Divine Empire
Quietly Awaiting
Turquoise Blue & Emerald
Hate (Avicorse)
Hate (Divine Empire)
Head of House:
Conte Cosimo Gaspari
Francesco Gaspari (Deceased)
Salvatore Gaspari


  • 1256-1270 : GG-GF Fought in the early years of the War of San Martino
  • 1282-1302 : G GF Died fighting against Avicorse during the War of Calperan Prayers
  • 1282-1302: Conte Piero di Gaspari fought later in War of Calperan Prayers against Santos Corta
  • 1317: Piero reluctantly fought and died to defend Irsina at Battle of Crocina
  • 1317: Conte Francesco fought at Battle of Corcina
  • 1320: Francesco fought at Siege of Irsina
  • 1325: Francesco fought at Battle of Dordolla
  • 1330 : Francesco Gaspari dies at Battle of Cortaccia
  • 1334 : Cosimo weds Garden of Avicorse
  • 1335 : Rossana weds Livino of House Arbore.


The Gaspari family is an old family who have been a fixture in Matora long since the days the Republic was formed. Each head of the family has typically been trained to have a head for business and negotiating the numerous trade deals that keep the exotic goods the family deals in flowing in and out of Matora. More recently, several heads of the family took to becoming skilled in arms, but with several recent Conte's having found their deaths on the field of battle, the current Conte sees no reason to continue that particular trend.

While the family has typically been a supporter of the Divine Empire, the death of Conte Francesco at the Battle of Cortaccia caused a bit of resentment towards the Empire for the actions of the Kingdom of Bohr. A few short years after the battle, and despite the long-standing hatred the family felt for the Kingdom of Avicorse, a marriage was arranged between Cosimo and the eldest daughter of a wealthy noble family who had lands on the border with the City States.

Business Interests

House Gaspari has long been focused on importing exotic goods from around the Catellus Sea and surrounding realms into Matora for the nobility and citizens to purchase and enjoy. Recently, the house has also engaged in the construction of ships, quite likely with the coming of a daughter of House Aldana of Avicorse into the family as Contessa.

Palazzo Gaspari

Located off of River Road, Palazzo Gaspari is the end result of the families business practices over the years.

Family Tree & Wanted Concepts

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