Divine Empire
Esse Quam Videri (To be, rather than seem to be)
Blue and Red
Reputation (House Valor)
Hate (Valdona)
Hate (Santos Corta)
Dislike (Divine Empire)
Hate (Kataro Empire)
Head of House:
Giorgina Fiscella
Orsino Fiscella (deceased)
Heir to House


  • 1256-1270 : GG-GF Fought in the War of San Martino in the early years, district against district (gain Hate Valdona)
  • 1270 : GG-GF Participated in the 8th Entrada
  • 1282-1302: G-GF Fought land batles against Santos Corta during War of Calperan Prayers
  • 1291: G-GF Fought in Defense of Crea at the Fall of Crea (gain hate-Katar)
  • 1294-1297: G-GF Fought naval battles against Valdona during War of Oulx
  • 1296-1301: G-GF Fought land battles against Eastern Empire during Easter-Matora War
  • 1282-1302: GF Died glorious death late in War of Calperan Prayers (gain hate - Santos Corta)
  • 1320: Orsino di Fiscella - Fought at Seige of Irsina
  • 1330: Orsino di Fiscella dies gloriously in defense of Breganze during Battle of Cortaccia (gain dislike (Divine Empire))
  • 1335: Giorgina di Fiscella comes of age and takes over as Contessa.

The plains of the House district have long been ideal for the raising of sheep. From the first small herds to those that dot the hills now, sheep have been the cornerstone to the family's fortunes. From the wool gathered from those sheep, House weavers create the very fabric that clothes many of Matora from the simple, plain wool for commoners, to dyed wool in rich and vibrant colors, to the expensive woolen velvets. The Weavers of Fiscella are well known for their talent, and are held in high respect by all.

Recently, the Contessa has spoken with traders from outside of Mantora and has gained information on a new crop that may yield a textile - cotton. She's employed a few farmers to plant fields of it so that it might be grown, harvested, and compared to the wool the family already produces.

Wanted Concepts:

  • Siblings - Giorgina is the eldest at 26, and Federico in the middle at 22. Plenty of room between the two or after Federico! Nothing's been really outlined about the siblings, only that there are others.
  • Cousins - We got plenty of room for them as well!
  • Farmers - We need many sheep farmers to make woolen material! The family is also starting dabble in cotton to see how it will compare.
  • Weavers - Textiles are our livelihood! Those gifted in weaving beauitful fabric are looked upon favorably by the family! We'll also be looking for those that will try their hand at weaving the cotton as well!

Fiscella Family Characters

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Fiscella Family Tree

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