House Rules


Passion rolls will be limited to one attempt per week. Their affect will be lessened, as will any potential negative results.

When rolling the passion, the skill to be boosted will be indicated on the roll. Once rolled, the system will change their state of mind for one full day. During that day, any rolls made on the indicated skill will receive positive or negative modifier depending on the results of their passion check. These are as follows:

Success: Inspired: +5 to indicated skill for 24 hours.
Critical Success: Inspired: +10 to indicated skill for 24 hours.
Failure: Disheartened -5 to indicted skill for 48 hours.
Fumble: Disheartened -10 to indicated skill for 48 hours.

Note, failure and fumble are longer duration than successes. Melancholy is removed, this longer period represents the characters personal disappointment.

Shock is removed as well. This is used to dissuade frivolous attempts. We are limiting passion checks to once per week.

If Staff still sees frivolous use of passion rolls, we may impose other state of minds and modifiers to rolls. Passions should be used for important missions, tasks and endeavors, not every day tasks.

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