant day to you, signora."

Turning back to the other two, he looks at Raffiano in particular and nods. "A pleasure to meet you, Signore Raffiano. Practicing? Jousting? Oh I was never any good at that, I much preferred bladed weapons myself. How well can you joust? I need to know who to bet on whenever another tournament rolls around." He grins.

Taking advantage of Carina's hold on the dog, Cristofano secures it with a collar and a leash. That leash goes taut as the pup struggles to return to the Wyvern's attentions. A dark eyebrow is arched to the guard, but the conte nods. "Come by the estate sometime when you are not on duty and you can meet her." His attention swings toward the docks before he gives a slight nod. "Of course."

As the Conte di Sabastino returns his attention to Raffiano, his eyes light with understandable recognition of the name Albrici. "A pleasure to meet you, Signore. Please give my regards to Conte Nicolo." And then he is back to the other conte. "You honor me. And it will be a pleasure to meet your wife." With that, he grows silent, allowing the conversation to take its turn toward the arts of combat.

Once the dog is secured, Carina does take to her feet. "There are truths to most every rumor I have found." Dipping her head to the Conte Cristofano. "It would be greatly appreciated and I will do that. Thank you." The others also get a nod, but the flicker of her gaze hesitates briefly on Raffiano. "Perhaps I'll see you on the lists at the next tournament." With a challenge in the air she arches a brow in silent question. "Do pardon me," addressing them all this time, "It has been a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Excusing herself, she walks with a confident gait towards the docks.

A nod given as the guard leaves, "Yes, perhaps," and he would explain which emblem to look for to see if he was still in the tourney on the lists, but she has to go it seems. "A pleasure." He leaves it there for the moment. And returns to the contes. "With a lance, I am confident and pride says I should say I am your bet. But I must be honest the same, Signores, the sword is more my passion. I am tolerable at best with a lance. And it is half luck and blind faith should I advance beyond half of a tourney with a lance. This morning was sword, some jousting, but with the earlier rain, we thought it best not to retreat from the Spettacolo compoletely covered in mud. I will gladly tell him of your regards. Perhaps this dinner you speak of, I should express he is expected in attendance?" Not his place, but he can ask on behalf.

Arabella has arrived.

Having gone a different direction in search of the pup, Arabella finally manages to make it back to the central location looking slightly harried. When she catches sight of her brother, her steps carry her swiftly towards him, her cloak billowing slightly around her. "Cristof, have you found Achill…" Cutting it off both when she notices indeed he had the dog in question quite secured and secondly that he was surrounded by others. Her hands smooth over her wavy locks that are mostly kept back in a partial braid and she looks more than a little sheepish. "Many pardons," she dips into a demure curtsy, ducking her head as she greets the others. "I do so hope I am not interrupting?"

"A wise course of action." Cosimo says, nodding to the Albrici. "Walking around caked in mud doesn't do much to catch the eyes of any ladies, yes?" He smiles, eyes moving towards the newest addition to the little group. "Interrupting signora? No, not at all. The good signore Raffiano was just telling us about his training this morning, but we have mostly been focusing our attention upon the puppy here." He gestures towards Achille. A quick gaze into the sky and the Conte sighs. "Unfortunately, I think I do need to be seeing to a shipment at one of my warehouses. If you will all pardon me, I wish you each a good day and it was pleasant speaking to you." He nods towards Cristofano. "And Conte Cristofano, my wife and I shall take you up on your invitation soon. A pleasant day to you and your house." A nod is given in Arabella's direction before he begins heading southwards.
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Achille gives an excited bark at the sight of Arabella, as if he hadn't been running /away/ from her and Crisofano only moments before. The Conte di Sabastino's face breaks into a warm smile at the sight of his sister. "I've got the rascal," he affirms, playfully tugging the leash. "And you are not interrupting at all. We have just decided that the Conte di Gaspari and his wife will be joining us for dinner in the near future," he affirms, bowing politely to the departing nobleman. "That done, we have turned our attention to Signore Albrici and his exploits with the lance. Signiore Raffiano di Albrici, my sister, Signora Arabella di Sabastino." More sotto voce, he offers, "Thanks for your help," to Arabella for her time seeking the lost dog.

