Paragon State
Fine words won't feed the cows.
Red and Silver
Reputation: 40
Hate (Valdona)
Hate (Divine Empire)
Head of House:
Conte Enzo


  • 1296 : Conte Martino dies in land battles during the War of Oulx
  • 1301 : Conte Anselmo dies late in War of Calperan Prayers fighting against Avicorse
  • 1320: Conte Peiro fights at the Siege of Irsina
  • 1325: Conte Piero fights at the Battle of Dordolla.
  • 1330: Conte Piero dies gloriously at Battle of Cortaccia fighting against the Divine Empire and the Kingdom of Bohr.

House Sabastino is an ancient house with ancestral holdings in the rolling hills and wide pastures to the northeast of Matora's walls. There, for centuries, the family has raised cattle and sheep, the lifeblood of its wealth.

Perhaps because of this, the Sabastinos have had something of a backwater reputation among the glittering cosmopolitan Houses of Matora. In many ways, this generalization is unfair. The family has historically had, and continues to have, very urbane members. Still, as an ancient relative is rumored to have said: "The scent of the pasture lingers".

House Sabastino has never shirked from military duty, and in addition to serving the military interests of Matora, has actively participated in battles that benefit the Sacario and the Paragon States. In fact, the past three Contes of the House have all perished in military service, engendering among the family a militaristic pride and a deep hatred of the historic enemies faced in those battles: The Divine Empire, and The City of Valdona.

((OOC Recruitment: This house is open and accepting new members. The family tree below only reflects established PCs and NPCs. There is plenty of room for siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins, just check in with Enzo, Alvise, Cristofano or Arabella to make sure we can fit you into the family history and tree in a way that honors existing ages, birth order, etc.))

Current Members:
Cristofano Age 28
Enzo Age 27 (HoH)

(Open for any age 23-26)

Alvise Age 22

(Open for any age 20-21)

Arabella Age 19
Marsalia Age 18 (Married into Farro)

Zayna Margolin Age 18 (Ward of the House)

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