Divine Empire
"Dum spiro spero"
(While I breathe, I hope.)
Green & Gold
Reputation (House Valor)
Head of House:
Contessa Amadea Bella Capello
Conte Bellarmine Capello (deceased)
Andrea Baldessare Capello


  • 1280: Bellarmine is born.
  • 1284: Beatrice is born.
  • 1289: Capello fights alongside Divine Empire in Battle of Moncarni.
  • 1304: Amadea is born.
  • 1307: Amanda is born.
  • 1314: Antonella is born.
  • 1320: Capello sends soldiers to the Seige of Irsina, but sees relatively heavy losses.
  • 1325: Capello invests very lightly in the Battle of Dordolla, to their benefit; when the battle is lost, their losses are few.
  • 1329: Bellarmine passes away in his sleep of a heart attack. Beatrice takes over as regent until Amadea comes of age.
  • 1330: Capello sends mercenaries to fight in the Battle of Cortaccia, but stays internally insulated. Amadea takes the mantle of Contessa and works to negotiate trade agreements with the Kingdom of Borzia with the aid of the family.
  • 1332: Baldessare marries Amadea.
  • 1333: Andrea is born.

Overview (Work in Progress)

The Capello family's main industry is livestock, with a number of cattle. When the Conte married the Contessa, he brought with him a wealth of many fine head of horse, which are currently being bred to train and sell.

Tending towards the agrarian, war heroes among the Capello are few and far between. They're known for their cautious stance when it comes to battle and given that minor military squabbles are frequent in this day and age, they are far more likely to hire mercenaries to fight for them. As a House, they are fairly neutral and highly diplomatic.

The Capello family is ruled by Contessa Amadea and her husband Baldessare. Together they have a toddler son Andrea.

The current Capello family consists of Amanda (sister of the Contessa), Tizania (Amanda's wife, who married into the family to ease tensions with neighboring Gaspari), and Antonella (baby sister of the Contessa). Morosina is a first cousin of the A-sisters, as they tend to be known.

The previous head of house Bellarmine passed quietly a few years ago, missing out on the opportunity to see his children wed. The Dowager Contessa (named Beatrice) is a strange, strange woman, who has more fully given into her thirst for strange now that her husband has passed.

*This is all, of course, under development and we're open to change! Space is available for a variety of concepts, both noble and common, and we'd love to chat with interested players about slotting them in somewhere.*


Contessa Amadea Bella Capello
amadea HoH Our noble leader!
Conte Baldessare Gian Capello nee Cavallo
baldessare Amadea's Husband
Amanda Beatrice Capello
amanda Perfection Personified. Maggiordomo of the House.
Tizania Ranza Capello nee Gaspari
tizania The Artist. Amanda's Wife
Antonella Benedetta Capello
antonella Frivolity
Dowager Contessa Beatrice Capello
beatrice Mother to the Capello clan.
livia Lady-in-waiting to the matriarch.
Morosina Capello
morosina Country cousin.

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