A nod the same, "Good day Signore," to the parting Conte. Even as he'd turned a curious eye to the arrival of the lady. Since he's bowing slightly, "And no interruption at all Signora, a pleasure even." He returns upright, that Raffiano, and grins just slightly. "The Sword, my exploits of the lance are as of yet, unwritten." Same with the sword for the actual matter. "It is a pleasure Signora Arabella di Sabastino." As he learns her name, he looks from her to the pup, then betwixt the two Sabastinos. "Perhaps this heir shall like the sword as well. Then again, if he doesn't show on the field, I shall probably never have chance to meet him when he arrives here." He says, to turn a little focus away from his prowess, with a hint of modesty.

Arabella bids farewell to the departing Conte, realizing as she does that he had mentioned dinner with his wife to her brother. Tilting her gaze upwards to him, eyes laughing, she says softly. "A dinner party would be lovely. Should I help do anything special?" Glad she wasn't interrupting, she reaches down to pet the excited pup, her gaze lifting onto the other man as the introductions are made. She dips her head after rising again, smoothing the skirt of her dress, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Signore di Albrici. The lance you say? Perhaps I would have the honor of seeing you compete with it in the future." As he corrects though, in mention of the sword, she bobs her head slightly. "I see. The sword then." Lifting her hand, she slips it into the bend of her brothers arm, a proper escort for her. Of course it is on the opposite side as the dog. "You are ever so welcome, Cristof, as always." A bright smile for her brother.

"Ah, yes. The Heir of Pelcortia," Cristofaro rumbles softly, his tone one of musing. "I doubt he has come to show his skill at arms, though I am often wrong about these things. Word on the street is that he seeks asylum. Sister…" The idea blossoms in his mind like a spring rose, "we should invite the heir to join us for our Spring Feast, don't you think?" Before the answer can come, he looks back to Raffiano. "And I do hope you will join us, too. It will be a good opportunity to get to know you better, and, of course, if we can get him there, for all of us to learn just this heir's ambitions are here in Matora."

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The focus on lance has Raffiano sort of taken a little. "I suppose so, I would be glad to have you as a witness." Towards Arabella, he finds his smile again as the words come out. Then he grins more, she notes the sword and he nods, "Yes, that would be far better, if my prowess were to be measured. Of course, if you want to see a spectacle of me being up-ended from my horse, thenby all means, witness my skill at jousting the same." A pause and a nod, turning to the offer from the Conte. "I would be glad to attend, I admit to enjoying the company this day. If you manage to turn the ear of the fallen prince, you may well be a step ahead of us all." Houses that is. "It sounds like this dinner feast is turning up quite the stir now. I couldn't refuse the company of Achilles."

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It is with a more shrewd look that Arabella meets her brothers gaze, albeit briefly, when the Heir of Pelcortia is mentioned. Her smile broadens somewhat and she speaks quietly to him, "He certainly should be invited to the Spring Feast. Perhaps even be a guest of honor, should you think to want one." With one hand on her brother's arm, tucked in nice and neat, she allows the other to push errant locks over her shoulder. "I have no desire to see you upended from your horse, spectacle or no. I do hope that should you find yourself participating in the joust, that you find yourself more skilled than you believe." In an attempt to be polite, she rambles on.

"I am sure that Signore Raffiano is merely being modest, as befits a man of his station and breeding." Cristofano offers the young man a smile, then bends slightly to ruffle the head of the hound who, like most puppies, has gone from full-bore excited leash tugging to being sound asleep on the cobbles. "I will see if I can figure out where he is staying and dispatch and invitation post-haste." He gives the Albrici a dip of his head. "Will you please excuse me, Signore?"

Along one of the many thoroughfares that lead to the Piazza, Vittore arrives in the company of his brother Corso, the pair of Farro men enjoying a stroll and the many sights of the city. Coming upon a gathering the former slows his pace, perhaps a little wary before recognition of part of the group improves his demeanor. "Ah, it is my new in-laws," he notes to his brother, a little more quietly, before approaching with a smile. "Good day, signores and signora - or should it be that I am calling you brother and sister now? Admittedly I'm new to this." The marriage being still very much in the early days.

