House Arbore
Paragon State
"Et Ita Illud Somnium Esse" (Dream, and it is so.)
Bronze and Black
Reputation (House Valor)
Hate (Eastern Empire)
Hate (Avicorse)
Head of House:
Livino di Arbore
Amedeo Arbore
Elizabetta di Arbore


Timeline - this should be a simple timeline of major Manor events. A suggested template has been provided:

  • 1256 : GG-GF - Fought in the early years of the War of San Martino (in Crea against Valdona District)
  • 1291 : GF - Fought in defense of Crea at the fall of Crea
  • 1296-1301 G-GF Fought in naval battles against Eastern Empire during the Eastern-Matora War (gain Hate: Eastern Empire)
  • 1282-1303 - GF Fought at end of the War against Calperan, as a mercenary against Avicorse (gain Hate: Avicorse)
  • 1308 - GF Fought at the War of Landro
  • 1320 - F - Fought at Siege of Irsina
  • 1325 - F - Fought at the Battle of Dordolla
  • 1330 - F Fought in Battle of Cortaccia in defense of Breganze against Kingdom of Bohr

A noble house of artisans and engineers, Arbore is best known for its emphasis on innovation and creativity. Whether it's the elegant simplicity of a finely crafted sword, the certain strength of an aqueduct, or the intricate workings of a siege engine, someone born of House Arbore (or sponsored under their auspices) is most likely behind it.

Arbore's most prominent maestro is its former Head of House, Hanno Arbore. He far prefers his workroom in the tower of the family palazzo than dealing with people, and more frequently seen is the second born, his sister Elizabetta. For those who wish to purchase that which House Arbore creates, she is the gatekeeper, while those who would come under House Arbore's patronage must display their work for Hanno's inspection.

Rumor has it that House Arbore has been experimenting with foreign chemicals, which might explain the occasional BOOM and clouds of smoke coming from their palazzo windows…

Lately there has been political intrigue in the house as both Hanno and Elizabetta gave up their rights to heir to allow their younger sibling, Livino di Arbore to elevate to Conte and head of household.

Wanted Concepts

  • Siblings! Brothers and sisters age 25-26, and under the age of 24.
  • Cousins!
  • Geniuses! Engineers, crafters, blacksmiths, artists, architects, alchemists, if you're a Da Vinci in waiting, we want you!
  • Swordsmen (and Women!) Soldiers and those who would step up in the event of vindicti.



Conte Livino di Arbore
livino HoH If he builds it, they will fall down.
Contessa Rossana di Arbore nee Gaspari
rossana Contessa. Bad ass monster hunting husband of the Conte.
Elizabetta Olivia di Arbore
elizabetta House Liaison. Likes sharp blades, sharp heels, great wine, and making deals. Second born, oldest sister.
Hanno di Arbore
hanno Makes things go boom. Frequently covered in soot.

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