Paragon State
Nos Vici Mare
Azure, a pale sable
Blue and Black
Hate (Eastern Empire)
Head of House:
Rugeri di Zanetti
1308 (D) - Dies at the War of Landro
Heir to House


Timeline -

  • 1270: Fante di Zanetti is makes cause with the Eighth Entrada (Great Grand Father)
  • 1282-1302: Bitino di Zanetti Fights against Avicorse during the War of Calperan Prayers (Grand Father)
  • 1296-1301: Bitino di Zanetti dies against Eastern Empire during the Eastern-Matora War
  • 1301: Mapheo di Zanetti, brother to Bitino and Great Uncle of the current line, insults a member of the Necchi family. This leads to a feud and border skirmishing along the Merzia that lasts for several years..
  • 1304: Persa di Zanetti on behalf of Rugeri works to amend the feud and settle it. Ceding the control of a portion of the Merzia henceforth to the benefit of both Houses.
  • 1308: Rugeri di Zanetti Votes against the War of Landro, fights reluctantly to capture the city but dies (Father)
  • 1317: Blaxio the Brave, uncle to the current main line, attended the Battle at Crocina but did not engage with the enemy. There are mixed feelings and thoughts of this maneuver among some of the houses to this day, including a primary interest among some of the Gaspari line as they had called out Blaxio then to join the battle, and accuse him of refusing the aid to a fellow house of Matora.

Zanetti has been a stoic house, set to working her lands and making use of the wood produced there to bolster its focus on production in mainly shipbuilding. The finest of ships sailing from Matora usually have some hand of Zanetti in their craftsmanship, be it line and sail or the hull itself.

A portion of its production are the mills of Pario. Recent developments in saw mills have lead to the conversion of some of these old grain mills into saw mills. There are a few traditional pitsaw locations nearby as Pario remains a traditional debarkation point for wood and planks from these mills to traverse to Matora where the Zanetti ship yard operates.

The current Conte is one Signore Gurian di Zanetti. Eldest of his siblings, his father Rugeri died when he was but the age of five. This left his mother Persa di Zanetti to serve as regent. She married his then Uncle to keep ties strong with Zanetti for her family. The daughter of Barone Antoni di Moro, a baron under one of the other Great Houses. Whether instigated between Conte's or simply a gain by the Barone Antoni, the union held.



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Family and Household

Conte Gurian di Zanetti
gurian Present Head of House Zanetti
Signora Emmeline di Zanetti
emmeline Firstborn of Persa di Zanetti's second husband.
Signore Tomaso di Zanetti
tomaso Third born of Persa di Zanetti's second husband.
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