"Certainly, it was a pleasure Signore Conte," offers Raffiano to the Conte Sabastino who dipped his head. The Albrici dips more out of respect, then grins to Arabella, "Sometimes one should be put in their place, and yet, I appreciate you think my place is not to fall from the back of my horse. You do me a great service Signora." Grinning, more playful, even at his own skill with the lance. "Though I assure, I will try to not end up thusly. It may be, I need the right .. inspiration to prevent such a catastrophe." He could lay on more words, luckily another Conte arrives in the piazza to help break that up. His lengthy words. "Good day Signores," he leaves it there, whether he recognizes the Conte for who he is or not. A slight turn to Corso as well, measuring or seeing where he falls in, in said company of the one who spoke up first.

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Corso wears a sword at his side as he wanders the streets alongside Vittore, his gaze shifting to those pointed out by the man and he nods his head at his kinsman before following along towards the group and offering an bow of his hand, "Signore, Signora." He greets.

There is a moment of consideration at her brothers words which merely gains Raffiano a brief look of speculation. "Perhaps. Time shall tell." Her tone is not lacking in mischief or challenge, though it is with a demure fashion in which she lowers her lashes only to look up through them again. Though as Raffiano starts laying it on, words on inspiration, she rolls her eyes in a playful fashion. A medieval /as if/ if there ever was one. Releasing the arm of her brother as he excuses himself, she gives an encouraging smile. "I wish you the best of luck Cristof. I should wait here for you?" Making no moves to carry herself off. The arrival of Vittore makes the need of a chaperone less necessary. He was family! "Brother," she greets him with a bright smile. "It is indeed a pleasure to see you." Peering around him in hopes of seeing her favored sister. A bit of a pout when she notices Marsilia was not present. Corso gets a brief smile though, "Signore," dipping her head.

"There is no need to wait for me," the Conte says to Arabella. Arrested in his departure by the arrival of Corso and Vittore, Cristofano half-turns to face the Farros on their approach, a reserved smile appearing on his face for their words. "Conte di Farro, Signiore Corso, a good day to you both. I hope, indeed, that I may call you brothers for so I think of you." He speaks with a kind of rough formality that shows simultaneously his familiarity with polite conversation and his lack of facility with it. "I hope our sister Marsilia is well and not spending all of your House's wealth on gowns and books." The barest hint of a mischeivous smile threatens to tug up the right corner of his mouth. He supresses it. "You will both have to forgive me, I fear. I was just about to depart on business. You will be attending our feast, I hope?" His dark eyebrows climb upward in expectation.

The roll of her demure eyes is met with a slight hint of grin from Raffiano, and yet no more. He did catch on that there was some extended relation between these gentlemen he doesn't know or recognize and this Signora of Sebastino. Good thing he introduces them, he follows suit by inclining his head. "Good day Conte, Signore Corso," it almost seems like he tries to keep face to name now with th eintroduction. "I'd accept another brother, but perhaps you should offer that familiarity to my brother, Conte Nicolo di Albrici?" As if to help that rough foramlity of the count while seeming polite enough. The comment on Marsilia spending on gowns and books earns a hint of chuckle from the Albrici. If she's noble and there are gowns and books, what is wealth in the equation. "You are certainly forgiven Conte," for business if needed. He does nod, not sure who is holding the feast but sure he'll figure out which home to show up at in the end, but he will be attending now.

Giuliana has arrived.

With Raffiano being perhaps the odd one out in the newly-made family meeting, Vittore does turn to single him out in greeting, giving a quick but elegant bow. "Pardon. Vittore-" Ah, well, it seems that Cristofano has the introductions so he can pause his part way. "It is a pleasure to meet you. I know of your brother by reputation, at least." Straightening, he smiles a bit at the warm greeting from the other pair of siblings, perhaps that thawing his stiffness some. He addresses Arabella in the largest part: "I am sorry she is not here to see you, she was tending house and Corso and I had other business. But you should feel free to come and visit." There is a pause, as if he considers if it is wise to admit it, before going on, "She is well, but I am sure she would be very happy to see you. She may be a little homesick, I think?" And then to both of them, he nods. "Yes, of course we will come, as it we are, as you say, family now. But do not let us keep you any longer, if you need to go. We can see your sister somewhere, if it would put you at ease?"

"Of course, Signore, do not let us keep you from your business." Corso says with a nod of his head, "And fret not, as my brother says, the Signora is in good hands with us, should she need escort somewhere." He assures, a bright smile flashed at Arabella. "And I for one look forward to the feast." He adds with a soft chuckle, "We shall see you then, if not beforehand, Signore!"

"Then I will make my way home shortly. I was planning on going to the bizarre." Arabella gives the puppy a playfully scolding look for his deterring her from her original intent. "Before Achille ran off." With her hand free from the bend of her brothers arm, she laces her fingers together and allows them to hang loosely while introductions and greetings were made between everyone. "Tending house?" Echoing the words before laughing softly. "I can imagine she has taken up the entirety of your suite now with her belongings." Though the realization of the insinuation of her being in his /bedroom/ brings pink to her cheeks and she deliberately looks away briefly. "I will be sure to visit her, I do miss her dreadfully. Thank you for the invitation." With a tilt of her head. she regards Corso, "I have so many brothers now," returning his bright smile with one of her own. "We do look forward to having you over. Dinner and dancing and Cristof has promised wine and music."

"I'm sure Arabella would be grateful for any company you wish to provide, as would I." So saying, Cristofano bows to present company and gives a little tug on the leash. "Come, Achille, you rascal." And with that, the Conte and the puppy head for home. "Achille! Heel!"

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There is some coming and going here, and Raffiano seems to have some itch. He listens but his eyes drift southward towards the docks. He might just be the sort interested in seeking when/where this prince arrives. Ah something brings him back, wine maybe. "Well, I look forward to this gathering all the same. The addition of dinner and dancing makes it more worth the while I suppose." He stands more upright, or shifts weight between legs and it appears to be him fixing his composition. "Now, if the heir turns up at the dinner feast, that would be something." As for the family business, that's the moments he gets that southerly wistful look, he's still not sure he has all the connections here and the more talk of family may be putting names to faces further out of his mind. "Farewell," offered to the parting Conte from Raffiano.

Giuliana has four guards with her today; two in front and two behind of her as she walks in the company of a handmaid. They, the guards, wear the livery of the Albrici family, signalling to Raffiano long before he will spot just who, is about to descend on him. "Wait, wait, wait! I see him there," a young voice calls, and the small entourage comes to a halt a few feet off, bodies parting enough to spit out the woman in the middle. "Raffiano!" Dressed in smoke grey brocade that's been lavishly trimmed with silver, and with her hair worn loose to the small of her back, this is Giuliana d'Abrici, younger sister to Raffiano, and currently a girl on a mission if the packages that weigh down her maid are a measure of the day's success.

Evidently any improper implication among Arabella's words passes Vittore by, or at the very least, he is kind enough not to linger on that particular dimension of the topic where it comes to one sister thinking of the other. "She has been making herself comfortable in our home, yes," he offers, thus, in more general terms. "And as mother stays back on the isle these days, it is good to have a woman's sensibilities in the house. As long as I can find things in my office." Perhaps the last is a *hint* of some point of spousal contention, but not one worthy of lingering on. Brother-in-law and hound depart, and a small retinue arrives, drawing attention that way. Seeing her call out, he leaves plenty of space for her and Raffiano to reunite, perhaps adjusting slightly to stand more toward Arabella's side.

"Indeed, Signora." Corso says to Arabella, "It shall be quite nice getting to know our new kin by marriage." He says with that bright smile still upon his lips as he nods at her words. He turns to consider Vittore and nods his head, "It will make settling back into the house here easier, that is for certain. She seems to have a way with the staff, your wife."

Arabella watches as her brother departs with the pup, laughter in her expression. Only when he is a short distance away does she turn her attention back to those present. "It is Friday next at our family house here in Matora," she relays gently to Raffiano before giving her attention to Vittore. "I am glad she is comfortable. I do miss her t hough. Would you tell her for me? And let her know I will be coming to visit very soon?" All within the same city, it shouldn't too difficult. When his attention shifts to the new arrival, it effectively directs her own there and she watches as the woman comes to greet her brother much the same way that Bella always greeted her own. A look of blatant admiration is given to the handmaid. Or more so the packages the handmaid is holding. "I do need to go to the bazaar," she states wistfully before dipping her head to greet the arriving lady. "Signora," a smile given over. "Signora Albrici," the slight addition. Turning back to Corso, she agrees easily. "It will be very nice getting to know all of you as well. I am looking forward to it."

Ah, something new, his sister. Raffiano perks up more, and if she doesn't stop him, he'll hug her. A hugger that one, or more embarassing her as an older brother. "Giuliana, there you are, I've been searching for you." Not really, at all. "Here, meet some friends. Conte Farro, Signore Corso, Signora Arabella di Sebastino. I think we may be going to their party come the morrow. I fear I don't know which is hosting, but there seems to be a party to attend." Then he lets go, 'And this is Signora Giuliana di Albrici," he recalls manners introduces here. "I fear thouth, I must retire to the docks for … fear of being lured into looking at dresses at the fashion plaza if I linger to long." That is a tease towards Giuliana, whom he eyes, grins, and says, "I'm sure they all look fabulous - ly boring, but fabulous all the same." He starts to step away, with a bow to all, "Really, I have enjoyed the company Signores, and Signora." Then a nod to his sister even, "Lady Sister, I'll be near the docks." Which could mean business, or drinking, or both.

"Yes, I think so," Vittore offers to his brother, turning a little more toward Corso. And just a hint of amusement dawns where it comes to the staff. "She already has them all under her thumb, it's true. It is admirable, really." And then glancing back toward Arabella he dips his head in a pledge of agreement. "Of course I will tell her, even if I suspect she knows as much. She speaks of you and Cristofano very often, and must imagine you think of her the same." Now with the other pair of siblings reunited, he takes a moment to exchange greetings, arm barred over his midsection as he offers her a bow. "Signora Giuliana, a pleasure. It looks as though you come from a most successful outing."

Raffiano has left.

Giuliana enjoys a brotherly hug as much as the next person, and is happily engulfed in such by Raffiano. "I do not believe you for one moment," she says, amusement showing clearly in her voice. Whether she speaks of his interest in her wardrobe choices, or his declaration that he'd been looking for her, might never be known. She keeps her counsel on that particular point, though there's a smile on her face when she turns to the others. "Ah. New faces. Conte Farro, Signore Corso, Signora Arabella. How lovely it is to meet you, especially moreso if it is on the eve of a party being thrown." Their names when she speaks them are done so with consideration, eyes lingering on their faces as she commits each to memory. "But shoo. Away with you then, Raffiano. You know full well that you are safe from me at the docks." As he turns to leave, so then does she turn once more to Vittore. "I am quite certain that you will soon be an expert in what constitutes a successful outing when it comes to women. It sounds from what you are saying that you have a new wife to your name. My congratulations to you, Conte."

"You should of course come by and visit at some point, Signora." Corso says to Arabella before the introductions are made to the arriving Giuliana and he turns and offers a slight bow of his own, "Signora Giuliana, it is my pleasure as well to meet you. He flashes the woman a slight smile, "The party does seem to be the talk of the town, doesn't it? It will be quite welcome to mingle and dance, I think."

Grateful for the introduction, Arabella smiles, "It is indeed a pleasure to meet you, Signora Giuliana. Perhaps he is confused." Saying so only after the Signore Raffiano had departed. "The party is a week from Friday, I am certain. I am in charge of the decorations and the music. And of course, finding a suitable dress for myself." A look again towards the packages. "I will save shopping for a bit later in the week, I think." The action of Vittore stepping near her isn't missed and she gives a grateful smile to him and the protectiveness he exhibits with it. "I imagine she does miss us all too. And I can just see her ruling the house with an iron fist," laughing softly at the imagery that comes with it. A reassuring smile to Corso, "I will, I assure you, I am excited to get to know my new extended family." Brightening a moment. "Do you dance, Signore Corso?"

"Indeed so, my thanks," Vittore offers in echo of Giuliania's congratulations, even if they come with some dire prophecy of soon-to-be shopping trips and dresses spread all over his rooms. "And you are right I am sure. But I will not begrudge her the whole thing if it will make her happy." Indeed, with how he speaks of it, there is a sense he would be quite grateful for such a boon in this early period of their partnership. "Perhaps I will mention to her your own interest, so she would have someone to converse with on the topic." To Arabella, he tacks on to her evaluation with a smirk: "In a velvet glove. And I suspect Corso dances far better than I. He is quite popular around the various fetes in the city, or so I gather."

A frown etches lightly upon Giuliana's brow, chased quickly away by a smile. "Well that is brothers for you. I expect Raffiano's attention was otherwise engaged when the invitation was given." She doesn't need to spell it out, Arabella is a striking young woman and Raffiano… well. He's a man. Hands knot loosely behind her back and there's a slight amused crinkling of her nose with Vittore's next words. "I am not certain that it'd be wise to offer another confidante with which your wife could discuss fashions. Such things rarely end there, but go on to involve such things as shopping trips and the spending of fortunes. Or so my brothers would say." And then to Corso. "Mingling and dancing yes. The former I am quite good with, the latter not so much." She doesn't have the grace to blush with that admission.

"Oh, I like to think I'm quite a good dancer." Corso says with a grin towards Arabella, shrugging his shoulders, "And I usually here I'm just a fine dance partner, though, I fear it is courtesy more than anything. But, I do enjoy to dance, however, so that counts for something, does it not, Signore?"

"Shopping trips and fashion?" Arabella is certainly interested in that topic and she gives a warm smile to Giuliana. The matter of Raffiano, not so much if her skipping over that all together is any indication. To Vittore, she says softly, "The party will be fun, I hope. He is providing young lamb for the feast, I believe he said." Though their house deals in livestock, so perhaps that is not a surprise to many. Finally, she smiles to Corso, "Dancing is fun. I suggested it for the party, and asked Cristof to save me a dance. I must dance with my brother at least!" A tilt of her head, she smiles, "I hope you will be dancing with my sister, despite Corso being the better dancer?" The last back to Vittore.

"But surely if your brothers can afford to indulge you, I could do no less for my wedded wife?" wonders Vittore, and while there might have been more ponderings on wealth and luxury and the spending of ruining of fortunes on dresses in mind, Arabella's brief interjection turns his glance again. "And here's another one to be indulged." Now he's dragging poor Cristofano into it as well. "In any case, I have no doubt that my young lady wife will find her way to the shops with or without allies." As far as the party and its dances go, he agrees, "Oh I am sure we will dance a little bit, but one advantage of marriage is that I am beyond the point of having to tour the whole room impressing everyone. You, on the other hand… I hope you also range a little further than your brother's arm! I fear the party will have many sad guests if they do not have a chance with the remaining Sabastino beauty."

Vittore's reply to Giuliana brings gentle laughter to her lips. "Never has a truer word been spoken." A shake of her head is given as if to dispel her humour, and a breath is drawn whilst the others continue the conversation back and forth. It's not until there's a natural pause in that, before she speaks again. "But if you will excuse me, shopping excursion aside, I must return to my home now as I have things that must be attended to. I very much hope to see you at the promised party, if not before." A dip as a less formal curtsey of farewell is made. She's quickly away after that, her guards closing around both her and her laden down maid as they disappear along the piazza, heading for the northern parts of the city.

Giuliana has left.

"What sort of feast would it be without a little dancing, anyway, My Lady." Corso says in response to Arabella, then he gives a nod of his head at Vittore's comment, "Indeed, it would be quite unfortunate if you danced only with your brother, Signora!" he agrees with a soft chuckle escaping his lips.

Poor Cristofano. Arabella warms to the idea though and with an impish smile relays in jest, "He will be glad to know he is only purchasing it for one sister now and the weight of my sisters is on you now?" Laughing softly, her eyes hold equal amusement. With Giuliana announcing her departure, Bella opts to do the same. "It was lovely meeting you, Signora. I hope to see you again, hopefully before the party." Dipping her head, she lifts it with a smile. "I should go back as well. I have been helping my brother with some branching out, outside of livestock." A pleased smile at that. "I admit that family business is interesting! Much more satisfying than only shopping." With a blush, Bella attempts to tamp down her enthusiasm some, but admits, "I would dance if I were asked, of course." With that, she turns her head to look in the direction her brother had parted earlier. Certainly he is long gone. "I should go. It was wonderful to see you both. My new brothers." A curtsy is given, more on the modest side. "I will see you again soon." Straightening, she smiles before heading off towards her nearby home in the city.

Vittore cannot help himself from a little bit of a laugh at that observation, of excessive dress shopping tabs merely being passed around among families. "I suppose it is a truth of the world that someone, somewhere, must always pay," he remarks, knowingly. "I do admit that such things interest me far more as well. And even your sister, for all we jest of it, seems keenly interested in business as well. It's a credit to your family that the two of you are both so broadly educated, and I suppose now also a boon to my own." Then he dips his head to acknowledge her imminent departure. "Please, do always feel welcome at ours as well." And then he turns aside, "Brother, shall we?" And off they are as well, to whatever mischief.

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